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Dancing to Self-Created Frequencies: Let's Pull Our Own Strings

Updated on July 11, 2011

Varying Perceived Frequency Jams E-Harassment

I made an amazing discovery the other day: I have complete control over the high-pitched tones I hear while being harassed! I just wondered what would happen if I could control the series of high-pitched tones that are perceived as ear-ringing when being harassed. First I held onto a high note and kept doing it for a few minutes. I felt kind of jittery from it, so I down-shifted to a constant, lower sounding ear-ringing. This seemed to make me feel kind of irritable, so I began to actually play a song while staying in the lower-frequency range (oh-ah-oh-ah-oh-ah-oh-ah-oh-ah---oh-ah, oh-ah-oh-ah-oh-ah-oh-ah-oh-ah-ahhhh). I discovered that by repeatedly doing this that I felt great! I was jamming the disturbing thoughts and actually began to dance to this old 80's song! I had turned the Electronic-Induced tinnitus into a musical instrument which I could fully control!

This is what Electronic-Harassment is LIKE: it is as though we all have a receiver of E-harassment energy that converts the microwave-based radiation into audible tones. You can receive various frequencies which have mind-altering effects including: different feelings and subliminal messages right down to sheer terror and confusing/disturbing mental images/thoughts. If you don't find a way to manipulate this instrument, you are being controlled by the various frequencies your "trainers" are sending you. I immediately received shocks to my left hand, which is a code for "stop doing that!". This only encouraged me to experiment further. I proceeded to create random patterns of high-pitched, ear-ringing tones. This made me feel just great, even around people who were "in"!

This discovery changed my life from crappy, lethargic, controlled, constrained and irritating to the first real sensations of PURE FREE-WILL the likes of which I have not tasted in the last 10 years. My mind began remembering things that I hadn't thought of in years. I began to invent things just for the fun of it. I was able to do physical labor while mentally dancing to the beat of this old 80's song ("Jungle Love", not the famous 70's song)........all coming from being electronically-harassed!!!!! Work was fun and enjoyable, not dreary, anxiety-ridden, irritating and confusing (like it has been for the last decade or so!) I was able to play Beethoven's fifth (I think that's what it was), even a Jello Biafra Song ("Nazi Punks - ****-off!"). I could "sing" in the part of my imagination that "hears sounds" along with the clearly audible noises which I was sculpting out of the energy that nearly drove me to suicide 3 years ago.

So..............something that can be used to control/torture/harass us can be USED by us to create rhythms (or completely chaotic tones) which not only jams the messages being rammed down our throats, it actually REPLACES these messages with our OWN!!! When I drove back home (about 80 miles), I spent the whole time experimenting with different patterns of sound. I varied my rhythms, the pitch of the tones and combined this with thoughts and actions to deliberately invite "punishment" by my stalkers. My eyes were no longer drawn to: words on signs, people's license plates or other crap I'm usually forced to focus on. I didn't "see" a single stalker, no personalized plates which seemed to be "about me".........nothing! I didn't even need to listen to my I-Pod to jam these un-wanted thoughts/feelings: I had taken over whatever-this-is and was using it for my own amusement!

Now........when I decided to watch TV with my Brother and his girlfriend, I had to get serious about tuning back into the "Salvation Frequency", closing my eyes and focusing on it exclusively. For some reason, the television is involved with strengthening electronic harassment. For the brief time I spent messing around, it was like I could "see" waves of energy being bounced back-and-forth between the television, myself, my brother and his girlfriend in the part of my mind which imagines pictures and sounds. Unfortunately, the exchange allowed for disturbing ideation to slip in through my own audible creations. I had no choice but to get serious and "hunker down" under the sonic bunker of the "Salvation Frequency".

So, we must know when to create our own sounds, rhythms and songs to set our minds free and when we are under HEAVY ATTACK. When they have you in a situation with enough people and enough electronic devices to saturate you with E-harassment, get some cover and tactically retreat under the "Umbrella" of the Salvation Code. I just laid back and focused on this "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" and nothing was able to "get in". I felt completely relaxed despite the fact I was getting hit with all they had.

Now, listening to "The Salvation Code" for hours on end leads to a vulnerable mental state. You reach a point that a very loud, high-pitched noise seems to be drilling into your ears and mind and there is a sucking feeling in your abdominal region. When this happens: it's time for you to use your I-pod, get up and "break the connection"and/ or take a strong sedative because at this point your mind is becoming weaker. Maybe it's the "Gateway to Heaven", maybe it's opportunistic stalkers who have decided to prey upon your weakened mind, maybe it's simply us being programmed along different lines........but I CAN tell you one thing: it is a very dangerous place to be. I tried listening exclusively to the Salvation Code all day a couple days back and the very same thing happened: Something tried to take control of my mind. Two years ago, I went out so far on this frequency that when my parents shook me out of this mental state I suffered a severely disturbing episode of something AWFUL trying to take over my mind.

So, for all of us un-programmed people: we can control what sounds/rhythms we hear under most circumstances, allowing PURE MENTAL FREEDOM. However, our stalkers are very crafty and not to be under-estimated. If you are near a television set or in a big crowd of "in" people - The Salvation code is an absolute MUST. The only way that I can use it is in self-defense when I'm in a dangerous situation or else just trying to get something done without all the crap assaulting my consciousness.........but we now have found another way to free ourselves from this "mental prison". Just know when it's safe enough to run totally free and when you are "outsourced" in stalker parlance. When you hear a constant, loud, high-pitched sound and your mind can no longer shut out the crap, that's your signal to take shelter underneath the "water-tight" frequency of Salvation. Always keep your medications and your I-pod close, but now you've got another weapon in your arsenal of anti-electronic-harassment: the ability to control this "musical instrument in your mind"!!! Have fun, but be watchful (better yet you can avoid the television altogether!)


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      MOEFLATS, I thank you the attention to explain well the process but what happen to me is that at first I had that tinninus thing, since I found ways to pass that and then they pass that ways too, I decided to ignore and they stop it. I don't hear now any ee-ee-ee frequency, I hear them talk to me and have a sensation in my right ear from the talk. As I said before, from my experience, the best protection for me until now is ignore, observe, understand, meditate and have faith, neverthless I stay open to hear others ways, to make some test too and because we never know when we can get the all Eureka moment! ;) Good it will be "The Master of the Matrix" as you say, it will be great to have some kind of shield that bounce back this. ;)

      I don't play video games at ages, I lost my partner in games and by now my last video game was the Tetris and "Mortal Kombat", I liked that guy of the thunder in MK. So long time that is incredible, almost as the some as having a computer with disquette to put the MS-DOS running! :D Have good games! :)

    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      The KEY is in knowing how to turn the ear-ringing patterns into "The Salvation Code". You've got it on the voice-to-skull, NEVER listen to's always demeaning chatter meant to distract you from tuning in to "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh". You transform what sounds like "EE-EE-EE!, EE-EE-EE! INTO EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, EEEEEEEEEEEEEE, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE INTO Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Doing this stops the nervous feelings and EVEN the voice-to-skull "voices". Think of "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh" as your personal communication device with the Higher Being or God. Through Him all things are possible which makes you a Warrior in the battle against this group. You must practice to transform the signal. I can now play it almost like a musical instrument, but it does not confer the same power that "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh brings.

      The first time I discovered this, I was writing an article exposing the truth and I felt like I was on the edge of my sanity. Then I noticed this slower, more drawn-out series of high-pitched syllables. I even jumped back-and-forth at will! I found that the maddening frequency caused me to feel "nuts" and the other one brought me back to reality and made me feel calm. Sometimes, while I wrote.....I'd lose my hold on the Salvation Frequency and would have to take a break, which gave me the calmness to write on. When you learn to find the Salvation code, your world will transform from a circus-show back to NORMAL.

      The Salvation Code takes a lot of focus. I actually make my mind empty so that no voice-to-skull can get in. You can still get a lot done, though. You don't have enough thoughts for them to: invert, turn against you or twist, shutting them totally out of the picture. You will not only find psychological relief, you will find that you can do things BETTER than before. It also seems to make you smarter.

      Do not lay around listening to it or you will feel "mentally weaker". To avoid this, put on earphone music and find something to do. I like playing video games. With music flooding your ears and your focus on doing something, you break ALL connections to "incoming energy". I even used "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh to play video games while "fighting like an invincible being". I found my performance was clearly enhanced. It's like you become "The Master of the Matrix"!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      MOEFLATS your Hubs have been viewed 10,000 times, congratulations! :)

      Good to know! They are crafty but you are winning. Two times winner! ;)

      When I put the music loud they put their talk low to trying to get my atention to their speech.

      One of this nights I had a projected "dream" where I was looking around it, like it was a set, showing that it was fake and that I would go on looking around, to continue sleeping.

      This fake brain wave patterns that they have been putting on us, that our body assume as being his waves can turn off, by meditation, talk to our being through the faith in Higher Being. They do their thing, I talk to my being, 5 minutes pass and then it goes to normal again, but for now only works for some things like induced fatigue and pain in members of the body.


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