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Darlie Routier Deserves a New Trial and Darin Routier Needs to Be Investigated

Updated on August 16, 2018

Darin is not being accused of Murder, many of us are asking for an investigation into Darin because he has never been investigated.

I am not a detective, but I don't need to be to see there is something seriously wrong with Darin's version of the story. Nothing fits with him. Witnesses say one thing he says another, police say one thing he says another. Greg Davis confronted Darin in court and told him flat out he was changing his story to fit the evidence as he was learning it.

Suspicions about Darin.

Darin's aunt Sandy lost her husband a while back and we are very sorry for her loss. It has been a very difficult time for her since his passing.

Darin's aunt Sandy attended the trial. She took notes and she soon realized that Darin knew more than he was saying. His behavior and stories didn't add up.

She tried to talk to Darlie as many had, but Darlie just couldn't remember enough details to confirm anything at that time regarding Darin. Darlie believed Darin was in his room because he told her he was, yet the description she gave of the intruder walking away fit Darin exactly. I do believe Darlie struggled on that sofa and that is why she had sores in her mouth. She told hospital staff and family the inside of her mouth was sore and tender as though someone had held something on her face to keep her mouth shut. She was constantly eating ice in the hospital. The jury did not know about this.

After the trial new informaiton came out that could have changed the outcome of the trial.

Darin and Darlie Kee both admitted they hired Doug Mulder to defend Darlie under the condition he not implicate Darin in the crime. While Doug Mulder was representing Darlie Kee and Darin he told them Darlie's court appointed lawyer was planning to implicate Darin in the crime. I actually checked that out by going through all the trial transcripts. It was true. Doug Mulder never implicated Darin in the crime at all. In fact when he did catch Darin in a lie he didn't confront or charge him, he tried to get him to change his story. Darin lied about the table tipping over on Devon. Darin didn't know that the police already knew for a fact that the table didn't flip over and the flowers never hit the floor, Darlie was blamed for that staging, when it was obvious it was Darin who made up the story and not Darlie.

I wanted to write this article in hopes to get Darlie a new trial and encourage or push the police into doing the investigation into Darin they should have done

For almost 22 years I have tried to find out as much of the truth about this case as I can. For some reason details implicating Darin in crime always seem to swept under the carpet. I believe the jury should have heard these details at trial. I also believe it would have changed the outcome of Darlie's trial.

This article is written to prove that Darin could have been that intruder and done the crime.

Had Darin been investigated this is what the police would have found. Starting with the fact that he snuck out of the house at 2:34 am through the sliding doors that go directly to the back yard and to the alley where his sock was found. The reason the boys blood was on the sock and not Darlie's is because she was not on the floor where the sock would have been dragging out of his pant leg before he snuck out of the house right after Waddell arrived.

I always knew there was no investigation into Darin. The few Darin supporters who are still out there insist he was investigated. The last documentary done on

According to the police and prosecution they felt no need to view Darin as a suspect because his story appeared to check out. Really? When? Not the first day, not in his police statements, not in his interviews, or court testimony.

There was nothing from the start to indicate Darin was ever telling the truth. Now checking back looking through all the interviews and statements it is crystal clear exactly what Darin did. He manipulated and controlled that entire crime scene. He was able to get in and out of that home and lie about it. The first chance he got to clean himself up he was over at the neighbors scrubbing down in the bathroom. The very first phone call that man made was to his sister in law asking her to call his employee to come by the house and give a false statement about seeing a black car stalking his home. Darlie didn't know his employee and Darin set up the black car, they admitted they never told her. But while his family is dead and dying Darin is trying to build a case that an intruder broke into his home. He was using false information and lies to try and make that statement credible to police.

The police are aware of this now, but yet no action has been taken. Darin is still stepping out doing interviews making money off the death of Darlie's two boys and her death conviction.

I will never understand why the state of Texas has allowed this to go on for 22 years. Why are they so afraid to check out my story?

If that so called cpr attempt Darin did on Devon was so honest and truthful, why does he deny doing the second cpr on Devon 4 miinutes later?

To this day Darin has not been confronted about his lies. He has never admitted he did cpr on Devon twice 4 minutes apart. He knew Darlie and Damon were dying, he knew, he said it was too late for Devon even before officer Waddell got there, but he never touched Darlie or Damon once knowing for over 10 minutes they were bleeding to death.

There is no way he can explain or convince anyone he did anything what so ever to try and help any of his family.

Darlie Routier

Darlie is was a 26 year old mother of three. She was married for almost 10 years. She was introduced to her husband by her mother when she was only 15 years old. I voiced my personal opinion on that many times through the years. I did not and still do not believe it was appropriate for a mother to introduce her underage child to her boss as a potential dating partner. That sent me red flags immediately.

Darin was 17 at the time, but he wasn't your average 17 year old teenager. He had been driven to succeed by what some refer to as his controlling mother. Darin stated he just wanted to be normal and have a normal job, but according to many his mother was not going to allow him to settle for that.

Some say Darin worked his way up to assistant manager position at the restaurant he worked at, but many say he manipulated and cheated his way to that promotion.

Darin later took a job at a computer company he was working and going to school at one point.

Darlie had baby Devon within the first year of marriage so she was a stay home from that time on.

Darin had been working at his computer job for a few years when he started up his own computer business in direct competition of his employer. Rumor has it he got off to a fast and successful start due to taking supplies coming out of the job he was working at with the computer company.

At first the money poured in and they were moving up quickly, but once Darin left his computer job and went out on his own the financial cracks began to show. Some say it was because he didn't have the endless free supplies coming into the business anymore. Had I not learned about Darin's past insurance scams I might have just over looked those rumors. It was in 1993 we learned of Darin's insurance fraud regarding his jag car. There may have been more crimes, but this is the one that stuck the most at that time.

By 1996 Darlie had a huge 3400sq ft home to care for as well as three babies under the age of 7. According to Darlie she had no or little support from Darin with the boys and the house.

Why has every documentary or tv program that has come out so far avoided the elephant in the room?

Darin Routier didn't come out with the truth about many of the facts surrounding the slaughter of his family. Many of those details would have and could have changed the out come of her trial.


How was this even possible for Darin and Darlie Kee to get away with this?


Affidavit of Darin Routier
In the Criminal District Court No.3
Dallas County, Texas
No. F96-39973-MJ
NO. 3 OF
BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared DARIN ROUTIER, who, being by me duly sworn on his oath, stated the following:
"My name is Darin Routier. I am over the age of twenty-one and I reside in McKinney, Texas. I am capable and fully competent to make this affidavit. The statement herein are true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge. I am the husband of the Petitioner, Darlie Lynn Routier.
"In 1994, I spoke to a person about my Jaguar automobile. In that conversation, I said that "it wouldn't bother me" if the Jaguar was stolen. That person then stole the Jaguar.
"In March or April, 1996, I asked my father-in-law Robbie Gene Kee, if he knew anyone who would agree to burglarize my home as part of an insurance scam. I said that I would arrange for my family to be absent from my house at 5801 Eagle Drive, that someone who I would hire would come to the house and take away the furniture and other items from my house in a U-Haul truck, and that I would then pay that person from the proceeds of the resulting insurance payments.
"Between March 1996 and May 1996, I told multiple people of my planned insurance scam.
"In the late evening on June 5, 1996, I had a verbal disagreement with my wife Darlie Lynn Routier. During that discussion, my wife asked me for a martial separation.
"I first met with attorney Douglas Mulder in July 1996. I met at least once a week with Mr. Mulder in July 1996. The subject of the meetings was Mr. Mulder's potential representation of my wife Darlie Lynn Routier and I in her criminal trial.
"I continued to meet with Mr. Mulder in August 1996. During one of the meetings I had with Mr. Mulder in August 1996, he told me that the court-appointed attorneys in my wife's case, Wayne Huff and Douglas Parks, had confided in him that they were going to try and portray me as the person guilty of the murder of my sons Damon and Devon because they thought
that I had something to do with the deaths of my sons. I told Mr. Mulder that if we hired him, I did not want him to "go after" me. Mr. Mulder agreed that, if hired to represent my wife, he would not argue as part of the defense that I was in any way responsible for the death of my children.
"Between July 1996 and late September 1996, I continued to meet regularly with Mr. Mulder. On September 30, 1996, Mr. Mulder represented me at a show cause hearing before Judge Tolle where the State of Texas alleged that I violated a gag order in the criminal case against my wife. In September and October 1996, I believe, based on Mr. Mulder's comments to me, that he was my attorney.
"On October 21, 1996, Mr. Mulder became lead counsel in my wife's criminal trial."
Darin Routier
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me on this the 11 day of July, 2002
Notary Public, State of Texas

Darin contacted many people regarding this home robbery, but he intended to the crome himself. It was all part of staging process to make it appear to be a pla

What surprisied me even more was Darlie's own mother admitted to knowing Darin had come over to her home to discuss doing a home robbery on his house.Darin also spoke to his employee Barbara Jovell regarding involving her in this home robbery scam. Darllie was aware of the scam but she got very upset when she heard Darin talking to her parents. She walked out of the house. Apparently she wasn't on the same page as Darin.

Darin also went to his long time employee and friend Barbara Jovell. The strange and suspicious thing about this women is this wasn't the first insurance fraud scam she was involved in or aware of with Darin. In 1993 Darin stole his own Jag car. He left town with his family and he called Jovell to report his car stolen. Darin was paid out on that claim by the insurance company but Barbara Jovell testified against Darlie in court but she never mentioned one word to the jury or the police or prosecution regarding Darins criminal activities. She was aware he not only was rumored of selling drugs, but the all used drugs also. She knew of previous insurance scams and ones that Darin had been planning for.

The biggest bomb is when I learned Darin and Barbara Jovell had set up the black car to go around the Routier home stalking it weeks before the attack to make it appear someone was stalking the home.

For some unknown reason not one person ever got a licence plate of that black car. At least once that car parked in a suspicious position in front of the Neals home pointing directly at the Routier house. It was suspicious enough that when Karen came home from work she tried to approach the car but it sped off. Still no licence plate, even though there had apparently been other robberies reported in other neighborhoods.

To make sure they had this eyewitness to ack up this stalker theory in a black car Darin hired his employees mother to come in and help Darlie with the boys and the house. This struck me as very odd for many reasons.

First of all Darlie had her sister staying at the home with her all that week. She apparently had been going to work with Darin. According to the courts business was slow and Darlie and Darin were hurting desperately for money at that time so it made no sense to me that Darin would hire a second employee to go to work with him when Darlie obviously needed help at home.

This women had only been in the home for two days. On the second in the home she just happen to look out the window to the back alley and caught a suspicious man in a black car luring in the windows of the garage. If this wasn't a set up I don't know what they could have done to it more obvious This women brought this to Darlie's attention even showing her the black car through the window. Some might not have found that suspicious, but I did.

When Darin and Dana arrived home from work on June 5th, a half hour after Barbara Jovell had left the shop Darin claimed he saw this suspicious black car speeding past his home. He said be believed it was a stalker who had followed Darlie from the salon or grocery store.

The problem with that is Darin and Dana had been leaving Darlie stranded with the kids with no vehicle that week because Darin's jag was broken down again.

What is even stranger, both Barbara Jovell and Darin testified that they saw this car on June 5th, but they admitted they never said one word to warn Darlie about it?

In my opinion whole story stunk.

Both Jovell and her mother testified against Darlie in jail. The things they accused her of absolutely shocked me. Jovell never admitted that she was the one who set up that black car with Darin. Years later she did tell part truths about her involvement regarding the black car. She claims she sent that car to the Routier neighborhood, but to only look at landscaping. This is not the story she told me. She told me the car was there as a favor to Darin as part of the staging for the future robbery

Through Jovells testimony I sensed she had a lot resentment towards Darlie. She explained how Darlie and her little friend Rebecca were cruel to her mother. I found it strange that Jovell brought up in court how this black car sped past her and her mother, but there was no discussion at all about the hard feelings her mother obviously had when she left the Routier home. I would have imagined both of them were furious, yet they never discussed the events that took place in the home at the Routiers that day.

Jovell never appeared to have any shame or fear of making false statements in court regarding that black car. She knew perfectly well when she testified that she was not telling the truth under oath in court about why that black car was there and what she knew about it.

Then her mother gets on the stand and basically slaughters Darlie with her lies. The reason I say lies is because there was another witness in the Routier home who also testified to what happened in the house that day. It was a 12 year old neighbor girl who was there visiting with Darlie and helping with the boys.

Jovells mother testified Darlie and Rebecca were negligent with the boys, she accused them of making fun of her and leaving Drake alone in the highchair while they were in another room visiting. This women even went as far as to try and accuse Darlie of trying to suffer her son Drake with a blanket. The whole story was sickening to read. Rebecca testified and denied all the allegations made against her and Darlie. She explained to the judge that they were not laughing at the women, they were laughing at pictures in album.

It appeared to be just another set up by Darin and Jovell to make Darlie look guilty.

Darin didn't just bring up this black car once or twice. He brought this up right after the attack and continued on with that lie for over 21 years. He used this stalking car as an excuse to bring up Darlie and her looks and body shape, explaining it was a stalking who was doing this to Darlie because of her great looks and great body. It was really sickening to hear Darin continue to talk in this sickening perverted way.

He was confronted on the Leeza show about so many people being offended by the way he spoke so sickening about Darlie and her body, specially the size of her breasts. Instead of being embarrassed and trying to appear more compassionate about Darlie he goes into detail about the exact size Darlie's breast.

Darin at one point joked about how lucky they got when the intruder missed her implants. I couldn't believe what this man was saying about his family.

I believe a jury should have heard the truth about Darin's plans to rob his home and the staging of the black car by Jovell and Darin.


Affidavit of Darlie Kee
In the Criminal District Court No.3
Dallas County, Texas
No. F96-39973-MJ ���������IN THE CRIMINAL
NO. 3 OF

Affidavit Of Darlie Kee
BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared DARLIE KEE, who, being by me duly sworn on her oath, stated the following:
"My name is Darlie Kee. I am over the age of twenty-one years old and I reside in Wills Point, Texas. I have never been convicted of a crime, and I am capable and fully competent to make this affidavit. I have personal knowledge of the facts stated in this affidavit, and those facts are all true and correct.
"I am the mother of Darlie Lynn Routier, who was accused of murder by the State of Texas in the capital case of Texas v. Routier.
"I July of 1996, my son-in-law, Darin Routier, and I searched for counsel to represent my daughter in her capital trial. Over the course of my search, various individuals suggested that we retain attorney Douglas Mulder.
"Darin and I first met Mr. Mulder in July 1996, and we met with him again many times in August of that year.
"During one of our August meetings, Mr. Mulder told Darin and me that Douglas Parks and Wayne Huff, the court-appointed attorneys for my daughter, intended to blame Darin for the murder of my grandson, Damon. Darin then told Doug Mulder that one of the reasons we were
going to retain him was because Doug was not buying into the theory that Darin was involved in this crime. Mr. Mulder assured us that, if he was in charge of the case, he would not do that.
"We decided to hire Mr. Mulder, and he became my daughter's lawyer on October 21, 1996. We eventually paid him about $95,000,00."

Darlie Kee

Blood map of the Routier home.

Blood map of Routier home
Blood map of Routier home | Source

Darin's story did not match the blood map.

If you closely at the blood map you do not see a puddle of Darlie's blood at the foot of the stairs as there would have been if Darlie had been standing at the foot of the stairs as Darin had claimed.

It shows going a heavy trail of blood going to and from the hallway and to Devon, but it doesn't give Darin that alibi he is looking for.

This was not the only inconsistency with his story and someone else. According to Drain he claims that after Darlie and Damon were taken away and he pushed his way back into the house. According to witnesses Darin was not permitted back in the house and according to officer Waddell he was the one guarding the door and Darin did not get back in.

Darin had change his story from saying he was woken up by Darlie screaming to 911 and then saying that he was woken by the sound of glass breaking. If Darin didn't go back through that house as he claimed and all the witnesses are wrong the only way he could have known when and where the glass broke was if he was in the kitchen when it happened. There was no possible for Darin to have heard that glass break over the dog barking. The only way he could have known when that glass broke is if he was in the kitchen when it happened. He may have seen it on the floor after they returned the house to him, but that doesn't explain how he knew exactly when it broke

Darin was outright accused of being the intruder and attacking his family leaving Darlie for dead.

The jury never heard about Barry Fyfe until after the trial. The police never bothered to investigate Darin. Had they done this the jury would have known the truth about him and his criminal past.


I would like to explain what changed the entire course of Darlie's defence and why she was found guilty.

Things immediately went down hill the second Darin and Darlie Kee breached the gag order by doing that radio interview.

Both Darin and Darlie Kee couldn't wait to get out there to defend Darin, not Darlie, Darin. Darin wanted to make sure he got his story out there to the public before the investigation turned to him.

There are videos out there of the interview, but one statement Darin made stuck in my mind. Darin made the remark to the public don't worry, the truth will all come out at trial. I was both shocked and sick when I heard Darin and Darlie Kee make this claim.

Darin made sure the truth never saw the inside of that court room. He put a stop to that the second he hired Doug Mulder. Doug Mulder was not hired to defend Darlie. He was first hired by Darlie Kee and Darin to represent them for breaching the gag order.

While he was hired to represent them he disclosed to both Darlie Kee and Darin that the court appointed lawyers had full intentions of implicating Darin in the crime. Evidence was found pointing to Darins guilt as this was what they were going to expose to the jury making sure there was more than reasonable doubt in her guilt.

Darin and Darlie Kee made sure they put a stop to that immediately. They offered Doug Mulder to take over Darlie's case under the condition he not implicate Darin in the crime.

Doug Mulder made that deal and the court appointed lawyers were let go and Doug Mulder took over the case just three months before the trial.

Darin was never investigated. Darlie went to trial within 7 months, that wasn't even enough time to even properly investigate Darlie, let alone Darin too.

Those court lawyers tried to do everything they could to help Darlie. I am not sure to this day Darlie even realized what her mother and Darin had done to her. Years later Darlie filed an appeal and in that appeal she complained how she was not brought to her own hearings by Doug Mulder. I am just assuming this, but she was not there to hear the details of why Doug Mulder was really hired.

The lawyers argued of the direct conflict of interest in hiring Doug Mulder and he denied this to the courts, knowing the entire time he was in direct conflict of defending his client.

He knew that he made a deal with the only other adult I that home who had motive and opportunity to murder his family by not implicating him in the crime.

He knew he couldn't properly represent Darlie because his hands were tied on what evidence he would be allowed to show the jury to give reasonable doubt.

I read all those transcripts and Doug Mulder had plenty of opportunity to give that jury more than enough reasonable doubt and he didn't.

There was at point in the trial where Doug Mulder was questioning Darin about the table falling on Devon. Doug Mulder knew for a fact Darin was out right lying on the stand. Instead of confronting him with the evidence proving the table never fell over, but the flower arrangement didn't either. So what does Mulder do? He tries to get Darin to change his testimony by saying don't you mean the table was only askew? Darin didn't fall for that because he wasn't aware at that time that the police already knew the table didn't fall over and it was part of the prosecutions case of staging they using against Darlie. This behavior went on through the entire trial.

Darin was in full control the entire time. He was asked a question, but he didn't just answer the question, he went on and on bragging himself up to that jury painting a picture for them as him being the perfect loving husband and father. I could not believe what I was reading.


I can fully understand why Darin went to great lengths to try and keep certain information about himself away from the jury, but I will never understand why Darlie Kee kept this information from coming out.

It was no secret Darin cheated on Darlie several times.

Through the years Darlie kee has come out of hiding to defend Darin. When someone would post about the affair with Dana, her underage daughter, she would make sure to set the record straight by saying the affair wasn't with her daughter it was with Darin's brother's wife. She also knew that Darin cheated with the women he is now living with. To this day Darlie Kee still defends Darin.

Darlie Kee was fully aware of the argument Darlie and Darin had just hours before the attack. She knew Darlie confronted Darin about his cheating, she knew Darlie planned to separate from Darin and she never said one word. She never spoke up about the planned robbery until 2002. There is no possible way Darlie Kee could not have known this was more than reasonable doubt for her daughter. Darlie had no motive and nothing to gain by killing her boys and attacking herself.

On the other hand Darin had made changes recently to his insurance policy. Darlie kee knew Darin had over 500,000 dollars to gain not even including loss or damage to his property and she got on that radio interview lying through her teeth claiming there was nothing to gain financially by this crime?

Who did Kee think she was fooling? If Darlie would have died, Darin would have gotten over 500,000 because of the accidental clause he put on Darlle's life insurance policy. He also knew he was fully covered for theft and damages to his home. That is exactly the amount of money Darin needed to carry on with his lifestyle.


BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared ROBBIE GENE KEE, who, being by me duly sworn on his oath, stated the following:
"My name is Darlie Kee. I am over the age of 18 years and fully competent to make this affidavit.
"I am married to Darlie Kee and my step-daughter is Darlie Lynn Routier. In approximately earlier Spring of 1996, Darin Routier was at my home and we were in the kitchen when he asked me whether I knew of anybody who would 'burglarize' his home so he could make an insurance claim. Darin Routier explained that he and his family would be gone from the house and that the 'burglar' would come to the house with a U-Haul truck and remove 'gobs' of stuff from the house and take the items somewhere. Darin Routier said he would retrieve the items after his insurance company paid off and that he would pay the 'burglar' out of the insurance proceeds."
[signed] ______________________ Robbie Gene Kee
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me on this the 15 day of May, 2002.
[signed] ____________________ Notary Public, State of Texas

Darin had full insurance coverage so why was he denied any payments or coverage?

The insurance company did contact the police about the policy Darin had, but they didnt feel it was important enough to follow up.

Darin didn't realize this but insurance claims aren't paid out unless the insurer is cleared.

Dispite what rumors say, Darin was never investigated or cleared by the police. They still view him as a suspect according to what I have been told

The police always believed Darin was involved, but they never went after him because they claim they didn't have enough evidence to bring him to trial.

I don't know where they have been all these years, but from my view point there is more than enough evidence still out there to warrant a full and proper investigation into Darin.

Despite the many mistake that were made during the investigation and seizure of evidence Darin was not able to manipulate and destroy everything.

Just looking at two items alone is enough to open an investigation. The 911 call and Darin's police statement.


Affidavit of Terry L. Laber
In the Criminal District Court No.3
Dallas County, Texas
No. F96-39973-MJ ���������IN THE CRIMINAL
NO. 3 OF

Affidavit Of Terry L. Laber
Before me, the undersigned notary, on this day, personally appeared Terry L. Laber, a person whose identity is known to me. After I administered an oath to him, upon his oath, he said:
1. My name is Terry L. Laber. I am over twenty-one years old and I reside in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. I am capable and fully competent to make this Affidavit. The statement herein are true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge.
2. I received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin in 1969. From 1969-1971, I worked as a Crime Laboratory Analyst for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory. From 1971-2000, I held a series of positions at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Forensic Science Laboratory ("Minnesota BCA"), including forensic scientist, supervisor of Serology Section and Biology Section, and assistant laboratory director. In August of 2000, I retired from the Minnesota BCA.
3. I am presently employed approximately forty-hours per week as a senior project consultant for Minnesota BCA. I am also self-employed as a forensic consultant on an as-needed basis in White Bear Lake, Minnesota and have been so employed since 1981. As part of my work as a forensic consultant, I analyze physical evidence, such as blood stains, microscopic particles and other trace evidence left at crime scenes to determine what such evidence suggests about how the crime occurred or did not occur. I
have testified as an expert in bloodstain pattern analysis about forensic analysis of physical evidence in over fifty trials, including trials in the State of Texas. I have served as a forensic consultant in more than two hundred other cases.
4. I am a member of several forensic science organizations including the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists, and the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts.
5. In August of 1996, I was retained by Douglas Parks and Wayne Huff, then-defense counsel to Darlie Lynn Routier, who was then-scheduled to be prosecuted for the death of her son Damon Routier. As part of that engagement, my colleague, Barton P. Epstein, and I viewed a number of pieces of physical evidence, then in the custody of the State of Texas. In August, 1996, Barton Epstein and I met with State's forensic analyst, Charles Linch, at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas, Texas. We reviewed a number of pieces of physical evidence in Mr. Linch's possession. We also reviewed evidence in possession of the Rowlett Police Department.
6. Barton Epstein and I recommended to Mr. Parks and Mr. Huff that certain samples of physical evidence that we reviewed be analyzed to test the State's theory that the crime scene at 5801 Eagle Drive, Rowlett, Texas had been stated. For example:
a. Fiber and Opaque Material Said to Have Been Removed from Bread Knife: We recommended that microscopic and/or elemental comparison tests be conducted on the fiberglass and opaque materials removed from a bread knife to substantiate or dispute the State's theory that the source of these materials was the window screen in the garage of 5801 Eagle Drive, Rowlett, Texas.
b. Other Fibers Said To Have Been Removed from Knife on Counter: We recommended that the apparent wood fragments and blue fibers removed from the knife found on the kitchen counter be microscopically examined to determine their source.
c. Darlie Routier's Nightshirt: Based on defects (i.e. cuts) observed on the left side of the nightshirt, we determined that additional testing was required to identify the source of the defects. In addition, we recommended that genetic testing be conducted on several blood-stained areas of the nightshirt.

d. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner: Based on our visual examination of the blood stains found on the Hoover vacuum cleaner, we determined that genetic testing was required to determine the source of the blood.
e. Carpet: We recommended DNA and possible chemical testing of blood stains and prints left on the carpet from 5801 Eagle Drive, Rowlett, Texas.
f. Darin Routier's Blue Jeans: We recommended that genetic testing be conducted on several blood-stained areas of Darin Routier's blue jeans.
g. Pillow and furniture: We recommended that genetic testing be conducted on several blood-stained areas on the living room furniture, pillow and on the wine rack.
7. In late October 1996, Douglas Parks informed Mr. Epstein and I that he had been replaced as defense counsel by Darlie Routier and that we should send him a final bill for our services. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Parks informed us that he had been removed as trial counsel and Douglas Mulder had been substituted as the new trial counsel.
8. In late October or November 1996, I met with Douglas Mulder and his investigator, Lloyd Harrell, to discuss the testing that Barton Epstein and I had conducted to date. Barton Epstein did not attend that meeting.
9. During the meeting, I provided Mr. Mulder and Mr. Harrel with a general overview of the work done to date by Mr. Epstein and I. It was my impression that neither Mr. Mulder nor Mr. Harrell seemed particularly interested in that work. Both men asked me only a few questions. The meeting lasted about two hours.
10. Following the meeting, I expected that Douglas Mulder or one of his colleagues would follow up with me because the time in the introductory meeting was not sufficient time to explain in necessary depth the forensic significance of the analysis Barton Epstein and I had performed or had recommended be performed. Mr. Mulder did not retain either Barton Epstein or me to perform any of the testing we recommended, and so we discontinued all work on the case. I had no further involvement in the trial of Darlie Lynn Routier after November 1996.
11. Based on the analysis I performed in this case, it was my professional opinion in November 1996, and is my professional opinion today, that there were numerous pieces of physical evidence we reviewed that were not consistent with a staged crime scene. For example:

a. Review of the blood spatter on and near the vacuum cleaner indicated that the vacuum cleaner had not been pushed around by someone bleeding, but, instead, that most of the bleeding had occurred after the vacuum cleaner had been knocked down.
b. The placement of shards of glass below the location of the wine glasses indicated that the wine glass had broken while still in the rack and was not consistent with a person smashing or throwing the glass onto the floor as part of a staged crime scene.
12. In my professional opinion, scientific testing of the physical evidence would have been critical to Darlie Lynn Routier's defense. Independent testing of that physical evidence was crucial to properly evaluate the State's case. There were numerous potential holes in the State's case that required testing to conform or refute the State's presentation of the evidence and to provide evidence that could well have refuted the State's forensics testimony. These and other tests would have been critical to developing the physical evidence to refute the State's use of forensic and physical evidence and establish Darlie Lynn Routier's innocence.
a. Based on my blood-spatter analysis experience, for the theory that direct hits of Darlie Lynn Routier's blood being spattered from her stab would precisely covered each blood spatter of her tow sons Damon and Devon to have been correct would have required an extremely unlikely sequence of events. My preliminary analysis of the shirt Darlie Lynn Routier was wearing indicated only minimal area of blood spatter and the critical areas of spatter were not subjected to genetic testing. Genetic testing should have been conducted on those blood-stained areas of Darlie Lynn Routier's nightshirt. In addition, a microscopic examination should have been performed to determine the source of cuts observed on the left-side of the neck of the nightshirt.
b. Testing of the fiberglass and opaque material said removed from the bread knife should have been conducted to substantiate or dispute the State's theory that the source of these materials was the window screen in the garage, and the window screen was cut as part of the staged crime scene.
c. The apparent wood fragments and blue fibers removed from the knife found on the kitchen counter should have been microscopically examined to determine their source.
d, DNA testing should have been performed on the blood stains found on the Hoover vacuum cleaner to determine the identity of the persons or persons whose blood was on the vacuum cleaner.

e. DNA and possible chemical testing of blood stains and prints left on carpet and flooring should have been pursued to determine the identity of those who bled or left prints.
f. Genetic testing should have been conducted on several blood-stained areas of Darin Routier's blue jeans since they might have indicated that he was involved in the murder.
g. Genetic testing should have been conducted on several blood-stained areas on the furniture, pillow and wine rack to reconstruct the location and movement of individuals at the crime scene.
12. It is my professional opinion that further testing and evaluation of the items referenced above in numbered paragraphs 6-11 would help establish if in fact the crime scene was or was not staged. Such testing is necessary to confirm or refute the State's testimonial evidence presented at Darlie Routier's trial and to establish Darlie Lynn Routier's innocence.
For example:
a. DNA testing and/or microscopic examination should be conducted on blood stains left on Darlie Routier's nightshirt, the Hoover vacuum cleaner, furniture items, pillow, wine rack, and all flooring and carpeting samples in the State's custody.
b. Chemical testing of the flooring and carpeting samples should also be explored. In addition, all microscopic slides of fibers and other matter removed from 5801 Eagle Drive should be examined to determine their source and/or to rule out possible sources.
c. Testing of the brush and powder used to dust the knives in the home at 5801 Eagle Drive should be performed and may refute the theory that fiberglass was consistent with the material from the garage window screen.
13. In order to conduct such testing, access to the above-referenced items in the State's custody, as well as samples of the garage window screen and all known blood samples would be required. Although certain testing might use up a portion of the existing sample, none would destroy the sample completely. Thus, there would be remaining sample for the State to conduct confirmatory testing should it desire to do so.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing 13 numbered paragraphs are true and correct.

Doug Mulder couldn't call in the forensic experts because he knew he would be implicating Darin in the crime.

Doug Mulder denied having a conflict of interest, but the proof is in the trial. When a lawyer has a reason or issues that prohibit him from properly defending his client anyway or the best way he possibly can that is grounds for a conflict of interest.

When Darin made that deal with Mulder not to implicate him in the crime, he immediately put a halt on being able to give Darlie a fair and honest defence. Darin was the only adult in that home who could have done the crime.

There was no evidence of an intruder and argument from the defence to try and prove the intruder theory.

Doug Mulder was only left with one defence to try and save Darlie and that was proving police negligence. Even though it appeared that should have been enough, there should have been a back up plan and Doug Mulder didnt have one. It never crossed his mind that maybe the jury decided they were not going to let a killer go free just because the police messed up the investigation and crime scene. A jury needed more, they needed that reasonable doubt and police negligence obviously didnt cut it.


Affidavit of Samuel Palenick
In the Criminal District Court No.3
Dallas County, Texas
No. F96-39973-MJ

Before me, the undersigned notary, one this day, personally appeared Samuel Palenik, a person whose identity is known to me. After I administrated an oath to him, upon his oath, he said:
1. My name is Samuel Palenick, I am over twenty-one years old and I reside in Elgin, Illinois. I am capable and fully competent to make this Affidavit. This affidavit is submitted in support of Petitioner Darlie Lynn Routier's First Application for Post Conviction Writ of Habeas Corpus Pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 11.071. The statement herein are true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge.
2. I received a B.S. in Chemistry (with emphasis on analytical methods) from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1974. Since graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago, I have worked as a Research Microscopist and eventually a Senior Research Associate at McCrone Associates and a Senior Research Microscopist at Microtrace.
3. I am presently employed as the President and Senior Research Microscopist at Microtrace and have been so employed since 1992. As part of my work as a forensic microscopist, I analyze microscopic physical evidence left at crime scenes to determine its identity and origin and to compare it to suspect sources employing state of the art techniques of microanalysis.
4. I am a member of several forensic science and scientific societies including the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Midwestern Association of Criminalists, the Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences, Midwestern Association of Forensic Sciences, the Royal Microscopical Society (UK), and the American Chemical Society.
5. I have reviewed testimony from State of Texas v. Darlie Lynn Routier, Trial Court No. F96-39973-J, related to the fiber that was recovered from Knife Number 4, the bread knife from the knife block found in the kitchen of 5801 Eagle Drive, Rowlett, Texas. I have also reviewed slides that purport to compare this removed fiber with material from the garage screen window, photographs of the garage window screen, and a sample of window screen similar to the torn screen at 5801 Eagle Drive, Rowlett, Texas. I have not been able to view the actual fiber itself. I understand that the fiber is in the State's custody and that defense counsel has been refused access to it.
6. Based on my review of the testimony, photographs, slides, and sample window screen, it is my opinion that the origin of the fiber removed from Knife Number 7 can be determined more definitively than has been done previously by a study of the microscopic morphology alone. The optical properties, in particular the refractive index and the elemental composition of the fiber can be established with certainty using polarized light and/or interference microscopy for the latter and x-ray spectroscopy in the scanning electron microscope for the latter. The composition of what appears to be the elastomeric binder can be established in infrafred microspectophotometry. To do this, it will be necessary to isolate the materials from the microscope slide, wash them off, and subject them to the appropriate tests.
7. I also have reviewed Charles Linch's testimony in State of Texas v. Darlie Lynn Routier, Trial Court No. F96-39973-J, related to four defects in the right shoulder area of the Victoria Secret's nightshirt that Darlie Lynn Routier was wearing on the night of the events at 3801 Eagle Drive, Rowlett, Texas. I have not been able to examine that actual nightshirt because I understand that it too is in the State's custody and that defense counsel has been refused access to it.
8. Based on the information I have about the nightshirt, it is my opinion that it may be possible to determine, by microscopical examination, if the four defects were created by the same instrument as the nightshirt defects that corresponded to Darlie Lynn Routier's injuries.
9. To conduct the above-described testing, I would need access to Knife Number 7, the fiber removed from Knife Number 4, a sample of the actual torn garage window screen at 5801 Eagle Drive, Rowlett, Texas, Knife Number 2 (the murder weapon), and the Victoria Secret's nightshirt.
None of the testing that I propose to do on Knife Number 4 fiber and the Victoria Secret's nightshirt would destroy the physical sample.
10. It is my understanding that Charles Linch testified for the State at trial that the fiber recovered from Knife Number 4 was "consistent" with the material from the garage window screen. It is my opinion that if Knife Number 4 was dusted using a brush and fingerprint powder, and if the knives in the same block were also dusted using a brush and fingerprint powder, then it is possible that the fibers in Knife Number 4 came from the brush used to dust the knives found in the kitchen, rather than from the garage window screen.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing ten numbered paragraphs are true and correct.
SWORN TO and SUBSCRIBED before me by Samuel Palenik on July 11, 2002

Finding Barry Fyfe

It wasn't until after the trial that Barry Fyfe was found and spoken to. He admitted that Darin was talking about robbing his own home. When he asked about the murders and the attack on Darlie, Barry Fyfe had no problem pointing the finger at Darin. He believed Darin was that intruder and he was the one who murdered the boys out pure anger of losing everything.

Barry wasn't the only one who knew Darin who felt or believed this to be true. I came across many people who felt this way about Darin.

The more I looked into Darin the more convinced I was he did this crime himself.


There is and never was one shred of evidence to back up the intruder theory. Doug Mulder himself at trial basically proved this.

The house had huge windows, massive lighting outside. Anyone stalking the home had a full view of the inside of the house. They could clearly see at least one adult on the sofa downstairs watching tv. The house was not dark, it showed obvious signs someone was home.

For years I was publicly slandered for making the claim that Darin snuck out of the house right after Officer David Waddell entered the home.

The interview David Waddell did proves for a fact Darin did leave that home right after he arrived, but officer Waddell believed he had gone to Karens to help because that is where he originally said he was going before Waddell made him come back into the home with him.

Details of Darin exit from the home at 2:35am right after officer Waddell came in.

First of I would like to know why this very important detail was not told or shown to the jury? This puts Darin in the back of the house before police or anyone else was able to conduct an investigation back there.

I always wondered why that black chair by the sliding glass door was knocked over so obviously in front of the window. Now I know, that is the door Darin used to get into the back yard having access to the back alley. All he had to do was jump that fence and the alley was right there. Mr. Gorsuch answers our question as to how he got back in. He saw Darin outside the home.

No signs or evidence of an intruder

Besides the obvious signs in the house, there were also other signs outside the home that a stranger or intruder had been stalking the house or yard.

There was a light set up in the backyard. The light would go off with motion when someone walked past the spa. This detail becomes very important when I explain about Darin leaving the house at 2:35am right after officer Waddell arrived.


There isn't just testimony and statements to prove Darin lied, but their is also video to back it up.

Video of Jack Kolby describing Damon still being alive when he entered the home.

Jack Kolby was a medic who came into the Routier home after Darllie was already off the phone with 911.

According to Darin he testified and stated many times the reason he never touched or tried to help Damon once was because he claimed he had no pulse. Darin stated this in his police interview on June 8th, just two days after the slaughter.

Jack Kolby describes how Damon was still alive when he entered the house after 2:37am. Darin had over 10 minutes before he actually went over to Karen Neals to help Damon and he never touched that boy once.

In this video you will also see Darin stepping over the exact same spot where Devon died to go into all the deep gory details of Devons injuries and how he tried to save him. I get furious every time I see this video. The link is below.

This is a complete video of Officer Waddells accounts of what happened when he entered the home

Almost everything Darin claimed happened what the opposite of everyone else. David Waddell explains in detail of that second cpr Darin did on Devon almost 4 minutes after he knew Devon had died. This also explains Darin leaving the home at 2:34am, and not going to Karen Neals for help.

In order to fully understand the extent of Darin lie about the second cpr you have to listen to Waddell's interview a few times.

According to Darin he denies ever meeting officer Waddell out front. He claims in his police statement he wrote on June 8th, that as police were coming in the door he ran upstairs to put his pants on.

Somehow, someway he was able to convince Darlie Kee, Darlie, everyone that it was the so called intruder that fled the home when Waddell first arrived.

For starters, we would have to believe that the intruder took off his shirt, shoes and cap and instead of running out the back, he runs right out the front door past officer Waddell and escapes.

What was the jury thinking when they heard this? Did they even listen to any of the testimony or look at the evidence?

Officer Waddell described in this interview how he arrives at the home at 3:33am. He is in his car parked out front waiting for backup. All of sudden Darin comes running from the direction of the house towards him screaming someone stabbed my wife and kids.

Midway he is stopped by officer Waddell when he gets out of his car to see what is going on. He confronts Darin and asks him what is going on. They chat for a second and Waddell tells Darin to go back into the house.

This isn't where the lies with Darin start or even end. We know for a fact it is not officer Waddell who is lying here because unknown to Darin and Waddell they had a watcher. Mr. Gorsuch was neighbor who lived right across the street. He saw everything from the second officer Waddell pulled up to the house. His version of the story matched officer Waddells story exactly.

So Waddell goes into the house and he describes what he sees. There is blood everywhere and sees Darlie on the phone screaming. He looks over and he sees Damon. He doesn't know which boy is which, but he described Damon as being alive looking around the room. Unlike Darin claims that Damon had no pulse and that is why he never helped him.

He steps in a bit further and he sees Devon. He says he knew immediately Devon was dead.

Now this is where the biggest lies take place. People who have been defending Darin for years claim officer Waddell instructed Darin to go over and help Devon. That is an absolute lie. Officer Waddell testified that when he came in with Darin, Darin immediately ran past Damon who was dying to go to Devon who he knew for a fact died over 4 minutes earlier.

Officer Waddell had no idea Darin had already been with Devon for over three minutes. According to Darin he spent that entire time doing cpr on him before Waddell arrived.

Darin in his own words admits he knew for a fact Devon was already dead before he fled that house.

Darin didn't just go over to Devon. He actually got down on the floor and began this horrific cpr on him in front of officer Waddell knowing full well Damon and Darlie were dying, bleeding to death.

Darin claims he didn't help Damon because he had no pulse. So now we know for an absolute fact that was a complete lie. Both the medic Kolby and officer Waddell testified Damon was alive.

Not only that Darin claimed the reason he never helped Darlie or Damon was because he didn't know they were hurt. According to Darlie she not only showed him her cut she told him.

I do not believe for one minute that a jury could have convicted Darlie had they been told about this second cpr Darin did on Devon.

In this same video you will hear where officer Waddell describes when he goes over to help Darlie as we heard on the 911 call Darin gets up at that time and he leaves the home.

Officer Waddell says in this video Darin did come back from across the street and he told Darin to help the other boy. Again officer Waddell didn't know the difference between Devon and Damon. He says he did try to help the one in the middle of the living room, which was Devon again, but he didn't know the names.

Waddell describes at some point how he watched Darin go over and start cpr on Devon, again not knowing he had already done cpr on Devon before he ever arrived. Officer Waddell was fooled into believing that Darin was trying to save his family, but the truth is he was using Devons dead body to try and trick officer Waddell into believing he was trying to save his family.

Officer Waddell had put in for a transfer before these murders ever happened. He was transferred to another town shortly after the murders. He was not part of or involved in any of the investigation so he had no idea of what Darin was claiming happened.

To this day Darin still denies doing cpr in front of officer Waddell. He has denied this because in his own interviews he describes in detail doing cpr on Devon within the first 15 seconds of Darlie being on the phone with 911.

So just to clarify things. Darin and Waddell come in and Darin goes right past Damon who is alive and runs over to Devon. During that time officer Waddell turns his focus to Darlie trying to help her and get her to sit down. Darlie is trying to show the officer where the intruder had ran.

The second they turned their back Darin fled that home. Officer Waddell did say at one point he glanced over and he didn't see Darin, but when he returned to the home he assumed Darin had left to go and get help.

We know by court testimony that Darin absolutely didn't go over to Karens before 2:40am, so when left that house at 2:34am nobody knows where he went. He left out the sliding doors and appeared just before officer Walling entered the home.

The prosecution had to come up with this ridiculous story of how he figured Darlie was able to leave the house plant this sock in the alley and get back to the home to finish off Damon and attack herself.

In order for Darlie to have planted that sock in the alley she would have had to attack both boys, but not herself. She took the chance on leaving Damon alive still in the home to go and plant this sock that she didn't even try to use as part of her story.

He then claimed she came back into the home and stabbed Damon 2 more times.

Why didn't the jury question this ridiculous story. Darin was claiming he slept through all of this, but he was woken by the faint sound of glass breaking?

The doctors testified both boys would have been able to scream or yell at one point, so why would Darlie leave Damon alive in the home to continue crying or making any noise.

In order for the prosecution to fool the jury into believing Darlie made up this entire story they tried to claim she made up several different versions of the story.

Darlie has always said from start to finish. When she first woke up she didn't know what was what. She said she heard her boys cry and she felt pressure and other things going on, but she didn't know if she was dreaming or awake.

Even though I can not prove Darin drugged her, the fact that only one glass was smashed out of that wine rack tells me it was broken to cover up evidence.

Darin gave Darlie a glass of wine that night and I believe he drugged her. Darlie was taking a diet pill at the time. One of the side effects was extreme energy and trouble sleeping. Darlie stated shortly after Darin came back down she was tired and asked him to go upstairs to bed because she was going to sleep.

FYI, that glass or the shards of glass that were broken on the floor were never tested for drugs? Why? The 911 operator herself described Darlie as hysterical. She was badly injured but she never complained or cried out in pain once. Her entire focus in that 5 minutes and 44 seconds was on getting help for her boys.


According to the jury it was Darlie who harped about the intruder, but I want to point out in detail from the 911 call the only one who was pushing the intruder theory was Darin.

Floor plan proving two seperate paths to get to and from the garage. Proving not only that Darin could have been the intruder, but he could have gotten to and

This is a copy of the floor plan
This is a copy of the floor plan | Source

Darlie was asked in court by Greg Davis. Could Darin have been the intruder. She responded by saying "I don't know."

That statement alone should have opened a whole new door to this case, but it was slammed shut the second she gave her response.

Everytime there was an opportunity to show the jury Darin did sneak out of the house the seconed Waddell and Darlie turned their backs, the subject was changed

The jury was never told about Darin sneaking out of that house, and having access to that back alley. They never heard about officer Walling commenting on how Darin looked when he came in.

They heard Darin was just standing in the living room, but they didn't hear that Darin was red faced out of breath looking as though he had been running.

They were never told that Darin timed how long it would take to get from the alley to the house and back. 28 seconds. According to the 911 call Darin had over 90 seconds to accomplish this when he left that house.

Somehow the 911 call was twisted and manipulated in such a way the prosecution tried to make it appear it was Darlie pushing this intruder theory and only being

That is not what I saw when I read and heard that 911 call. I saw and heard the complete opposite. From the second Darin appeared in that hallway and anything were able to hear from him was related to the intruder and only the intruder.

Focusing on Darin on the 911 call

Prior to this 15 seconds into the 911 call Darin is not heard on the call. Darlie goes to the kitchen, she gets the phone and on her way back Darin is there on or by the stairs. He is not already with Devon as he claimed because she wouldn't be telling him to hurry. It is obvious that she is not talking to the operator because she says hurry and continues on speaking with the receiver removed from her mouth.

00:15:03 Darlie Routier ...hurry... (unintelligible)…

I want to also mention that there is no barking at this time further proving Darin did not appear in that hallway from his room.

00:30:12 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

As Darlie stated Darin was with Devon and she stopped to be with Damon, so we can not hear what Darin is saying at this point.

00:35:20 Darlie Routier ...(unintelligible) thought he was dead ...oh my God...

I have no idea how the prosecution was able to get away with this or why the defense didn't catch it, but Darlie is not making this statement. She is screaming out he is dead. She is frantic at this point.

00:39:08 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)..

Even though we can not hear what Darin is saying, we know by Darlies response to him, he is only asking about the intruder, he isn't talking about the boys. Darin is making sure the 911 operator fully understands there was an intruder in the home.

00:39:29 Darlie Routier ...I don't even know (unintelligible)…

Darin doesn't stop there, he continues on again harassing Darlie about the intruder interrupting her 911 call trying to get help for her boys.

00:42:23 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

Darin is asking
00:43:15 Darlie Routier ...I don't even know (unintelligible)...

She is responding.

00:40:10 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

00:51:15 Darlie Routier ...(unintelligible) are they still laying there (unintelligible)...

Again, Darlie does not make this statement.

01:08:11 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

01:10:03 Darlie Routier ...(unintelligible)...
01:10:10 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

01:12:21 Darin Routier ...oh my God ...(unintelligible) ...came in here...

I have no idea how the jury was not able to see right through what Darin was doing here. He has harped on and on about this intruder he claims he never saw?

01:16:26 SOUND ...(unintelligible)...

01:24:20 Darlie Routier ...Darin ...I don't know who it was...

How many times does Darlie have to repeat this to Darin It is so obvious what he is doing here. He is making sure that Darlie and the 911 operator believe this was done by and intruder who fled the home. You will notice Darin never once asked where the intruder went, he never looked for him. He is obviously too busy to be doing this horrific cpr on Devon that he loved to brag about in detail over and over again.

01:26:15 Darlie Routier ...we got to find out who it was...

Darlie is trying to get Darin to stop with the intruder already, her concern is getting help to the boys and Darins constant interruptions harping about the intruder is not helping all. Its like Darin is testing her to see if she might have suspect him

01:32:08 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

01:41:21 Darlie Routier ...what ...what ...what...

Something is obviously distracting Darlie, even though we can not hear Darin he is the only one who could be harassing her.

02:16:11 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

02:22:26 911 Operator #2 was (unintelligible) the white phone...

I wanted to throw in this statement because later on during the 911 call this comment about the phone is made at a time when they are trying to put Darin in the house, but he isn't in the house at that time. The neighbor saw him outside and Waddell believed he left to go over to Karens. To this day Darin has never been questioned as to where he went at 2:34am right after Waddell arrived.

02:29:20 SOUND ...(unintelligible)...

02:32:15 Darlie Routier ...Karen ...(unintelligible)...

Darlie made some pretty strange claims and one of them was when she claimed she opened the door and screamed for Karen. She was not screaming Karen, she was clearly calling out Darin on that 911 tape. Darin is not heard for some time on the tape at this point.

02:38:11 Darlie Routier husband he just ran downstairs ...he's helping me ...but they're dying ...oh my God ...they're dead

This statement speaks for itself. Darlie does not say Darin is there helping, she says he just ran down stairs to help proving once again he was not there before she went to the kitchen to get the phone. Doug Mulder couldn't bring any of this to light because of the deal he made with Darin not to implicate him, so he didn't even bother trying to prove reasonable doubt to the jury.

02:46:06 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)..

Darin is back again.

02:53:21 Darlie Routier ...I feel really bad ...I think I'm dying...

Had to throw this in. Darin told police the reason he didn't help Damon or Darlie was because he didn't know she was hurt. So he just happen to not hear her telling the operator she believed she was dying?

03:12:05 Darie Routier ...who would do this ...who would do this...
03:13:09 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

The tables are finally turned for the first time she is looking to Darin for answers as to who would want to kill her and her boys?

03:18:20 Darin Routier ...what...

At this point we know Waddell has pulled up to the house. This is when Darin goes upstairs. The reason we know this is because he opened the door to where he had locked the dog up earlier.

After Darin realized the dog didn't bark when he claimed to first come out of his room, he started to tell people that the reason the dog didn't bark was because he must of known who the intruder was. We already know by witness testimony the dog barks even at family members, so this proves the was locked up at some point earlier in the night.

03:30:27 SOUND ...(dog barking)...

As we can see here, the police are not coming through the door as Darin claims just before he goes upstairs. This proves Waddells version of the story and the eyewitness version to be the truth..

Darin was upstairs, but he ran down and out the front door where he ran into Waddell in the front yard. He told Waddell he was going for help, but Waddell made him come back into the house at that time.

03:45:19 Police Officer ...look for a rag...

Officer Waddell testified it was him who asked for someone to look for a rag. It was not Darin as Darlie and Darin tried to claim.

03:59:29 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible) phone is right there...

This statement right here threw mounds of confusion into the situation. Darin was not in the home at this time. While Darlie and Waddell were talking Darin left the home, just as Waddell stated in his interview. This very important detail never come up at trial because Doug Mulder could not implicate Darin in the crime and Greg Davis didn't want to give any reasonable doubt as to who planted or lost that sock in the alley. Darin left that house through the sliding doors which took him into the back yard. He didn't have to set off the light in the back yard in order to get to the alley.

There was at least 90 seconds where Darin was missing from that house and not heard on the 911 call. The statement about the phone made no sense what so ever. Darlie was on the phone obviously and Waddell wouldn't have been asking for the phone. It made no sense that Darin would have made this comment. All this did was try and make it appear Darin was in the home.

The neighbor saw Darin outside running on the sidewalk after Waddell arrived, he wasn't going to or from Karens at that time.

Darin has made it back into the house and he makes sure he is immediately heard on that 911 call. The very first words out of his mouth are comments regarding the intruder on what they took and they ran. It was so obvious Darin was trying to get the police to focus on the outside of the home.

04:35:12 Darin Routier ...they took (unintelligible) ...they ran (unintelligible)...

To further prove the fact that Darin did run from the home officer Walling was the next officer to come into the house. He said when he first saw Darin he was standing in the living room, but he also said Darin was red faced and out of breath as though he had been running. I have no idea why the jury didn't catch on to this even though they were not told specifically that Darin had left the house right after Waddell arrived.

04:42:25 Police Officer ...nothing's gone Mrs. Routier…

I don't know if this was a deliberate deception on the part of the prosecution, but the police were not making this comment to Darlie, you can hear her begging the operator trying to get help for the boys. It is Darin harping to the police about the intruder trying to convince them they came they ran they took.

05:19:09 Darlie Routier ...somebody who did it intentionally walked in here and did it Darin.

Darlie's entire tone changes here. She has finally had enough of Darin harping about the intruder. She knows this was not a robbery and she flat out tells him that, but Darin doesn't stop, he just keeps on going on and on about this intruder.

05:23:05 Darlie Routier ...there's nothing touched...

05:25:13 Darlie Routier ...there's nothing touched...

Darin still doesn't quit even though the police and Darlie are telling him nothing was taken, it wasn't a robbery.

I have to also point out at this time. Darlie is on the phone begging desperately trying to get this operator to focus and get help to her boys. she is also trying to talk to the police in the home and Darin is doing nothing while he knows and is watching his son Damon dying bleeding to death. He never tries to help Damon once, yet he talks about how his neighbor comforted him when he went over there.

This is where I make one of my biggest statements. I have always said when ran over to Karens screaming and yelling putting on a show it was all fake. Darin was in the house when the medics entered the home.

Officer Waddell took Darin and Darlie aside and made them sit beside the sliding doors because Darin was in the path of the medics trying to get help to the boys.

Darin fled yelling and screaming over to Karens knowing that help was already there. Karen herself said she didn't understand why Darin behaved like that and asked her to come over and help.

Darin has always tried to fool everyone into believing he ran over to Karens when he left the house the first time. That would have been when they needed help from Karen, but Darin didn't go for help, he left, but he didn't go for help for his family.

This is one of the facts about this case that disturbs me to this day. It breaks my heart that Doug Mulder didn't come forward and expose Darin when he had hundreds of opportunities to do that.

Doug Mulder based his defense on one thing. Proving contamination and negligence, but without having reasonable doubt as to who else could have done the crime he left that jury no option but to look at what the prosecution brought to the table.

I do believe that Darlie would have been a free women if she had stuck with the original lawyers who planned on implicating Darin in the crime.


The very first thing I see when I look at that program is Darin all worked up putting on that freak show. Doing that same creepy sickening act, acting out Darlie screaming Devons name trying to get a reaction from anyone who was listening.

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when he began going into detail about Devons death and that cpr he did on him. When are people going to open their eyes and see what he has done.

Greg Davis confronted Darin in court as to who he called right after the attack.

Darin went out of his way to avoid the question. The reason for that is because he called Dana to ask her to have Barbara Jovell go to his home to make a statement about that black car. Darin knew the whole time he had asked Jovell to set up that black car as part of the staging for a home robbery he was planning to do on his house..

Darin has told so many lies over the years he can not even keep track anymore.

In this new documentary Darin changed his story again. He says in this video he never heard anything, not Darlie or the boys until he heard her scream.

I have been saying for years that Darin continues to change his story to make it fit the evidence.

I do not understand how it is possible for him to have done another program considering all the suspicion that has surrounded him for over 22 years.

This isn't about justice for Darlie and the boys. This is about making money anyway they can.

When is someone going to finally tell the truth about the facts in this case. When is someone going to expose Darin? Why are they hiding the truth?

Darin failed three polygraph tests.

Darin blamed the tester and the supporters for failing the lie detector tests.

It was proven that Darin didn't fail the poly test due to police error.

Darin tried to say that he failed these poly tests because the tester was harassing him. The tape was watched by experts and there was no error on the part of the tester.

Darin was then asked by a supporter who was financially helping Darlie to take the test he failed again and then got rid of the supporters. There has been a few supporters that have tried to help Darin but when they begin to suspect him, he gets rid of them.

How is this even possible? This isn't about Darin, this is about Darlie proving her innocence. Right from the start Darin has been in full control. The second he realized her court appointed lawyers suspected him he got rid of them and hired Doug Mulder under the agreement he not implicate him in the crime. Doug Mulder was very limited to what extent he could defend his client and reasonable doubt using Darin was excluded completely. That was her downfall from day one. Darin destroyed any chance for Darlie to try and win her trial.

This video exposes a couple of lies, but they are big ones, and important ones.

Darin has gone back and forth trying to scramble to give himself an alibi. He cant give himself an alibi because Darlie was in the kitchen when Darin appeared in that hallway.

In other interviews Darin claimed she was screaming his name and not Devons.

Once Darin realized he didn't have an alibi or an excuse as to how he knew Devon was hurt before Darlie told him he began to change is story to give himself a witness who saw him come out of his room.

He can change his story all he wants, the 911 call will always prove he had no alibi. It will always prove he waited until Darlie was out of sight before he appeared. It will always prove he was not there in that hallway before she dialed 911.

After 22 years Darin still acts out this same scene over and over again.

Right from the start Darin has done the sickening freaky thing. He starts out by raising his voice to a medium scream so he can built up the attention for the grand show when brags about the cpr he did on Devon and then goes into the most sickening details of his wounds and death. The delight in his face is unbelievable. I have never seen anything like it. I felt this most powerful feeling of pure evil spew out of him.

Last thoughts

I would like to give a brief on my opinion of what I think set this off and put this horrific into motion.

It is no secret that Darin's mother pushed Darin to more and more successful.

I don't completely blame her for the way he turned out, but she definitely contributed to the cause.

Without money Darin wouldn't be getting the attention he got or the girls he had hooked up with. Darin was very dependant on money to get the things in life he wanted.

The first time the financial threat came was in 1993. He then resorted to involving his employee to help him steal his own jag car and collect the insurance on it. He did collect on that false claim.

Then in 1996 the situation became critical again. He now had three kids, a wife and huge expenses that his business was no longer able to carry. Darin himself admitted he wasn't helping Darlie with the house and boys, and he wasn't even getting up for work until after 10am when the mail came.

So as he had done in the past he was planning for another insurance fraud theft. This time it was going to be a robbery on his house. Darin tried to make it appear that he was going to hire someone to the robbery, but anyone who knows him, knows he is way to controlling and attached to his personal belongings. There was going to be a robbery, but it wasn't going to be done by a stranger. Darin was going steal his own property, he was going to report it stolen when he came back from his vacation on two weeks after the 14th.

But things had changed. Darin was broke and he applied for a loan of 5000 to help out but he was turned down for that loan That is when I believe everything changed.

Darlie and Darin began to fight all the time. Even Barbara Jovell said it was going on at work also.

Out of his desperation he went again to his employee and asked her to help him set up the staging for home robbery. Jovell did this. She asked a friend who drove a black car to stalk the home. They then hired her mother to come in and help Darlie in the house. The women was there only two days when she just happen to see a black car in the alley. The man was out of his car and was looking in the garage window. Jovells mother called Darlie over to point this out to her. Darin had led Darlie to believe they were going to have a garage sale so this didn't seem to surprise her that this guy was looking in the garage where the items were

Weeks before leading up to this Darin had been warning neighbors of this suspicious black car. It was obvious to me that something was going to happen soon.

They had been fighting a lot and Darlie had moved downstairs to the couch. On June 5th, Darlie made Darin drive her younger sister home. The truth about this fight never came out until after the trial, but Darin did write an affidavit admitting to the fight they had that night and admitted Darlie asked for a separation.

I believe this was a game changer for Darin. Rumor had it he was furious about Darlies last pregnancy. He told the cpr worker there was no more naked mommy and daddy time because they had no privacy from the boys.

Darin appeared to be obsessed with her looks. That is all he seemed to be concerned with or worried about. Now that he was losing not just financially, but his little play toy too I think it pushed him over the edge. I think he blamed her and the boys for his financial failure and now that he was broke and down his feelings for all them turned to hate.

There were other things that bothered me about Darin and his feelings for the boys.

Darin appeared to always be trying to put on this act like he was a loving caring father. While in court Darin went into detail with the jury how he used to park his car on the street around the corner to make it safer for his boys to play. But I have since learned this was a complete lie.

Several neighbors had gone directly to Darin several times asking him not to park his car there on the corner because he was making it more dangerous for not just his boys but all the kids. Darin continued parking there despite all the warnings.

Then there was that video with Damon and Devon playing in the yard.

According to Darin the reason he buried those two innocent boys with knives was because he didn't allow them to play with knives in real life.

In this video that is so well known to the case there is a shot of Damon, the 5 year old, pulling a huge sword out of the waist of his pants. I was stunned, not only that Damon was asked to do a flip in the front yard. I had to watch the video a few times to believe what I was seeing and hearing.

I think I was pretty much convinced at this point of what kind of a parent Darin really was.

So we get to the night of June 5th, 1996. They were broke yet Darin hired a nanny to help Darlie in the home when her own sister was already there staying at the house. That was very suspicious to me.

Not only that Darin was not making money at his business yet he had hired Dana to come in and work with him that week. That was very suspicious to me.

Then I learned that Darin not only took her sister to work with him that day, he left Darlie at home without her vehicle. He claimed his car was broke down.

Let me explain why this was so suspicious to me. There were rumors of affairs Darin was having, not just with Dana, Darlies underage sister, but also with his brothers wife who is also called Dana. Then there was the old girl friend who he cheated with.

When Darin arrived home from work with Darlies sister a half hour after Jovell had already left work that made me suspicious too. Darin claimed when he got home there was that suspicious black car speeding past his home again, but he never warns or says one word to Darlie about this stalker.

Darin comes with Dana and he eventually picks up Drake claiming to take him to a room out of Darlies view so he can play on carpet rather than on hardwood floor. Dana didn't go to the kitchen to help with dinner, she went with Darin to this living room to play with Drake. Meanwhile Darin claims this speeding stalker had sped past his house, yet he never goes out to call in his boys. They were both left outside unsupervised.

Whatever set Darlie off that night pushed her to make Darin take Dana home. Darin was confronted for his cheating and they fought about many things. She finally told him she wanted to separate. She had already moved to the couch so it appeared Darin was cut off sexually. Knowing how he seems to obsess over this it must have pushed him even further over the edge

When are the going to investigate Darin?


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  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    7 days ago from Canada

    It has been difficult to read all the evil posts continuing to slander me and my family. My sister did die of cancer recently and to hurt me they continue to slander her name. It is unreal how evil they can be.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    7 days ago from Canada

    Thank you Debbie. They have done this for years. Soon as I expose what Darin did they come after me and my family It is really sad and evil

  • profile image

    Debbie 7777 

    2 weeks ago

    Jo, I hope all is well with you. There have not been posts from you on this page or on Pollyanna's page in the last two weeks. I hope you are just taking a break from the stalkers and will be back soon. You scare them with your knowledge and they cannot stand it; consequently they stalk, torment and try to discredit you. I am on your side and just wanted to let you know that I miss your posts. Stay well!

  • profile image


    4 weeks ago

    Hopefully it runs in the family KKK Kezzy. But on another issue... you think Fern is at "peace right now"??? Your 4th grade mind is so limited. The only thing that Fern is "IN" right now is a box feeding the maggots and worms. And just like Darlie is going to be. So go join Fern in Hell you racist piece of garbage!!!

  • profile image

    Debbie 7777 

    4 weeks ago

    Jo, I am sorry there are some that only want to torment and discredit you. They cannot bear that you have so much knowledge of what happened that night. It is somewhat frightening and sad that they descend to the lowest levels as indicated in the comments below. I have read a lot of what you have written about Darlie, and you are the one that is most educated on what really happened that night. Others are aware of additional facts in Darlie's favour but you have the most complete list. You are doing a great job - just need to get someone in power to look at this.

  • profile image


    4 weeks ago

    Woo Hoo. You made my day you evil 4th grade idiot. I hope Fern's kids can't sleep at night with memories of her frail skin and bones corpse. Was she also in the KKK before God gave her His just punishment? Did Fern make it out of the 4th grade, or was she just as retarded as you are?

    And Don't worry about Darin. I spoke to him just the other day. He and his NEW wife are doing just fine.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    4 weeks ago from Canada

    Nice fake profile. Yes my sister did suffer and she did die on cancer. Thanks for keeping up and stalking me. Love the comments. My sister is in peace right now, I can not say the same for you Darin.

  • profile image


    5 weeks ago

    Would you please write another "Open Letter to Darlie"? It really will make a difference in the case. Millions of people are reading your perspective on this case. I just love how you picked a crazy screen capture of Darin to make him look psychotic. That is a much better tactic than what you normally do..... Call people "n+gger" and "dirty Jew"

    keep it up KKK Kezzy

  • profile image


    5 weeks ago

    I hope Fern sufferred more than Damon and Devon. She went slow didnt she? She was eaten inside out until she was just a skeleton right? Good. I hope you are next KKK Kezzy.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    5 weeks ago from Canada

    Really Everton? Or should I say Perverton wood. I have you blocked on youtube so you stalk me other places. You are a sad evil person.

  • profile image


    5 weeks ago

    You are a pathetic racist. Go iron your sheets KKK Kezzy.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    5 weeks ago from Canada

    Thank you Debbie. I do believe she is innocent The fact that Darin was not only investigated, but he also manipulated the police and lawyers into not investigating him at all. When I began to seriously look at Darin it was obvious he was not asleep upstairs during the attack. The evidence proves this for a fact.

  • profile image

    Debbie 7777 

    6 weeks ago

    Hi Jo. This is a wonderful concise list regarding why Darin Routier should be investigated. There are other items that point to Darlie's innocence as well but this should be more than enough to re-open the case. Can this list be sent to a senator or congressman? I am glad you persevere. Darlie needs more people like you.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    6 weeks ago from Canada

    What? More threats from another fake profile? So scared right now

  • profile image


    6 weeks ago

    Oh this is gonna be so much fun. BWAHAHAHA

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    6 weeks ago from Canada


    1. Darin made recent changes to his insurance policy.

    2. Darin was known to have multipul affairs on Darlie with old flames and family members

    3. Darin lied about being financiall crippled.

    4. Darin was broke

    5. Darin failed 3 poly tests.

    6. Darin lied about being in his room before Darlie dialed 911.

    7. Darin left the house and had an opportunity to plant or lose the sock.

    8. Darin lied aboout going up and getting Drake and handing him to Darlie

    9. Darin lied about Darlie asking him to find the intruder.

    10. Darin lied about being the one who noticed her panties were missing.

    11. Darin lied about leaving the house when he heard Waddell pull up.

    12. Darin lied about the table falling on top of Devon.

    13. Darlie lied to police about the not fighting with Darlie hours before the attack.

    14. Darin lied about fixing the gate.

    15. Darin lied to Davis about the window being damaged on June 5th.

    16, Darin lied about going back upstairs to put his pants on as police were coming in the door.

    17. Darin lied about going to the medic van and asking about Damon

    18. Darin lied when he said Damon had no pulse and that was the reason he didnt help him.

    19. Darin lied about only doing cpr on Devon once at 2:30:15

    20. Darin has never admitted to doing a second cpr on Devon at 2:33:45 after Waddell arrived.

    21. Darin lied about Darlie being at the foot of the stairs when he came out of his room.

    22. Darin lied about not knowing Darlie was cut until after he got back from Karens.

    23. Darin lied about parking his car on the street to make it safer for the boys.

    24. Darin was never investigated by police.

    25. Police found cocaine in Darins bedroom during the search.

    26. Darin was never drug tested.

    27. Darins bloody jeans were found in the utility room hidden inbetween the boys jeans.

    28 Darin couldnt be excluded from the DNA on the cap found in the utility room.

    29. Darin didnt dispute the insurance company when they refused to pay unless he was investigated seperately by the insurance company.

    30. Darin buried his boys with swiss army knives

    31. Darin picked a violent gangster son for his sons funeral.

    32. Darin showed signs of being sexually obsessed with Darlie

    33. Darin made sickening jokes about Darlies body and the attack on her.

    34. The first phone call Darin made was to Dana to have her go to the house and give a false statement about seeing the black car stalking the home.

    35. Darin had done a previous insurance scam and gotten paid for it.

    36. Darin tried to deny the sock in the alley was his.

    37, Blood was found by his runners in the garage.

    38. Darin could have gotten to and from the garage to his bedroom without Darlie seeing him.

    39. Darin couldnt be excluded from the finger print in blood on the doorway to the utility room.

    40. Darin fit the description Darlie gave to the police regarding the appearance.

    41. Darin kept changing his story about who's name Darlie screamed out, first his name then he claimed she called Devons name.

    42. Darin locked the dog up earlier the night before the attack.

    43. Darin lied about the dog not heard barking on the 911 tape because he knew the intruder.

    44. Darin lied about Darlie asking him for a seperation hours before the attack.

    45. Darin washed up at the neighbors destroying evidence while his family was dead and dying.

    46. Darin told a cps worker the boys got in the way of his naked mommy daddy time.

    47. Darin moved in with Darlie Kee and continued to live with her even after the arrest.

    48. Darin promised to make Barbara Jovell a partner, but changed his mind after the murders.

    49. The night before the attack Darin amitted he was in the garage seperating his belongings from what was going to be sold at the garage sale.

    50. Darin was turned down for a 5000 dollar loan just before the attack, he lied by saying the loan was for Dana to get a new car.

    51. Darin was broke yet he hired his employees mother to come in just two days before the attack to help Darlie with the house and kids, and she just happen to witness this black car Darin and Jovell had been staging.

    52. Darin parked his car on the street after he came back from Dana's trying to make it appear nobody was home.

    53. Darin was the one who brought up the shards of glass in the ice bucket.

    54. Darin was broke yet her hired Dana to work with him at the shop giving him alone time with her.

    55. Darin just happen to take Darlie's car to work leaving her stranded with no vehicle so she couldnt check up on him and Dana.

    56. Darin lied about Darlie planning to take a trip to Cancun.

    57. Darin lied about the family vacaction he was planning for the 14th of June, he was broke and didnt have the money to go.

    58. Darin was losing everything and now he was looking at paying support for four other people on top of supporting himself.

    59. Shortly after Darlie was arrested Darin did an interview where he said he was tired of reporters askiing him to help Darlie, he wanted to move away and remarry.

    60. Darin moved in with a women he cheated on Darlie with.

    61. Darin lied to police about what woke him up the night of the murders.

    62, Darin has continued to change his story over the years.

    63 Darin contracted herpies, where Darlie didnt

    64 Darin gave Darlie a glass of wine right before she went to bed that night, she became tired right after and only one glass was broken and the glass she drank from that night was never shown in any of the pics.

    65. Darin lied in the last interview claiming he had been searching for the black car weeks after the murders, knowing he set that car up with Barbara Jovell He knew that person was a friend of Jovells.

    66. Darin changed his appearance right before he was to tesify, he cut off his mullet so his description didnt fit the description of the intruder.

    67. Darin noticed Darlies missing panties and then made up the possible rape and intruder theory to police.

    68. Right after Darin returned to the house after leaving when Waddell got there, he never helped Damon, instead he was heard on the 911 tape trying to convince police to search outside by saying they took and they ran.

    69. At 2:35am officer Walling came in and he said Darin was just standing in the living room, but he was red face and out of breath, as though he had been running, further proving Waddell was telling the truth when he said Darin left the home.

    70. Darin ran over to karens at 2:40am, screaming and yelling putting on a show that he was desperate for help when he knew police and medics were already there on the scene. Karen herself was suspicious of Darins behavior.

    71. There is not one shred of evidence to prove Darin did anything to try and save his family.

    71. Darin used Devons dead body to decieve the officer into believing he was trying to save his family. Darin knew Devon died seconds into the 911 call, he knew Devon was gone when he did that second cpr on Devon almost 4 minutes later when Waddell arrived.

    71. Darin lied about not knowing Damon was hurt, he lied about Damon having no pulse, and he lied about his cpr training teaching him not to turn Damon over after he claimed he had no pulse.

    72 Darin tried to decieve police into believe his wallet had been moved on the dresser in his room.

    73. Darin lied to police about the blood on the boys comforter coming from an accident the boys had two years earlier.

    74. Darin tried to explain his hair on the murder weapon as being on there because he changed in the utility room.

    75. Fibers from Darins runners were found on the sock.

    76. Darin lied about the sock coming from the rag box in the utility room, he was caught lying to Davis when he claimed to never wear socks with holes in them.

    77. Darin lied when he said the shoeless shirtlless intruder fled the home right when Waddell arrived. Darin knew that was him who ran out the front door.

    78. Darin lied about him being the one who said get the rag, and the phone is over there, Darin wasnt even in the home at that time.

    79. Darin lied about pushing past an officer

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    2 months ago from Canada

    I agree, Cooper has been completely useless. Darlie Kee has been controlling him from the start. Her focus has not been on helping her daughter, hew only concern has been to protect Darin.

    There are many organizations i spoke to that offered to help her and she didnt repsond to anyone. I have no idea why.

    Darin has controlled everything from the start. It just makes me sick how they got roped into his lies and stories. I just dont get it. He makes my skin crawl.

    In that program Darin says in this sickening cocky way, the truth is out there, Darlie isnt dead yet. I wanted to jump right out of seat. It just makes me feel ill.

    Darlie had supporters,but once they dug into the case the evidence just kept pointing to Darin. They demanded a poly from him and he agreed because he wanted their money, when he failed all three times he blamed the police and then the supporters. Then he got rid of the people wanting to suppot Darlie.

    He pretends to still care and still be trying to help, but the only time Kee and Darin come around is when there is money to be made from interviews and programs. Pathetic in my opinion.

  • profile image

    Debbie 7777 

    3 months ago

    Jo. I agree completely. You have brought up numerous facts that were there the whole time for law enforcement to see. There are other facts as well such as her mouth burning - which was not tested medically. Also a full drug test was not done. She was tested for some drugs but not those that would cause burning in the mouth. I am not from the United States but is there not a congressman or someone that would look at this? I believe Darlie did not respond to agencies trying to help her - which is disappointing and confusing to her supporters. I still believe her fear of Drake losing his life is holding her back from speaking. It appears her current attorney, Stephen Cooper, is not open to helping Darlie but prefers to focus on finding unknown DNA - which is useless in this case and will not help her. Is there a chance the former court appointed lawyers would take up her case again?

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    3 months ago from Canada

    I am honestly at a breaking point here. What the hell do I have to do to prove what Darin did. Does the public need neon lights. what the hell is wrong with this picture?

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    3 months ago from Canada

    Darin only has a hand full of supporters, and I believe those profiles could be Darin himself, or maybe a couple of family members. You are absolutely right about there not being any evidence what so ever to point to Darin being innocent. I thought once they publicly admitted that he was never investigated that would have opened everything up. I did talk to the crown. They strongly advised me to contact the Rowlette police department and when I did, I was shot down and shut out by officer Nabors. He told me its over for Darlie and Devons case is a closed matter. He wouldn't even consider taking any information even though I proved to him with video that Darin had changed his story about what woke him up. Darin first claimed he was woken by the sound of Darlie screaming to 911, the 911 call confirmed that, when I told Nabors Darin changed his story to give himself an alibi in Darlie he laughed me, first accusing me of making up stories. I told him Darin did an interview where he claimed now he was woken by the sound of glass breaking. He actually accused me of watching to much tv. They don't want this case opened up again because it will expose the negligence of the police department.

    I will exclude officer Waddell from that comment because he was never involved in the investigation and they didn't follow up with him on the details of the case. Had they done that they would have known immediately about Darin sneaking out of the house right after Waddell got there. They would have known about officer Walling describing Darin as being red faced and out of breath even though he was just standing in the living room watching Damon die.

  • profile image

    Debbie 7777 

    3 months ago

    Hi Jo. There are countless facts that point to Darlie's innocence, but it just occurred to me that I am not aware of any that point to Darin's innocence. Even those that hate Darlie's supporters do not mention any. Strange...

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    3 months ago from Canada

    This was sent by a friend. There was blood on the bed upstairs and police were asked to gather that, but I guess they didn't think it was important.

    Darin was told about the blood but he claimed it came from an accident the boys had 2 years earlier. What a pile of crap. No way Darie would have left blood on the boys bedding for two years. The lies just never stopped with Darin.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    3 months ago from Canada

    Thank you for your kind words and I am also glad you never gave up. There is a lot to sort through in this case and unless a person is willing to reach out and try to speak to some of the witnesses it difficult to get an accurate story. I have spoken to many in this case and they ddnt come forward for many reasons. I do hope you reach out to Darlie and maybe get her to take a good hard look at Darin. I have not been happy with her family and have exposed some of the family secrets and I was told Darlie wouldn't talk to me even if I contacted her. This is about getting her a new trial, but for me now its just as important that Darin be investigated. I want the police to check out my information. If they feel I am wrong fine, but the least they can do is investigate Darin. That should have been done 22 years ago. Darin should have been separated from her the second police arrived on the scene. But being the manipulating monster he was he controlled that entire crime scene and he has been in control ever since.

    I do believe there is enough evidence for the prosecution to take him to trial The only guestions regarding Darlie is how much she knew and why she covered for him. I have no doubt she did not kill those boys. Even if she did cover or lie for Darin she has served more than enough time for her part in the crime.

  • profile image

    Debbie 7777 

    3 months ago

    Hello Jo. I remember seeing the 'silly string' video on tv when Darlie was arrested or convicted (I cannot remember which one). I remember thinking a guilty person would never act like that, so there must be more to the story than was shown. I did not think about Darlie for many years until I came across her story about a year ago. I have spent endless hours reading everything I could find. At first I believed it must have been a similar situation to that of the woman (Julie something) who woke up and saw a stranger stabbing her son. However I kept reading more, and then it became apparent that it had to have been Darin. Everything pointed to him - Darlie's description of him as he walked away - walked, not ran, and countless other facts. At first I was disappointed in myself that I had not seen the obvious but it is difficult to believe a parent can do such a thing. The more I read, the more it was apparent everything was stacked against Darlie from the beginning - her lawyer suppressing information, her own family not telling the truth, prosecutors not telling the truth, medical staff changing their stories. No wonder the jury gave a guilty verdict. Darlie must know the truth herself. The only thing I can think of is she is afraid for Drake's life if she speaks up now, and that means more to her than her freedom. I have thought about writing to her many times but am not sure if she would welcome more letters from strangers. She sounds like a sweet lamb who was surrounded by wolves. I think of her often. I am not sure what to do. I do not understand how those responsible for this can live with themselves. They must not know there will be a judgement day. In the meantime, Darlie is still on death row. I am also appalled at the hatred against those who have taken the time to research the facts and, consequently, support her. These are not normal reactions - unless they have a personal motive to have the world believe she is guilty. I am glad you do not give up.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    3 months ago from Canada

    All the evidence that points to Darin is out there for everyone to look at for themselves. Its the ones who don't want to know the truth who come out slandering the authors claiming they are liars. The flood doors have opened one way or another the world is going to learn the truth about Darin.

    FYI, I will not be posting any comments about people who have died of cancer, or about personal digs towards me. So don't bother wasting your time.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    3 months ago from Canada

    Fern T, you have some serious mental issues. You troll the internet trying to slander everyone claiming its all lies. It isn't lies. You defended Darin claiming he was never investigated that new documentary didn't expose everything about Darin but they made it clear he was never investigated. That came from the police and from the prosecution. This is all about trying to distract people from finding the truth about Darin. You only talk about a persons education and their dying family, you really are a pathetic piece of garbage. Why don't you stick to the article and stop the personal slanders your only making a fool of yourself using all those fake profiles. You think you ip address is a secret?


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