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Death Culture: Depopulation, Eugenics and Militarism

Updated on May 20, 2011
Typical death culture porn. . .
Typical death culture porn. . .

We're Becoming A Society That Embraces Death. . .


We're becoming a society that embraces death, rather than life and progress. In my home province, Nova Scotia, our population has officially decreased by 2% the past year. Looking for a job? The jobs in the greatest demand are nursing (for nursing homes), morticians, social services, and counseling (mostly for elderly people on their death beds). Want to be an entrepreneur? Becoming a funeral home director is probably the most profitable way to go for a start up.

There are three main forces that are promoting the death culture. The first force promoting the death culture is demographics. We have an aging and demanding population that's democratically putting the youth behind in the public policy game. The second force promoting death culture is economics. People will go where there's money. Today, mostly due to a combination of demographics and supply/demand, the money is in the death industries. The only semblance of job security will come from employment such as nursing, funeral directors, and morticians. The third force behind the culture of death is in our educational and cultural environment. We're literally being indoctrinated to believe in the death culture. This is the most difficult element in overcoming the death culture, because not only will education be required, but unlearning as well.

We'll drop a million bombs on one target because we can!
We'll drop a million bombs on one target because we can!

What Is The Death Culture?

A death culture is a society that thinks backwards and regressively. A life culture is a society that thinks forwards and progressively. Death cultures are often created through irrational fears and perceived shortages. The attitude "this land isn't big enough for the two of us" is vintage death culture. People with a death cultural mind set may often develop thinking patterns such as the belief that people must sacrifice themselves for the greater good of mankind. They may believe there are shortages in key resources (without any evidence to back it up) and that he/she should be the person who decides who gets these key resources. Essentially, he/she should decide who lives and who dies. They may believe that the poor should simply be executed for being poor.

Most people, who embrace the death culture, fail to realize their own immorality. They have been successfully brain washed by our institutions. They irrationally believe that blind altruism is what’s good. They perceive themselves as good by choosing a path of altruism. They believe they're being an ambassador to goodness by promoting and demanding altruism in others. They believe that people who refuse to embrace altruism are greedy, selfish, and evil. I would go on to say these people suffer from delusions, but our mental health sciences too have been taken over by the death culture. I would go on to say that what we call mental health of today is nothing more than a cruel form of eugenics. Essentially, we're living in a mirror universe. Where what is good is now considered evil, and what is evil is now considered good.

In the future, this will be the hottest concert in town!
In the future, this will be the hottest concert in town!


The first force carrying the mantle of the death culture is simple demographics. In America, Canada, and much of Europe, we have an aging population. The baby boomer generation far outnumbers any other generation. Because we live in democratic states, demographics such as the following can have inadvertent, yet disastrous consequences.

It's only natural that the baby boomers would vote for policies that would benefit their own well being. The problem is in so doing this has either no benefit for the younger generations or hurts younger generations. The younger generations are then subsequently forced into paying taxes where they see no benefits or even causes them harm. A good example of such demographic shifts causing rifts in policy would be in health care and the military. Younger people are less likely to want to invest in health care because they're healthier, while older people would pay whatever it takes. The result is younger people pick up a disproportionate amount of taxes for something of little benefit to themselves. In the case of the military, it's easy for older demographics to vote for the cause of war when they're not required to fight it. It's the younger generations that fight wars.

The biggest rift comes from social security (as it's called in the United States) or the Canadian Pension Plan (as it's called in Canada). Most Western countries have some sort of "old age security" plan. This is a pyramid scheme that I pay into a disproportionate amount. I will never see that money when I grow old. My "old age security" is much more expensive than past "old age securities" because I simply have more mouths to feed. To make matters worse, I consider it unethical to the extreme that a generation of mostly poor renters has to pay for a generation of wealthy homeowners. Many boomers already own a second house, while their kids can only dream of ever owning a house. Such policies, whether intentional or not, facilitate the death culture.We have people of child rearing ages subjecting themselves to destitution for the sake of people unable to conceive children. We live in a society where a home is no longer used for the purpose to house a family, instead that young family is shoved in a smaller dwelling, while an older person owns a second home for the sake of owning a second home. The result is decreasing birth rates by placing unjustified hardship on the young. This is death culture.

The facts of the matter are most policies that benefit the old are in conflict with policies that benefit the young. I'm certain when people voted in such policies they were not thinking "jeez, I want to screw over my kids," I'm merely saying that when we take a look at the larger picture, essentially that's what it boils down to . . . The priorities’ people have during different stages of their lives are vastly different, and as such, are often conflicting. When we focus our energy, time and resources on maintaining the old and keeping them comfortable, we're thinking backwards, we're not looking to the future. I'm not saying you should slaughter grandma, but we need to keep our priorities in order . . .

The next big industry for entrepreneurs. . .
The next big industry for entrepreneurs. . .


If the growing nursing home industry and the subsequent shutting down of elementary schools are any indication, the economy is naturally shifting toward a culture of death to meet the current demographics and supply/demand. To be quite frank, I find the whole prospect depressing. Rather than build an economy around innovation, progress, and creativity, the demand on my generation will be to meet an economy based on death. The problem with working in industries such as nursing, funeral homes, and as a mortician is no matter your efforts the result is the same: death, death and more death. To say such jobs are unfulfilling is an understatement.

I'm an artistic mind (along with a pinch of scientific curiosity). I like to build things and ideas. The chances of me being happy dealing with people in a constant state of decay are slim to none. However, without much of a younger generation behind me and a large gulp of older folks, there simply isn't the demand for much in the way of construction. The economy shifts from the mind set of a builder to the mind set of simple maintenance. I'm afraid this is a reality that will leave us stagnant.

If your passion rests with helping people, contrary to popular belief, I doubt you'll find any satisfaction in these death culture services jobs. Let's do a rather robust comparison: the nursing home aide vs the teacher. One deals with helping the elderly, and the other deals with helping the young. They both may have started their careers with the noble goal of helping people. The key difference (assuming they're both great at what they do) is the teacher will get to see the benefits of his/her craft being done well. He/she will see a child potentially develop and progress. The nursing aide, on the other hand, only witnesses a gradual decline of the people he/she wishes to help. His/her only reward is maybe a thank you card beside a death bed followed by the next patient. The teaching job is progressive. The nursing aide job is regressive. The ultimate nightmare of the "I want to help people" type is trying and failing to help person after person. That's your reality when the elderly are your primary customers.

The economy will shrink due to the declining population and reduced spending habits. Senior citizens, who already have accumulated everything they need during their lifetimes, no longer have the need to spend anything. The only creative/constructive industries that may emerge from this reality are restaurants, but this is an industry that is renown for paying poorly due to low margins.

For entrepreneurs, I predict, as sickening as this may come across to many, that the biggest and untapped "industry" will be in euthanasia. While euthanasia is illegal in many countries, I don't expect the law to stick much longer. As people age, they will want to be in control how they die. As a euthanasia entrepreneur, your job would be to provide that opportunity for these prideful individuals. If they want to die on a pretty beach in the Bahamas by lethal injection, they will pay you to facilitate this "grand event." If this isn't against your morality and you're not the type that shies away from death, I predict big money here with a lot of travel and other perks. Keep in mind, if you don't do it, others certainly will. Once euthanasia laws are abolished, and I suspect they will be soon, I expect this "industry" to suddenly and rapidly pick up. This will be yet another case of the death culture running on a full throttle.

The college meat grinder! Serving our depopulation needs!
The college meat grinder! Serving our depopulation needs!

Educational And Cultural

Perhaps the most damning case of an emerging and growing death culture can be found in many of the universities and colleges located here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is a big college town. While our province has on average, the oldest population of the nation, the colleges and universities have maintained themselves by inviting over every foreigner imaginable.

In these universities, the professors often spew what I consider dangerous propaganda: depopulation. In my city, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't believe in the "virtues" of depopulation. If you oppose such views, you're immediately branded as a religious fundamentalist or uneducated.

Apparently, what I learned in 4th grade was incorrect. CO2 isn't a natural process of photosynthesis. Plants don't benefit from taking in CO2. The new science is the CO2 that we release from breathing is a toxic substance. That's right, anything from your breath, to the breath of your cat, to beetle dung is a toxic substance that's destroying the Earth. In order to save the planet Earth we must all become part of a joint suicide pack and off ourselves, because after all, decaying corpses doesn't produce any CO2.

If you haven't detected my sarcasm from the past paragraph and still believe in depopulation, just shoot yourself. I'm not kidding, if you believe in depopulation, feel free to volunteer by shooting yourself. In fact, the next time the universities hold a depopulation class filled with avid believers, I propose we have a meat grinder the room next door to see who can truly practice what they preach. The professor can feel free to lead the way for the sheep herd.

What's this? You don't want to off yourself yet still want to exercise your freedom of speech by spewing depopulation theories? How exactly does this work? You believe in depopulation, so obviously you want a mass selection of people to die, but not yourself, right? Well, there's a special word for someone who thinks in this fashion. It's called eugenics. You would make great company with the likes of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

The reality is human population is projected to decline immensely for the next 50 years for all continents but Africa. What you see now as "a growing and unsustainable" population base is simply inertia from past generations. It's like the stock market before it collapsed in the United States. The peak was showing astronomical numbers until reality hit the ground. People discovered that companies were essentially just trading paper money debt with each other rather than building anything of substance. The world's population numbers are much the same. We currently have on average less than two births per couple. The "increasing" population numbers that you'll see the next 10 years are caused by increasing life expectancy, not birth rates. If people were to die around the same time they did 60 years ago, we would already have a noticeable decline in our population numbers. In fact, if our current birth/death ratio remains the same, mathematically humanity could face extinction in approximately 300 years. I doubt it will ever come to that as people would change their breeding habits before it ever got to that point. Still, it's rather interesting that we're projected to become an extinct species despite all of this talk we must depopulate. I expect the world population number charts to make a monumental crash 20 years from today.

What people also fail to overlook is there are many species on this planet that our numbers pale by comparison. Every insect species has a higher population than humans. Rodents have a higher population than humans as well. Maybe we need mass killings of insects and rodents to reduce that CO2? Nothing is better than spraying some nice CO in the air to kill things and vanquish some of that nasty CO2. That will surely help the environment.

Regardless of whether you believe in depopulation or not, if you're actively attending university/college, you're playing right into it. Your adulthood is being delayed, the longer the delay, the less time you'll have to conceive children in what's a limited biological window if you're a woman. I've often heard "educated" teachers and professors tout their own horns how they're so proud to contribute to depopulation via this method. If that doesn't keep you down for the count long enough, there's always that financially devastating student loan debt. By accepting those student loans for essentially nothing, you've just signed your infertility licence. You'll graduate with your death culture diploma. Want to pay off your debts? Don't worry; the military is around the corner! There you can have the opportunity to pay off your student loan debts and have children, if you just go to some land far away and kill other people's children! You must contribute to the death culture!

You see, dear "educated" college students, you're brain washed. You've had to have known that the best way to depopulate the world is to attack its young. By putting the young through undue hardships, it's harder to conceive children. Of course, even if you don't want children, understand you're in the targeted demographic of a eugenics agenda. Your life will consequently be a much rougher ride than that of your parents. I wish I could say I have sympathy for you and that you've been deceived, but the truth of the matter is I remember how you argued for depopulation with such vigour in those university classes. You're discovering the hard way that while talking about depopulation is a load of fun, actually becoming a part of it isn't as much fun. Perhaps you also thought the depopulation theory wouldn't apply to you, because you're a college student after all! You're educated! Depopulation will only be reserved for the morons who didn't attend or graduate from college. Well, guess what? You were wrong . . .

As for those who don't fall for the scam that's the death culture, nor worship in its divine temple that's the university? Society will just make sure to isolate them by requiring every job to have a college degree. If they manage to bypass that road block, we can always label them everything from schizophrenic, to ADHD, to Bipolar, to down right depressed because heaven forbid people are allowed to see reason and be unhappy with this culture of death!

Donovan D. Westhaver


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