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Updated on November 14, 2011

Settle your differences.....

The foreign policy debate by the Republican Party last Saturday, of the party's candidates running in its nomination race, brought something out that should concern everybody.

The topic was Iran, its regime and its nuclear ambitions; whether they were for peaceful purposes or that country was preparing to start a nuclear proliferation, that the whole world was so afraid of, for a measure of good reason.

A nuclear proliferation could and would not only destroy, but it would completely do away with the world, period.

It was therefore not a joke to hear Rep. Ron Paul musing out loud that, "....We -- we as commander in chief aren't -- to make a decision to go to war, " in regard to Iran; and if that was not such an irresponsible statement coming from a person, who wanted to be the president of the United States, then nothing was.

It should not surprise anyone from now on to hear his colleagues/rivals making similar remarks, just to boost their candidacy in the polls; but that would be dangerous.

A nuclear proliferation has already started, and Iran, whom the world knew had a crazy regime, would find every way to acquire nuclear power or the "bomb", and as it has threatened Israel to "push" it (Israel) into the Mediterranean Sea, so would Israel remain strong and would stop that from happening.

Israel was even on the verge of initiating a preliminary or preemptive attack on Iran, because of that threat; but that would not be in the best interest of anyone. It would make matters worse, not only in the Middle East, but they (matters) would involve the whole world in a horrible conflagration.

President Barack Obama spoke about the subject with the Russian and the Chinese leaders, showing how close the world was coming to a nuclear warfare; with Israel poised on striking Iran anytime soon.

He also said that diplomacy was still at work to get Iran to toe the line, by respecting international norms. That sanctions were in place, and that they were taking "enormous bite." into Iran's economy; thus doing what was necessary and effective, to curb it (Iran) from its nuclear ambitions. However, military action was not off the table.

All that showed how the world was in a more dangerous state today than it was yesterday; and that a nuclear war could happen, if serious precautions were not taken.

They also showed that war was not the answer to the world's troubles; and that the leader of the Western World would do everything to restrain Israel from taking any steps to resolve its differences with Iran, by any means, short of war.

However, if one should suppose that everything was on the table, then the neutralizing methodology or technology that scientists spoke about in using on nuclear weapons to neutralize them should be there too.

If so, why was not the world considering it? It might not be the solution to the issue, but it would be a deterrent for countries, who would use their hard earned currencies to acquire the nuclear bomb. It would be a waste of time and money on their part, and it would not help their economies; and also to use such resources to develop those countries for the benefit of their own people, would be far more better.

In short, a nuclear warfare should not be an option or the ultimate solution for world altercations, as the one, if there was any, between Israel and Iran; for its outcome would be the end of the world.

Was that what the world wanted? Just think about that, Iran and Israel. Do not let the world go away.


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    • yellowstone8750 profile image

      yellowstone8750 6 years ago from Taos, nm

      To Watt: Sounds like the return of the draft to cover the troop need! It is not just 'saber-rattling'.

    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 6 years ago from Illinois

      A couple of the Republican candidates (Cain and Perry) are 'saber-rattling' about using military force to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon. That is very worrisome to me and my husband. We are still trapped in the Iraq and Afghan wars and will be stuck in both places for years, regardless of how much politicians say we will get out or even how many troops leave. Once we establish ourselves in a place, we never really leave (Germany, Japan, Italy, etc.)

    • yellowstone8750 profile image

      yellowstone8750 6 years ago from Taos, nm

      Israel will attack Iran--no doubt in my mind. When there is no middle class, which will happen, albeit far in the future, there will be class warfare that could destroy us all.


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