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Updated on September 19, 2010

Over the years, alcohol related traffic deaths have been on the decline, but all in all, it still continues to remain a serious problem. With all the tragedies that occur as a result of drunk driving, you would think that people would be more diligent when it comes to drinking and driving. More and more of it is occurring and it starts in high school, well, that’s what many people think and perhaps they are right.

Larry Mahoney effectively killed 27 people. 24 of them hadn’t even reached the age of eighteen and that is more than just sad. It didn’t have to happen. In my opinion, sixteen years in prison wasn’t enough. I say this because this wasn’t his first offense. He was a repeat drunk driving offender and something like this was inevitable. Furthermore, Mahoney had no memory of the accident (this is normally referred to as a blackout) which provides more evidence that Mahoney was an alcoholic. In my opinion, they should’ve thrown him in prison and thrown away the key.

Fines don’t do anybody any good. I get traffic fines myself or red light tickets. I pay the ticket and move on. A few months ago I rear ended someone, I wasn’t drunk or anything of the sort. I got a ticket, paid it moved on. Fining Mr. Mahoney wouldn’t have taught him a lesson nor would suspending or revoking his license either. I once had my license revoked for failure to pay a speeding ticket. Do you think I stopped driving? Of course not, I just got more careful.

The death penalty is an issue that has drummed up much controversy over the years. Should Mahoney had been given the death penalty. Who’s to say? In my opinion, death is never a solution to a problem. I see that as a copout or an easy way out of taking responsibility. Others have a much different view, an eye for an eye point of view where they feel if someone kills someone, they should lose their own lives as a result. What I have found is that every case is different. Take a look at Gary Ridgeway aka the Green River Killer, he showed no remorse for his crimes and could basically care less. Do I think he should have been executed, yes but politics, as they always do reared their way in and he got life imprisonment.

My stance is probably always going to be different because the cases are always different. One thing I am sure of is that I strongly feel that killers, even those who cause accidents such as Mahoney and were found to have been drunk, they should lose their rights because when they had them, they threw them in the trash to begin with. It amazes me how the law protects people like this when in effect, the law wasn’t their to protect their victims.


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