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Dealing With Racial Division and Finding Inner Peace

Updated on August 20, 2016

Discrimination Remains


Racial Division Change and the Same

In the year 2016 we're still dealing with division. The battles that were fought many years ago are the same battles we must face in today's world. The acts of trying to keep a certain group of people down hasn't changed. The stories are a little different but the story line is the same. What are we dealing with here? We're dealing with groups of people want what is impossible to have. There is no black and white. We're living in the times of "diversity." The division exist with the same mindset of wanting to be first. Being first is something Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressed in his speeches. The need be over a certain group of people. The need to control minorities. What's changed. Well, we're allowed to vote, and sitting on the back of the bus is no more. The unfortunate thing is the same old racism and discrimination is alive today.

Minorities Have 'Rights"


Racial Division Doesn't Mean Hopeless

Although we're still facing division. Doesn't mean that we're hopeless. Simply means that there's more work to be done. Of course we can't force any group of people to "unify" but we can try to welcome the group who insist on being divided. If there's still no resolution then we must consider that some things will never change. There's more issues that we're dealing with besides racial division. The fact that certain ethnic groups are still being discriminated against is sorrowful. What occurred many years ago isn't enough. Some feel the need to hate. Where there's hate. There's love. Love conquers all. There's a possibility that we will be unable to unite the race who have always believed in being separate but we shouldn't stop trying. As long as there's attempts to make progress. There's "hope."

Overcoming the Pain of Discrimination and Racism

Finding Peace Through Division

If there's efforts to create unification and those efforts seem to have no effect then "the people" must move forward. We can not force the coming together. We can address the issue from time to time but some will never change their way of thinking. There's peace even in the darkest of places. There's light when there seems to be no light. Peace can be obtained even when there is constant suggestions that black and white unity only if right. No matter how others feel about having just two groups of people unite. The suggestion can not occur. Diversity is what we're dealing with. There's all sorts of ethnic groups and as long as some aren't in the business of accepting the reality then there will be an elephant in the room.

African Americans are Still Dealing With the Hate

Love exist and hate exist. We're all aware of this. Although we're in the year 2016. We haven't gotten rid of racism and discrimination. Perhaps we never will. No one change anyone's way of thinking. It's up to individuals whether they want to change their way of thinking. Hate is ugly and hate destroys. African Americans continue to face the being pushed at the bottom. Some may feel as if African Americans aren't deserving of being successful in anyway. If African Americans work towards their "achievements" then they're deserving. The times of preventing us from learning and reading books are gone. There's no reason why African Americans or any other group can not "rise." There's "rights" and African Americans have a right to do extraordinary things. A right to "prosper." Trying to keep African Americans behind won't do. We're capable of unifying. When it may not seem as if we're not in unification mode. We're "unified."

"Unification" The Dream Continues


Fear Creates Racial Division

There's certain groups that will always be feared. African Americans are the most feared race and the most discriminated against. There may be depictions of behaviors that can lead to fear. Those depictions are no reason to hate African Americans or any other race for that matter. Fear creates hate. Hate creates more hate and the cycle keeps going on and on. African Americans and Latin Americans continue to battle for positions that will help create a better society. Some aren't given the opportunities to do so. They're being depicted as something they're not. Being criticized for being lazy. Insults and attacks won't prevent these groups of people from prospering. If anything the attacks will encourage the groups to aim higher. Fear is apart of hate. Some will fear what they don't understand or care to understand. If there's no understanding then there's ignorance.

Finding Peace When Attacked

There's a place of peace even in war. Wars can't last always and we've found some ways to deal with attacks. For those who believe in God and Jesus. They already know that through deep prayer and meditation there's "peace." Some may not want others to feel at peace but there's peace and hope. There's no need to feel awful about the continued attacks because we're covered. We're given tools to defend ourselves against the attacks of eveil and hate. There's the armor. The armor of protection. Although we'll face racism and discrimination those issues shouldn't create hate within our hearts. There must be peace. Peace can be found through "faith."

Putting on the Armor

Some Change is Better Than no Change

If there's some changes then we've made "progress." in order to get from point A to point B. We'll have to go through the struggle and although going through is difficult. It's necessary. There's hope when there's some movement and some may not agree with the way a leader, advocate, or advisor runs things. Change is change. If there's a better today then there's change. If there's peace today then there's change. Productivity occurs with action. A little action falls under being "productive.' Being apart of "growth" is progress. Refusing to settle with the same old lies of not deserving to get ahead is progress. Changing some thinking to more positive thinking is also progress. We're in progression mode and we'll have to continue to think about progressing.


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