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Updated on August 4, 2011

Spit him out.

Donald Trump has been attacking his political opponents for reasons nobody else knows about, but just himself.

His favorite target is President Barack Obama, because he thinks that the Conservative Republican Party will adopt a "write-in" strategy to have his name to be written among the list of the party's candidates for president in the 2012 general election. However, many believe that he is just being naive to be thinking that he will ever be given that privilege.

His latest rhetoric is one that "takes the cake", that America has "become the laughingstock of the world", because of the leadership of the president. Yet, he does not give ample reason why that is so, except that the Chinese political leaders are always gaining the upper hand in their dealings with the United States. That is a complete fallacy.

In fact, there is not a shred of evidence in that statement; and Trump is using the Chinese authorities, who are extremely protective of their currency, and therefore refuse any other currency, be it the United States Dollar, the European Euro or the Russian Ruble, to become predominant.

The economy of China is growing at the rate of 11% a year, but its consumption of goods and services, in the form of imports, is far below other industrial countries; and so, there has always been a tipping balance in its (China's) favor. The country's economic policy is one that does not permit open market. It is willing to sell to others, but it is not willing to accept comparable inflow of products.

In the financial world, the consensus is that the Chinese Yuan must be devalued so that its real value can be determined in an atmosphere of free competition with other currencies in the marketplace. The leadership has always turned a deaf ear to world opinion in regard to that suggestion.

Yet Trump, who claims that he has been doing business in China does not seem to be aware of that fact. His vitriolic assertions that the Obama administration is not doing well in world affairs have no bases (if one must use the plural of the word "basis").

He has joined a group of people, who are incensed, because Obama happens to be an African American. First of all, he wants him to supply his long form birth certificate to prove his citizenship; and he has done so. He (Trump) supports the Tea Party people for putting the country through an unnecessary ordeal by bringing up a debate on the raising of the debt ceiling, just to embarrass the Obama administration.

The debt limit to allow any U.S. government to pay its bills has never been met with any opposition as stiff as the one that has just gone by. He thinks that the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party must be commended for making the U.S. Congress to be tied up in a senseless argument.

Well, as everybody knows, it has ended up in a resounding defeat for them. They have wanted America to default for the first time in history; but it (America) has not defaulted.

Donald Trump has hopped out as candidate for the 2012 presidential election; but nobody is stopping him from hopping in again to challenge Obama, instead of sitting on the sidelines and indulging in ignominious remarks about the present leadership of the country.

He will be chewed up and spat out by American voters; and he knows that for a fact.


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