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Dear Lord

Updated on January 21, 2011

Dear Lord

( A question to the Lord for this craziness going on in the world today)

Dear Lord

Where did we go wrong?

Cuz all I see is

Liquor, drugs, guns,

And sad songs,

In this nation that ain't strong,

So why do you prolong,

When we're all mentally motivated,

By greed and power,


We watched the twin towers,

Fall from the sky,

As the man-made birds collide,

These murderous parasites

With strong homicidal pride

Now the nation weeps,

As man, woman and child,

Died in this fictitious war,

The UN still ain't found what they're searching for,

But who's to blame?

When religion got us all,

Killing in the name,

Of monsters like,

Blair, Bush, and Hussein,

Laden up to his shit again, Laden up to his shit again (Laden up to his shit again)

As the ghetto cries,

I see mad lies in paradise,

Dope fiends and parasites,

It makes me realize it's time to utilize,

Before nature closes her eyes on this,

Abomination of Christ,

And war only costs lives,

Still in the street,

They're killing for that ice,

To be precise,

Blame it on hip hop,

Since it supersize,

See the media still filling up society's head - with lies,

Whilst pedophyles brutalize dignity,

And all these racist cops,

See is we - and it's amity,

Like surgery for vanity,

Can it be,

We no longer respect ourselves,

(that's why we seek wealth over health)

And all I see is crooked cops,

Disease and bacteria,

Almost lost a good friend to malaria (and shit's getting scarier)

It's like the world want's to bury ya,

Cuz 7/7 2005 left London,

In a panic after a day of victory,

And all that shit did - was sicken me,

Now tell me where the hell was humanity,

(where the hell was humanity)

(chorus) Dear Lord where did we go wrong - cuz all i see is liquor, drugs, guns and sad songs (x 4)

And it's another year gone,

Another day dust,

Another life rush,

Another drug bust,

Another man dies...

Another mother cries for the welfare of her child (over in Iraq)

Committing economical suicide,

See there's a war going on,

And (yo) the struggle is power,

Innocence dying by the hour,

Whilst the devil devour,

Nature drenched us,

In her showers,

Of natural disaster,

but still couldn't wash away,

These bastards in power,

So now we're all falling down,

Like soldiers in the war,

And greed keeping score,

Over the oil they're fighting for, fighting for, fighting for (fighting for)

repeat chorus (c)


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      hi you are great keep writing. I believe god is watching, biding his time, he will intervene, do you believe that.....

    • profile image

      Amy Heaton 

      9 years ago

      Once again... so much passion. Whether it's sad, or gets you mad, I love the way you express it.

      Keep flowin hun!

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      9 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Interesting ! I suggest a small change instead of "And all that shit did -was sicking me," Change sicking to sickin me.


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