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Dangers of a Nuclear War & our future

Updated on May 1, 2015


Man has been fighting wars since times immemorial. It is rather in the instinct of the man to fight. We cannot avoid war forever. So the efforts have been made to improvise the methods and weapons to be used in war. The weapon used in wars progressively were developed from the archaic words and arrows to the modern gun and aeroplanes. But it did not stop there, nor it seems to be so in the future. With the advent of science, man has employed all its laws and discoveries to explore different materials that can be used for annihilation. This freakish obsession culminated into the development of a new kind of weapons called "Nuclear Weapon". This is perhaps the most disastrous of all the inventions made till day.

A nuclear war is one, which is fought not with the conventional weapons but with the nuclear ones. The world history has seen only once the use of nuclear weapons and it was sui generis. It was back in August 1945 when America dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the cities of Japan, during the Secound World War. Millions of people were killed in secounds and those who survived were rendered disabled. Even up to this day the births in those regions are mostly abnormal and the production of crops are no more normal and healthy. It was after that holocaust that the nations learned the destructive capability of nuclear weapon and the profileration of nuclear weapons started at a very quick pace.

Different nations spend remarkably on their defense budgets just to enter the club of nuclear nations. There was a divide in the world on the basis of possession of nuclear weapons. Those who acquired this ability are called 'Haves', like America, China, Russia, France and United Kingdom-the countries that are the permanent members of the security council-as well as others like India, Pakistan and Israel. The Third World Countries, too, were taken away by the ambition and despite their meager resources they pursued the path of the developed countries. Consequently, India and then Pakistan, the two poor countries from South Asia also managed to develop nuclear weapons. And for this expensive endeavor they had to cut out their budget and divert resources to the nuclear sector. Now is the situation that these weapons have become minimum deterrents, Those nations which have got these weapons feel secure from all kinds of attacks, whereas the'have-nots' are striving hard to get possession of these weapon by any means.

With so much proliferation of these weapons, it has become abundantly clear that whenever there is a use of nuclear weapons in the future, no nation on the earth could feel secure and safe from the consequences.

The developed nations have developed plethora of these kind of weapons. And with the development of modern and sophisticated launch vehicles, it has become very easy for them to use these weapons against any nation on the surface of the earth. All the five permanent members of the Security Council have got the Inter Continental Ballistic missiles with them, and these missiles are equipped with the instruments to carry nuclear weapons or more precisely 'Atomic Warheads' with them to the farthest points on the globe. Moreover the strategic conditions of the outgoing century have coaxed them to set these missiles to be ready to take off points against their rival countries.

America and Russia, since the days of cold war, have set thousands of atomic warheads, aimed at each other. This scenario has turned the condition of international security into internecine form. Or in simple words, it is the theory of mutual destruction that is prevailing at the present moment to hold the peace and stability.

In South Asia

Similarly, in south Asia, the two arch rivals, Pakistan and India, have developed nuclear warheads into a similar condition. Due to the old problem of Jammu & Kashmir, which has become a bone of contention between these two third world centuries, South Asia has been declared the most dangerous area in the world. And because of their third world status, lower level of literacy and nature of the conflict these two countries which have been declared non-responsible states, are more likely to plunge themselves into the nuclear war, if they donot stop persisting in their egotistical posture. Any mistake by anyone, and the world is likely to be catapulated into the most destructive war in the world history. And this time it would be the severest as most powerful atomic bomb as compared to the ones used in 1945 have been developed and perfected. Once these weaopns are used, centuries would be required to remove the carrion from the fare of the globe. It would be a kind of chain reaction.

Role of powerful states

The most developed and sensitive detecting instruments have been employed to detect the use of such weapons. On the basis of these detection, counter-attacks are pre-planned. With the advancement of the research in this field, such systems are being developed, that would easily survive the first strike and thus would pose a more severe attack on the enemy. Besides the international hegemony of few states over the others is also responsible for the dangers of nuclear war in the years to come. Powerful states have pushed some strategic enemies to the corner. For example, America being the most powerful country, has imposed different kinds of sanctions on South Korea, Iraq and Libya. These deprived nations have been declared rogue states by the former. And these states are desperately looking for the development of nuclear weapons to increase their strength in international arena. Once they acquire this ability, the danger of nuclear war would be enhanced, thanks to the yawning chasm created between these nations and the super-power. Once there was so much proliferation in the world, the same elements sensed the danger and initiated the attempts to combat this ever-growing menace. Different kinds of treaties were formulated under the aegis of the United Nation Organization and other regional organizations. Non-Proliferation Treaty better known by its acronym (NPT) was the first one to be formulated. It was to be first signed and then ratified by the nation to get implemented. Surprisingly it was signed with agility by all those counties, which have not got nuclear weapons, and all the nuclear powers dragged their feet on this front.

The second one in this line was comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). This too, has been signed by most of the non-nuclear states whereas all the nuclear states (Eight to be exact) have refused to sign it. And most recently the current administration of the USA has outrightly refused to even allow the presentation of it in the senate for ratification. So there are rare chances of the danger of nuclear war being diminished with the help of these paper tigers.

Moreover, the USA has announced to construct National Missile Defence Shield (NMD), which is going to be a virtual protective shield around America, and would protect it from any kind of nuclear attack by missiles by the enemies. In addition to this, they have proposed Theatre Missile Defence (TMD) to be constructed on the same lines for the centuries that are allies of the USA.

With this new development, the danger of nuclear weapons in the world, which has since long stablized itself on the lines of mutual destruction,is likely to be enhanced. In 1972, Russia formulated a treaty with America named as Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM), which has since then become corner-stone of peace in this era. It was dended in this treaty that no country would try to develop defensive missiles or shields, so that the priciples of mutual destruction or internecine approach should prevail.

With America's latest announcement, Russia as well as China and other countries including America's Trans Atlantic allies have pooh-poohed it's decision. There are fears among these nations that the development of any such structure would provide a gumption to other countries to enhance their race to develop more and more effective and modern nuclear weapons. And consequently endless race for nuclearization would start among all the other states to get the ability to pierce that proposed shield, increasing the danger of nuclear war egrgiously.

There is another view in the support of this plan. As America has suggested the cut in the nuclear weapons alongside the construction of NMD, there is a hope that it would ultimately lead to the non-proliferation. From the current situation of mutual destruction, it might change to the race of defensive weapons, which indeed would be a progress to reduce the danger of nuclear war in the coming years.

The gist of all what has been said above is that, with the presence of nuclear weapons galore and the bitter rivalries among different nations the danger of nuclear war is looming large. And the problem is further worsened by the economic imbalance among the nations, as it is the strong economy that is necessary for a strong defence. And human kind has not yet reached that stage of maturity where it can prevent itself from the follies of its own. A great deal of effort has to be done to increase the know-how among the peoples of the world so they can apply moral pressure on their rulers to back track from their destuctive ambitions. Meanwhile, the balance of power should be maintained at any cost among the countries. History tell us that whenover there is imbalance of power there is a catastrophe. So the role of the UNO is to be enhanced in the solution of the disputes all over the world so that there is little chance left to go for war.

Can you suggest, how we contribute to make the world free from nuclear warheads ?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

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    • Qadir Brohi profile imageAUTHOR

      Qadir Brohi 

      3 years ago from Pakistan

      This is nuclear game. There is an old proverb that is 'Might is Right'.

      And thanx for ur complement and you'll find more interesting hubs...

      Thank u so much

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      3 years ago from San Diego California

      Complicated subject. On the one hand, fear of nuclear war has prevented the outbreak of another ground war between major nations along the lines of WW II. But one the other hand, the risk of one of these nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists or groups like ISIS is an uncomfortable reality. I have no idea where it will end up, but it wouldn't hurt to start weaning ourselves off of these dangerous toys. Great hub.

    • Qadir Brohi profile imageAUTHOR

      Qadir Brohi 

      3 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks Akriti Mattu, for your interest, hope you'll get the most interesting hubs than....

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      Nice post.


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