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Updated on March 13, 2012

Not in my book.

As the the Obama administration is trying to wean Americans from crude oil and petroleum use, which in itself is an extraordinary, difficult undertaking, gas prices keep going up, not because there is the need by consumers to fill their tanks, but that they are rather staying away from gas stations as much as possible.

They are driving lesser than usual or that they are using public transportation to go to and fro.

If so then why are those going to work and plying their businesses, but who require to buy gas are paying so much?

Could it be that the refineries around the country are producing less gas, as consumption is hitting its lowest point, therefore the only way to make up for the difference in revenue is for the oil companies to raise prices?

If people are driving less or using alternate energy sources, such as natural gas and electric charged batteries, to run their automobiles, then it means that they are moving away from petrol chemical products, and thus making President Barack Obama's vision of America becoming independent and free from foreign oil, which forms 40% of America's home use, a reality.

Foreign producers, like Iran, and organizations, such as OPEC, are constantly manipulating the output of their productions; thus creating an artificial scarcity on the world market, for the cost of crude oil to go up. The fear is that it will continue to go up in spite of what people say.

In other words, the oil companies and oil producers will be making their money and accumulating their profits anyhow. They will be saying that, forget about the motorist, not just in America, but in China, India and other places, because they will need to use gasoline, no matter how high the price of a gallon goes.

For many years, gasoline is known to be the only source of energy for automobiles and manufacturing industries; and people have become accustomed, to the point of being addicted to it.

However, to save the money to purchase foreign oil will benefit, not just the average user of the automobile, but also the American dollar from becoming extinct, which is the very basis of the economy.

If there is no money being dispersed into the home economy, because foreign entities are hoarding it, the United States government, no matter which one, will be forced to print more currency.

Yet, the oil producers and their suppliers will be financially alright by raising prices; and guess who will be left to bear the brunt of them (prices)?

Yes, the average user, who is now blaming the government for not doing anything or much about gas prices, instead of those, who are making their profits, irrespective of what is going on.

The only way to beat them is to cut the use of oil, and better still, turn to using other alternate sources (as the Obama administration is telling people to do).

Eventually they will go broke, but who cares. The country will be free, especially, from the Saudis and the Iranians, who do not wish America well, except to hoard its dollars to make its people and economy suffer.

That, my friend, is what is going on; and if it does not stop, the country's fingers will always be in the mouths of foreign oil magnates and their cohorts on Wall Street; and who will dare hit them on the head? (Proverbially speaking).

Nobody can; because the fingers of Americans are stuck in their mouths, from the use of too much ordinary gasoline. Other sources must be checked out, to get those insufferable oil producers out of the crossed hairs of the common people, who toil night and day, just to feed their families.

The headline in the media, "Obama: 'As Gas Prices Go Up, People Feel I'm Not Doing Enough' is therefore complete balderdash, because the president has no control over the price of gasoline; and so, he must stop blaming himself.

The oil companies are responsible for high gas prices; believe it or not.


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