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Debates for Dummies

Updated on June 30, 2019

Manuella is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, June 30, 2019. Our dear friend, Mantis Manuella, is in the kitchen preparing Open-Face Pizza Omelettes for our enjoyment. I will be mixing up a batch of spicy Bloody Mary's to add to the fun. Manuella has somehow managed to sit through two Democratic debates. Her conclusions probably won't surprise you, but they are worth mentioning. Please join Manuella and me for breakfast and a chat. We can debate the debates!


What Debate?

Thanks so much for coming to the breakfast table this morning. After watching two of the Democratic debates, I have decided that debating is awful at best and really awful at worst. If this crew is the best America has to offer, we may be in deep trouble in years to come. The stage was populated by every manner of candidate, none of them competent, none of them appealing. If Americans were given a quiz following each of these debates, I double they could say that anything of substance was discussed. The reason for that is quite clear. The Democratic Party lacks substance. Their platforms are worthy of Venezuela before they completely collapsed. Their ideas were bizarre and their priorities were inane. Let's take a closer look while we enjoy our breakfast. Try not to choke on your omelette.


The Democratic Auditions

The debates showed America that some candidates are better actors than others. Kamala Harris is ready for the big screen. She has practiced her lines and her punch lines. She knows how to goad a fellow candidate into an opening that will allow her to recite her lines. She went after senile Joe Biden, who has a hearing problem, by recounting a teary tale about her youth. She told Uncle Joe that she was part of the second integrated class at Berkely. Her lines were delivered perfectly. The poor little child faced racism, and she wanted Uncle Joe to feel bad that some of his friends in Congress were racists. Harris forgot to tell her story truthfully. In reality, she was the child of successful professionals. She was born in 1963. Berkely schools were already integrated long before she attended school, and she only went to school there for two years, before moving to Canada. Okay, so she was off by a ton of years. Sometimes details can be so tedious. and flights of fancy are fun.

Candidate Harris went on to tell America that Trump's economy was not working for working people. That was a good line, and she managed to find just the right moment to recite it. She used it when she was asked how she planned to pay for all her largesse. She never answered the question, but that came as no surprise. She raised her hand when asked if she would eliminate all private insurance. She later said that she misunderstood the question and didn't realize that she raised her hand. She has more in common with Uncle Joe than she realizes.


More Reason to Cry

Candidate Booker didn't disappoint either. His main area of concern is the problem African-American transgender people are facing. Not only are they being discriminated against for their race, but also for their sexual orientation. If elected, Booker will make this sub-set of people his priority. Forget the border, forget national security, forget the economy, forget health insurance. None of these issues stands a chance in Booker's narrow world. He, in all fairness, does support giving free healthcare to illegal immigrants, so his focus is bit more encompassing. The problem is that his concerns don't focus on Americans. Americans take second place next to the interests of those entering our country illegally. His fellow candidates seemed to agree with his stance. The party has moved so far to the left that bashing socialism will get you booted out the door and right into the arms of the Republicans, who know that socialism is always the road to disaster.


Dump the Debates

We have ten more debates to go between those in the Democratic Party hoping to sit in the Oval Office. The debates will only serve to show the American people that the slate of potential presidents is dreary, uninformed, dishonest and eminently unqualified to lead this nation. Their positions fly in the face of the facts. Our economy is working for Americans, contrary to the Dems pathetic claims. The border is out of control and endangering all Americans, despite the Dems insistence that the crisis is fake. A single payor system will destroy healthcare for all. The quickest way to kill quality care is to let the government run the whole system. Single payor care is no care, period. Free tuition for everyone and forgiveness of student loan debt is a false promise. The only thing it will do is bankrupt America and weaken our education system. Many of the candidates believe in reparations for slavery. Will there be reparations for Jews who were turned away by this nation when they were seeking asylum from Hitler? Will there be reparations for the gay community for all the years they had to stay in the closet? Will there be reparations for law-abiding citizens who came here legally, paid what was required and waited for their turn? Will there be reparations for people who actually paid back their student loans because they followed the rules and lived up to their obligations?

Where will this insanity end? Let's hope it ends with President Trump in the Oval Office for four more years!

Manuella's Song

The moment I wake up

Before my cup of tea

I say a little prayer for thee!


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