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The Federal Debt and National Morale

Updated on December 18, 2017
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Through his travels and reading, Chris gathers information and writes about historical events and concepts that are often overlooked.

Depression of a Nation


The Demoralizing Effect of Debt

What we experience in our own lives regarding debt is also true on the larger scale of nations. About three years ago I did something which was very unlike me. I built up a sizable, personal, financial debt. I have been working a plan which will have that new debt as well as an older home equity loan erased by the fall of 2015. As a result of this personal crisis, I have learned a couple of things about debt. First, it happens fast. Three years ago I was debt free not including my mortgage and home equity loan, and I was saving money. Very suddenly and quickly, things got out of hand.

The second thing I noticed was an emotional change within myself. When I was free of excessive debt, I was lighthearted and confident. As the debt grew, that was replaced with a heaviness in my heart and a sense of failure. I felt demoralized. One definition of demoralize is "to deprive (a person or persons) of spirit, courage, discipline." Yeah, that was me before I got my plan together. Now I am excited about how I am conquering the red numbers.

A Century of Data on United States Surpluses and Deficits

Chart showing US deficits in the red area and surpluses in the blue.
Chart showing US deficits in the red area and surpluses in the blue. | Source

The National Debt

I can't help thinking about the U.S. national debt at this time. Election cycles come and go, but things don't really change for the nation financially. We borrow and spend no matter which party is in control.

I simply want to share some numbers about the National Debt with you. I hope they will cause us all to slow down for a moment and consider the future of this great nation.

If the government stopped all spending and applied every dime of revenue to the national debt, it would take 389 years to pay it off. (source: Government Gone

Let's look at the growth of the national debt under Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush (W), and Obama.

Growth of the National Debt During Each of the Last Ten Presidential Terms

Beginning of Term (first)
End of Term (first)
Beginning of Term (second)
End of Term (second)
$ Increase During 1st term/Presidency
Gerald Ford
$653 Billion
Jimmy Carter
$653 Billion
$930 Billion
$277,000,000,000 (one term)
Ronald Reagan
$930 Billion
$1.6 Trillion
$1.6 Trillion
$2.6 Trillion
$2,670,000,000,000 (two terms)
George H W Bush
$2.6 Trillion
$4.1 Trillion
$1,500,000,000,000 (one term)
Bill Clinton
$4.1 Trillion
$5.3 Trillion
$5.3 Trillion
$5.6 Trillion
$1,500,000,000,000 (two terms)
George W Bush
$5.6 Trillion
$7.6 Trillion
$7.6 Trillion
$10.7 Trillion
$5,100,000,000,000 (two terms)
Barack Obama
$10.7 Trillion
$15.9 Trillion
$5,200,000,000,000 (one term)

The Demoralization of a Nation

What is the growth of the national debt doing to our national morale? As I said before, I was demoralized by my personal debt. Are we being demoralized as a nation. Are we being deprived of our National Spirit, Courage and Discipline as a result of the growing national debt?

This is not a partisan article. Clearly, it doesn't matter which party is in control. Either way, we are out of control. I developed a plan to erase my personal, non-mortgage debt. Where is our national plan in regard to the national debt? How will we restore our national sense of morale, courage, Spirit and Discipline?

I will give you a hint. It won't happen at the voting booth. The national debt is our responsibility even though we weren't the ones throwing money around. The solution, I suspect, will never come from politicians although a plan imposed upon them may be carried out by them. I believe it will take a fresh, unique, unprecedented effort on the part of us, the citizens of the United States of America, to resolve the crippling problem of the national debt.

The National Debt Road Trip Video (video not chosen out of partisan motivation, but for the information it contains)

Bravery must be the mantle of each American

When I think of bravery, it is usually the men and women of our armed forces who come to my mind. It is not only those who defend us against terrorism and the aggression of rogue nations who require bravery. If we as a nation want to survive, bravery must be the mantle of each American. We must require two things of our servant/leaders: First, that they stop the insane growth of our national debt. Second, that they listen to non-government individuals and groups who can propose a plan that the American people have a chance to understand and adopt. But we must also require something of ourselves. We must demand less for ourselves from government. These measures, combined with a growing economy will at least get us moving in the right direction.

If you need more of a motivational shock, check out the U.S. National Debt Clock.


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