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The Death of America - An Open Conspiracy In Plain Sight

Updated on January 8, 2011
This is the end...The end my friend... -Jim Morrison, the Doors, 1966
This is the end...The end my friend... -Jim Morrison, the Doors, 1966

My Disclaimer

America is in decline, there is no question about it, and the hegemony that our parents knew America to have is long gone. In the very near future America will be a distant memory much like the Soviet Union as it used to be back in the 1970s and 1980s. The reason for this decline is pretty simple, our fundamental way of life as well as moral compass has absolutely eroded to the point of no return.

I am not advocating any particular type of religion, or even social answers, because the problems facing this country today are so vast and hurtling at us from so many different directions, it is almost impossible to comprehend which direction to go. We have just recently elected a Republican Congress and Americans are clinging to a hope that these men and women can change the direction of our country. Unfortunately for us, they will not be able to bring us the change we can believe in, because the average American from the top of our social status to the bottom is in a state of denial. It is hard to wake people up to harsh realities and to tell them hard truths while suggesting a tough course of action that will bring out the very best in people. Human beings, when they have existed within a luxurious lifestyle very rarely wake from their stupor.

The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution Political Parties killing everyone they perceived as a threat, total anarchy and enemy invasion were the hallmarks of this era
The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution Political Parties killing everyone they perceived as a threat, total anarchy and enemy invasion were the hallmarks of this era

Anarchy in the Streets - Is This What we are Headed For?

I could easily make a case from the world history to prove exactly what I am saying, but you have to look no further than the French Revolution of 1789 to see exactly what I am talking about. Throughout the 17th and 18th century the French monarchies lived in extreme opulence while the middle class shrunk down to almost nothing. Eventually, you had a social system and an economic system that was only two-tiered. You had the clergy, the monarchy and the aristocracy at the top of the entire food chain, while everybody else (the peasants almost 96% of the population) suffered horribly to the point of no return. The reason for much of this, was an absolute mismanagement of funds and resources that defied any kind of reason or logic.

Like America, France had gotten into too many wars that proved extremely costly. This is much like America is today, wherein a large majority of our armed forces are  located outside of our nation and in foreign lands. America today has its armed forces in 176 countries worldwide, while fighting several wars that seem to have no end in sight.  Eventually due to poor management and all of the costly military ventures that the country got involved in, the French government had collected and raised taxes so high they could no longer do so. The financial experts of France got together and decided the borrowing money was the way out of their fiscal problems. Somehow, they thought that if they borrowed money (which means they had to pay interest on that money that they did not have already) they could somehow make up their fiscal financial liabilities so that the government could function and that they would not even have to suggest higher taxes to people who could not even eat.  Also, whenever France had to make reparations to other countries, they inflated their currency so that they would not have to pay so much to other countries in actual value.

A German woman burns hyper-inflated money in 1931.  Germany not only faced the depression the rest of Europe had, but it also had to pay reparations for WWI.  The money was so worthless it was better to burn it for warmth.
A German woman burns hyper-inflated money in 1931. Germany not only faced the depression the rest of Europe had, but it also had to pay reparations for WWI. The money was so worthless it was better to burn it for warmth.

Inflation is Going Thorugh the Roof

If you look at the financial situation America is in today, we're doing almost exactly the same stupid thing. We recently have pumped billions of dollars into the economy by printing more money. This is a big error, because money is not just made out of thin air. Let me give you a clear example of what I am saying.

The Baseball Card Analogy

You have a rare baseball card, and it is worth $1 million. The rare baseball card is of the famous player, Joe Blow. Now, this is a very famous baseball player and he has done some remarkable things so you have a very valuable card, and by the way, you're the only one that has one of these cards because only one was made. Please bear this in mind you have a very rare and valuable card and it is the only one. Suddenly, the company that made the baseball card decides it is going to run a special printing of the card you already own. They start printing several hundred of these baseball cards. Now, what do you think that is going to do to the value of your baseball card? Of course, the value of your card is going to drop significantly.

Suddenly there is a boom for people to buy more of these baseball cards and the company decides to print millions and millions of them. Your baseball card is basically dropped from $1 million to $.25 in a very short period of time. That is exactly what is happening to the American dollar and that is why it is so dangerous for them to print up any more of it. The American dollar is totally devalued and if you want to kill a country very quickly all you have to do is ruin its currency, it is just that simple.

Coming Trends to America

The Selling of Our Resources

How much of the United States is left?
How much of the United States is left?

Not only do we have a financial crisis that has caused the country to go into trillions of dollars of debt, but we also have other problems that are extremely pressing as well. People that say that there are no conspiracies, are living in a fantasy world. Actually, I don't know if you could really call them conspiracies because of the fact that they are right out in the open where everybody can see them.

Of course, when you turn on the news in the morning (if you watch any of the Ken and Barbie shows on any of the channels) you will probably hear about Lindsay Lohan's addiction or news about the Michael Jackson court case. I'm not making light of these people's problems, I am merely pointing out that on a scale of importance, the mainstream press totally ignores any of the pressing issues that this country has today. Not only that, but once you present the facts to people they don't want to hear the truth. They want to think that they're going to get up every day and have clean water, electricity at the flip of a switch, food at Walmart and all the conveniences that they've grown up with, will all be here forever.

I live in Kentucky and I can tell you I have direct experience and can prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that people are in total denial. In the city of Lexington the water resources of the city have been sold off to foreign interests. In particular, the water company that controls the resources of water in the city of Lexington is owned by Germany. The politicians in this area actually tell the people on a consistent basis that the water company is an American owned company which is absolutely a falsehood. The company is owned by a German company (RWE) which is located in Essen Germany and this company has extremely close ties with Arab countries.

Now, just to be clear, I have lived in Germany for six years of my life and the German people are wonderful. I have had friends from all over the world to include the Middle East and I have nothing against these people either. But let's make one thing clear, I'm an American and I believe in my country and our way of life and it is a great mistake to allow other countries to control our resources. Now, I have told people in this state that the company that owns the water company is not an American company. The powers that be call the company the American Water Company, which is an absolute falsehood. They have created this façade to fool the people of the city and of the state into thinking that we have a completely American owned company which we do not. As a matter fact, take a look at (Kentucky) American Water companies website.

Here is the link:

However, when you check wikipedia for American Water Company this is what you will find:

As you can see from Wikipedia, that the name of the company that owns our water is called RWE which is a large conglomerate with ties all throughout the Arab world to include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries that don't seem to like the United States very much.

Here is the link to RWE's information:

Here is the link toRWE's official website:

Here is an excerpt right from the home page of RWE:

"RWE Dea North Africa and Middle East Branch and the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) have signed an “Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement IV” (EPSA IV) covering Blocks NC 193 and NC 195 in the Sirte Basin."

Now, the last time I checked, the Libyans were not too crazy about the United States. I don't know about you, but there are several issues that bother me about this entire operation. Let us discount the fact that some these countries in which this water company is in collusion with, are not real friendly towards the United States of America. But the other issue is this; the money that flows out of the United States into Germany, does not necessarily come back. In other words, we have a lot of money that is flowing into Germany and into the Middle East from our country through our water resources which should support the crumbling infrastructure of the United States of America!

In Lexington today the water is projected to go up over the next year or so by 60% as reported by the Lexington Herald Leader, the area's local newspaper. 

The leadership of the United States of America is not taking care of its own. This is an obvious and glaring mistake that should've never been made, and yet the American people have once again been fooled into thinking that we own our own country by putting the name of America into the title of the website or a company name. If you think that just are precious water resources are being gobbled up, then guess again. Most of the toll roads and bridges in the United States today are owned by foreign interests and as you well know from watching the news China indirectly controls much of our real estate.

Once again, this is a glaring issue that is being a totally ignored by our bought out, conglomerate controlled media which wants nothing more than to merge the United States of America with the rest of the world any world government.

Congress Lady Marcy Kaptur (D) of Ohio -"We are powerless to stop them"


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      stephenepaul 6 years ago

      It is never too late , as long as one person is still fighting.