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Congressional Deadbeat Elite

Updated on December 5, 2011

Starve the beast

The integrity of any given structure is rooted within its’ foundation. Over time, we have come to find, the elements take their toll on even the strongest institutions. The wise civilization recognizes this as an inevitable reality.

The problem with wisdom is, we associate the concept with long term positive ends because as history dictates, we shall learn thereby avoiding making the same blunders of our past. In short, the benefit of implementing wisdom means we've paid attention to history and won't make that mistake again. AKA: The "Fool me once theory..."

Thus the wise civilization is better off from its past mistakes because it will improve the end result tomorrow. In today's ‘bizarro world’, the opposite is true. It's not that we choose not to learn from our previous mistakes which makes it bizarre. It's the fact past experience is being used as a tool to cause pain, destruction and financial gain due for the purposes of unadulterated greed.

Starve the Beast

Therein lies the wisdom presently being employed by the Deadbeat G.O.P. Elite. The roots of this fiscal-political strategy were presented by President Ronald Reagan from the Oval Office in a televised address in July of 1981. The success of any rouse is support from those whom believe they are not the future victim, not the mark, not the sucker whom is born every minute. The lure of this strategy was to bait Americans with the promise to pay less money for federal tax; hence they would keep more money they’ve earned in their pocket, all in the noble cause of reduction of the federal government.

The problem being, it did not reduce the amount the federal government spent at all. In fact, essentially it went on the credit card we have presently become too familiar with…the National Debt. In short, the United States was charging up their debt, to be paid sometime in the future, all while taking in less taxes. Spending remained constant while Tax Revenues decreased. One needs only to look at their personal finances to realize this is a recipe for disaster.

Blame it on the Match

Employing this strategy to achieve financial wealth was taking far too long for those whom found themselves in the position to accelerate the fire. In January of 2001, the public debt stood at 5.7 trillion dollars. By December of 2008, that amount increased by 5 trillion dollars to 10.7 trillion dollars. The housing and financial markets were in complete disarray and unemployment was running at 750,000 claims monthly.

Indeed the torch had been passed but the Bush administration left a burnt shell of a structure which was once a beacon of prosperity. In short, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were put on the credit card along with the prescription drug plan Medicare Part D. The Bush Administration’s defense can best be stated as “Don’t blame us for burning down the place, blame it on the match.” The smoking gun is, with all the increased unpaid expenditures, the Deadbeat G.O.P. Elite cut taxes raising fewer revenues thereby exerting their wisdom of Starving the Beast.

Going Forward

Until we the people acknowledge a full fledged war is being waged upon them, expect this trend to continue. We live in the new corporate world order; sponsored by, bought and paid for through corruption of the system. Both political parties of the legislative branch are clientele and the Supreme Court lends its’ smiling support with a wink or a nod. For it is well known, a wink is as good as a nod to the Blind man.

The system is officially dysfunctional and it is only a matter of time before we lose the most precious right. In deed as we speak the deal is in the works to restrict voting rights throughout this land. The social agenda of the Conservative elite consists of dissolving freedoms such as a woman's right to choose, collective bargaining, and the minimum wage, to name a few. Say Cheese, for those whom take heed of this warning shall glance no further than the Dairy State. Fore this, and only this, can fend off the wrath of those whom thirst to be your oppressors.

We are on the fast track toward living in Biffs world for those familiar with the movie "Back to the Future". When the town of Alto Texas closed its Police force recently, it stated it was a non income producing entity which could be done without. “Those willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Where are ya when we need ya Ben?


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