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Updated on August 18, 2009


Oh, I hoped, I really did that with Obama would come some of the much needed change in this country and I still hold that hope out there but recent events have me raising an eyebrow and cocking my head like the RCA Victor dog, Nipper. As with all politicians and many of our laws they are written in such a way so as to not have you know unless you read it seventeen times if they’re for or against something. Thus the problem with Prop 8 in California, many thought that a vote “yes” was a vote for gay marriage instead of a “yes, we have no bananas” way of saying that you were voting “yes” but that was a vote against gay marriage. So the Obama White House issued a press release the other day and as everyone scrambles to understand how yes can mean no, allow me. The Obama White House is against the Defense Of Marriage Act but will continue to uphold the law until the law is changed. When will the law be changed? Could it be like the other promises Obama made when he was campaigning to the gay community that was throwing support, money and well designed clothes his way? Like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell which doesn’t allow service members to serve as openly gay humans? With Don’t Ask Don’t tell we were told Obama is too busy to handle these issues right now, supposedly. So while soldiers continue to be discharged dishonorably and lose their veteran benefits, we’re told he’s really busy. Okay Obama but as a gay man I’m starting to think that you being busy is just a ruse to keep us supporting you but getting nothing in return and this recent step just makes me think that they should get rid of the “M” in DOMA and call it what it is, Defense Of Assholes! DOMA really DOA – Don’t Get Me Started!

I don’t understand nor will I ever how laws such as DOMA ever got on the books. It’s not legislation it’s legisHATEon. I don’t care what anyone says you can’t tell me that gays getting married is going to cause problems for our government, you just can’t. It’s not the same as bestiality or pedophilia as some religious right would have you believe. And the religious right who are still running the country are the Assholes that continue to have their backward way of thinking turned into law and defended instead of our rights as gay citizens being defended. I get that some “think” that marriage is only between a man and a woman because that’s what they’ve always known but if you follow that line of thinking then we would never have stopped using leaches to suck blood out of people to suck out infection because that’s the way it was always done.

Look, I don’t think that gays are more equipped to have a successful marriage then straight people, I just know that when the laws of my state and government don’t even recognize or allow me to get married then there’s something wrong here. Why are we still allowing religious zealots to decide what should or shouldn’t be law in this country? And don’t tell me that the bible is the ultimate law because the bible was written by men who supposedly were under the “Holy Spirits” writing down for God what I guess he couldn’t because God didn’t have a number two pencil that day or something.

I know the world won’t change overnight but I also know that we can no longer allow ourselves (straight or gay) to be told to wait or be patient when we’re continually being treated like second class citizens. It happens time and time again, our money and energies assist in getting legislators in to office so it would seem that we are finally getting our seat at the table. But once they get into office, we discover that we’re at the kiddie table with a table leg cutting our circulation. Oh sure, we’re at the table but we’re not at THE table. And yet the politicians can still look us in the face and say, “Well, just be thankful you’re finally at the table, isn’t that great?” “Fuck NO!” would be my response.

I get that health care is a very important issue but by the time everyone compromises and the Richie Rich doctors, insurance and drug companies finish threatening the politicians to no longer support their campaigns unless they vote the way they want I’m afraid that we’ll come out with some watered down limping program that’s obsolete before it begins. Why not make some time to do some humanitarian work at home, Mr. Obama? Maybe God didn’t have a number two pencil but you have an opportunity to show that a pen is mightier than the prejudices this country was founded on and continues to operate under.

Dear Mr. Obama, I know I’m just one of the “huddle masses yearning to breathe free” and I don’t expect miracles right away but I’d appreciate it if you’d get legisHATEon off the books sooner than later. Laws like DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell have no place in our country. They serve no purpose other than to give people a legal reason to hate and discriminate against one another. The longer you leave these laws on the books the more responsible you become for not creating real change as you promised in your campaign. So do us a favor and stop Defense of Assholes with small minds and get rid of the Defense Of Marriage Act now. DOMA really DOA – Don’t Get Me Started!

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