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Updated on November 24, 2010



The United State's military policy of ''Don't ask, Don't tell'' is unconstitutional; it is a clear violation of the rights of Gays in the military to assume their constitutionally guaranteed identity and freedoms. It is a policy built out of ignorance and fear, and enforced with intimidation.

The law states that military superiors cannot ask questions about a soldiers gender preference, and soldier cannot reveal their gender preference. Imagine if you cannot talk to a co-worker about your wife or husband, for fear of losing your job. This law should not be allowed to persist.

Don't ask Don't tell was signed into law by President Clinton in 1993; he signed this law as a compromise to get Republicans off his back. I say this enquivocally, this is the single worst decision President Clinton made while in office, and I am a fan of his. A man or woman should never compromise the rights of another to guarantee his own. I see the same trend happening with the Obama administration, unless he stands up to the Republicans.

Since the incepton of the United States Military in 1775 and the formation of the US army in 1784, men and women of different creeds, color, orientation and ethnic origin have served to defend the sanctity of the federation, and maintain the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. Throughout this history however, people have used the nations laws as tools of discrimination, seperation, segregation, alienation and suppression. This tatic was employed by the nations political leaders to impose their ideas of morality, religion, political idealogies and social positions. These laws were mostly successful because widespead communication was lacking, and the electorate was not literate. Politicians made laws they wanted, and no one really knew or cared to challenge it.

US politicians have used the military as a staging ground for alienating blacks, women, other minorities, the disabled and also for religious and ethnic suppression within our borders. The irony of this however is that the US service people of the Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard etc, have never really had an issue with the race, ethnicity, creed, religion or background of the man or woman serving beside them. Soldiers know that when the beagle sounds, your life is in the hands of the man or woman standing beside you. They know that there is unity in the sum of their numbers, and they are all of one accord.

The suggestion by many US politicians, led by Senator John McCain that the presence of gays in the military affects morale is ludicrous; morale is affected by the intrusion of the politicians into what is the normal flow of life, and the infusion of hate and bias into the ranks of the military. The mere creation of that absurd policy has put the issue of military service by gays on the fore-front of our soldiers minds; this has in effect detracted from their ability to serve in clear consciousness of the enemy.

The US military was segregated for most of it's earlier years. Blacks have always served in the military, even during the height of slavery; blacks could only do so in segregated units, and were never allowed alongside whites. It was not until after world war II that blacks finally got a chance to fight alongside white soldiers against the Germans in 1918.

Women were always banned from fighting in the frontlines, I guess the argument there is that it would create too much of a distraction to see those beautiful locks, through the haze of all that gun powder. I am sure that politicians will also argue that it will not sit well with the American public to see female casualties of war; news flash, it does not sit well with us to see male casualties either, but we reallize it is a necessary consequence of war.

The same politicians have also always supported policies that promote inequality within the ranks, and inbalance in our forces. Women could not attend the military's West Point Academy for the longest time, only finally breaking through in the last few years. The percentage of minority students at West Point is highly disproportionate, and the precentage of rich kids to poor kids is even more staggering.

The issue of Gays in the military and ''Dont ask, Don;t tell'' is troubling on many fronts. It sends the message to me that the constitutional liberties that were built into the constitution by our fore-fathers in 1776 are open to widespread interpretation. Any political group or Government entity can manipulate the constitution to suit their agenda, and undermine your rights. We see this already happening with the Government's ability to monitor citizens with wire-taps. This new approach to governance will strip all Americans slowly, but surely of all those rights you were taught you had in high school (some may be necessary evils, given the times)..

This tendency to manipulate the constitution through amendments may not end with gays. There may eventually be laws against big people, short people, not so good looking people. beautiful people-ladies in the frontlines? There may be laws along religious lines, and even based on education. How far can we let the constitution be eroded before we speak up.

Word of caution, watch out for the Tea party; if the could, they would change it all.

Gays in the military are no threat to anyone; we all have friends and co-workers that are gay (that word in itself is redundant, it means happy in English, what could be so wrong with happy); we all use the same bathrooms as gay people do. We share bathrooms at airports, sports stadiums, schools, churches, and some of the people there are gay; does this dampen your morale? Do you go home and say to your wife ''honey, I am not feeling it tonight, because I shared a bathroom with a gay guy''. Come on world.

To think that the greatest military force in the world, the force that steamrolled the Republican Guard and overthrew the Great Iraqi Dictator is scared of gay men and women is absurd. I know that 75% of US forces have communicated that they will like to see Dont ask, Dont Tell repealed. It is an unfair law that targets the soldiers comrades, and denies them the same protections that they are fighting to give others.

Repeal and discard ''Dont ask, Dont Tell'' or instead replace it with ''Live and Let live''.


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  • kartika damon profile image

    kartika damon 

    6 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

    It is a very unfair policy! I'm glad you speak out against it.

  • Hummingbird5356 profile image


    7 years ago

    I think this was a very well written hub.

    As far as gays "checking out the junk" of heterosexuals is concerned, I think gays usually know who else is gay. They don't usually go for someone who is also not gay. Or is it different in the army? Do soldiers experiment if they find themselves in situation where there are no women like in a prison?

    Somehow, I don't think so. So the man who thinks his "junk" is superior to others is obviously one of those narrow minded people who uses it to think with anyway.

  • Mrs. J. B. profile image

    Mrs. J. B. 

    7 years ago from Southern California

    This was so well written and very informative. Thanks...

  • lxxy profile image


    7 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond


    Loved this! See, you're well aware of something: politicians promote inequality "within the ranks" of military. Take that concept, apply it globally.

    The constitution of the United States is always in a state of war: "Was it perfect?" "Should it be changed?" I find it completely humorous (and disheartening) that this class of people--these few, who have more than most, affect the "all" of us.

    Personally, I see an infrastructure that can give everyone a vote, and even fire many who just aren't really useful to tax payers.

    The american people should be presented, as you suggest, with information and data without bias or political favor.

    But...that doesn't make money.

  • Crazywriterchik profile image

    Jenn Sanders 

    7 years ago from San Diego, CA

    I would ilke to say that as a gay american who is dating a woman in the military the "don't ask don't tell" policy has more of a negative effect than most Heterosexuals realize.

    The military is actually VERY family oriented. Which is great.. unless your gay. If there is a gathering for one reason or another all military personel are encouraged to bring their spouse.. unless your gay.

    How would any Hetero feel if suddenly they were no longer allowed to serve in the military because of their sexuality? Or if their spouse were to get terribly sick and because of their sexuality they can not be beneficiaries. If that spuose were to die because of lack of medical attention which could have esily been prevented that soldier will not be able to function properly which puts everyone else in danger.

    Honestly most people in the military don't care who's gay and who's straight. As long as they are being protected by the person next to them on the battle field who cares? In fact everyone in my girlfriends' command knows that she's gay and that she has a girlfriend. Hell from what she tells me they talk about me. Men talk to Lesbians about women and women talk to gay men about men. Just like in the civilian world. I see no problem.

    If you are in the front lines and are putting your life out there so that I can fight for gay marriage, and the person who is showering the enemy with cover fire so that you can get to a safe place just so happens to be gay is that persons sexuality on your mind or is your life? I sure as hell hope that you were nice to that soldier and there were no hate crimes involved otherwise your life just might be on the line.

    At this point in history "don't ask don't tell" is used only when someone gets a wild hair up their a** and doesn't like a particular person they have that person kicked out. I have a friend who was kicked out of the marines for being gay and she was pretty high ranking. It's used as nothing more than a tool to be mean and vindictive.

    So in my opinion and that of all my friends feel that it's a Good thing Obama signed the repeal to don't ask don't tell recently. No more hiding which should help the morale because hiding who you are is difficult and you hope that no one finds out or you will lose your job. Which in and of itself is not only distracting but highly stressful as well.

    Just to let all those pig headed idiotic hetero men and women know that once you tell a gay person that you are straight they will leave you alone (For te most part and if thy don't then they are giving the gay community a bad name) Plus no one has time to check out someone's "junk" in boot camp or on the field and a gppd portion of the time they don't want to anyway.

    Just out of curiosity wasn't there a problem along the same lines (distractions) when women first wanted to join?

  • Jed Fisher profile image

    Jed Fisher 

    7 years ago from Oklahoma

    Deep down, nobody really cares about gays, one way or the other. Every individual needs a couple of days to adjust to working with someone new and different, but people do tend to get along after they have time to make that adjustment. But I had a front-row seat for what "Don't Ask Don't Tell" did to the military. All it did was plant the seeds of corruption. The idea of just looking the other way at a violatoin of military regulations was eventually applied to everything. After you do it once, it gets easier to do the next time. Supervisiors failed to report anything wrong, across the board. The idea was to cover everything up, sweep every deficiency under the rug, to avoid giving the appearance of being a weak leader in a zero-tolerance management environment. Normal reporting became telling the boss whatever they wanted to hear, everything was fine, wether it was or not. That mentality started with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

  • Jason R. Manning profile image

    Jason R. Manning 

    7 years ago from Sacramento, California

    @Pcunix, forgive my abruptness sir, but you being a man surprise me with this comment,

    “The really ignorant part is that normal people adjust to nudity very quickly, so the gay man in the shower would not be seeing people as sexual objects anyway - he probably got over that long ago in high school gym class”

    You quickly dismiss another for what you call ignorance, and then make a baseless blanket statement about male sexuality. Sir, do you not get excited by beautiful nude women standing in front of you, add to that soapy water and moist skin? Male sexual nature is equal regardless of preference. A homosexual male does not produce less testosterone after birth. A male sexual behavior is aggressive in nature, though the physical aspect depends on a persons self control. What you lack sir, is equating some large difference in heterosexual and homosexual desire, for there is none. Our minds are hard wired to procreate, even in the case where a homosexual relationship cannot fulfill this need, the desire does not subside. Your own statement is further attributed to your own ignorance of military operation…do armed service persons spend most of their day in the buff? They in fact have little time for showering, in some cases they are unable to shower for days if on mission, so where does this leave your statement?


    I understand why good natured individuals would want nothing but full equality and parity for all humans to operate on, but in this case, I strongly disagree with you. The military cannot be confused with the private sector one bit. The military is not a democracy, more a totalitarian chain of command, which is why the President is also the commander in chief. Here is where my source of contention with banishing this policy comes from; because all military operations must be fluid and free from typical private sector rights, it is a bad idea to promote difference among rank. The difference in this case being open sexuality, this can create future legislating of preferential treatment among peers. You are not supposed to tell the difference of any individual in a fighting unit, given that all operations (hopefully) are fought on foreign soil. While I agree that mature adults under stress should handle tough situations with common sense, nevertheless that possibility isn’t very reliable. Instead, communication among units could be rendered hamstrung via politically correct protocol. Example, boot camp isn’t a place where people can be shy, soft, weak or emotionally unstable. We know how drill instructors use colorful language to motivate recruits. If a drill sergeant yells some colorful homosexual epithets to a lagging male recruit who happens to be gay, does that recruit now have a case for the ACLU? Let me ask you this, you want equality for all, but how many females are in a Navy Seal Unit? None. Should we legislate that, undermine the most elite fighting unit on this planet? Again, I want citizens to have their rights, if a homosexual service person dies in the line of duty; they should be awarded full burial rights with color guard.

    I want to know when is enough, enough? Next will be transgendered who could ask for separate sleeping quarters, thus breaking down a unit that is supposed to be cohesive. We cannot emasculate our armed services for politically correct purposes, this gives our enemies more weapons with which to harm us. I would also like you to answer me how an openly gay service person makes for a better marine, ranger, infantry, call it whatever you wish, how does this make them more formidable on the field? We should look at protocols that save lives, not harm lives.

    That is all…for now. Thank you.

  • Pcunix profile image

    Tony Lawrence 

    7 years ago from SE MA

    The really ignorant part is that normal people adjust to nudity very quickly, so the gay man in the shower would not be seeing people as sexual objects anyway - he probably got over that long ago in high school gym class.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    American Romance just you really think that a man who is willing to join the military and lay down his life for his country is joining because he wants to check out the other guys junk in the shower?!? I would guess that there are several alternative means to achieve that goal other than the military.

    I do agree with your comment that there is always someone looking for a way to sue.

  • Pcunix profile image

    Tony Lawrence 

    7 years ago from SE MA

    We can always depend on AR to show us the how the minds of the ignorant work, can't we?

    I bet he really thinks he could sue..

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 

    7 years ago from America if I'm in the military I am supposed to head to the barrack showers with a gay guy checking out my junk ? wouldn'that be sexual harrasement in the work place and give me the right to sue????????


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