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Death by Rape: India's Horrific and Prolific Crime

Updated on December 28, 2012

Two weeks ago in New Delhi, India, a 23 year old woman on a moving bus was brutally gang raped. A crime so horrific because the victim's boyfriend was unable to intervene to prevent it. Six men have been arrested and the facts are disturbing: the public bus was nearly empty when the woman and her boyfriend got on. The six men no doubt eyed her and acted by a violent attack and a stripping off both of their clothes. The bus drove through the city for hours, even passing through police checkpoints!

The woman suffered many internal injuries so she would submit to the men taking turns. Her assailants beat her and inserted an iron rod into her body during the assault, resulting in severe organ damage. Just how much more can this be disgusting?

But, what about the bus driver? Why did he not stop the bus or act in some manner to get police attention as the bus moved throughout the city streets? This is unfathomable. She suffered a heart attack, a lung and abdominal infection and "significant" brain injury, according to the hospital. All because of the beating. Soon, her organs began to fail until she died.

The Indian public, mostly women, took to the streets to demand that the crime of rape in India to be taken seriously with stiffer penalties. Most rapes and other sex crimes in India go unreported and offenders are rarely punished, women's rights activists say. This incident occurred on Dec. 16. A global poll by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in June found that India was the worst place to be a woman because of high rates of infanticide, child marriage and slavery. A rape occurs every day in India and many police do nothing after it is reported because women are second class citizens in India. Last year alone, over 23,000 rape cases were filed.

With women entering the work place more and more in India, the government must act to make rape a serious crime with heavy penalties and insure police treated as such, which they currently dismiss as "the woman's fault".


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    • athulnair profile image

      athulnair 5 years ago from India

      Recently a country wise data has been released with no of rape victims. Shocking to note that soon India may top the list if it goes at this rate.

      Shocking fact shared my Times of India.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Rape wherever and which ever country it occurs in is to be condemned in the strictest of words and strict punishment should be meted out to the offenders as early as possible. It is a worldwide phenomenon and a blot on the face of humanity.

      Strict and swift measures need to be taken to prevent such occurrences by persons with depraved mentality.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      What more details about the crime do we know?

    • athulnair profile image

      athulnair 5 years ago from India

      Driver too was a part of this act. Actually the bus was not a proper public transport system. It was a school bus and illegal to carry public in it. But it is common practice by people in India to depend on these vehicles were public transport will be usually less frequent after 9 pm. There is a minor boy as convict. This boy closed the door as soon as the girl and her friend started to protest.