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Dateline's To Catch A Predator With Chris Hansen Is Trash Television

Updated on August 10, 2010


Dateline's To Catch A Predator With Chris Hansen Is Trash Television

Let me start by saying that I think that sexual predators should be stopped and that I believe that trying to lure an under aged person to meet for a sexual encounter is absolutely wrong and disgusting. However, Chris Hansen and Dateline go too far with their series To Catch A Predator.

I feel that To Catch A Predator, which works with underground online watch group Perverted Justice, may have been worthy of Datelines attention for one or two episodes to show some light on the problem of sexual predators on the Internet. However, doing it again and again seems tedious and sleazy. There certainly is an element of entrapment that I find obvious about this program.

Another reason I find this show disgusting is the sensational element of the show. While I do not have any sympathy of the men on the show for their predatory habits, I do feel for their exploitation for good TV ratings. The men are trapped with a "deer in the headlights" look as they are busted and realize that their lives as they know it have forever been changed.

While the program hopefully may have stopped some predators before they could strike, it is also at least partially responsible in at least one suicide and scores of lives and families of the men caught on the show being torn apart.



To Catch a Predator: Sex Sells

Spoof on To Catch A Predator

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      5 years ago

      the show itself was a good idea at first but when you sell out to radical activist groups credibilty drops...apart from that its esay for these kinds of shows to fakethe evidence.... i know from experence to make it short i myself used to browse chats meeting new people talking bout random thing joing ppls chats to pass time an lone day police show up arrest me and make a scene taking me into custody with my kids there telling me ill be in jail and that if picture of kids are found ill do more time.luckily it was found that these sick parents who wanted to catch people went so far as to edit conversations people would have and add a child into it and while i was proven innocent and these sickos charged it shows that you shouldnt judge till you kno the facts i was forced to register as a sex offender and almost lost my family before these people who claimed to be working with the da were the point leave the show cancelled if it cant use facts the media and activist group will ruin innocent peoples lives to make thier money it may stop sum poeple but being one who was falsely imprisoned and prosectuted i can tell you its not worth it to let familys be torn for the sake of a tv shows thats trash


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