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Debtors Prisons In The South

Updated on November 6, 2015

Debtors Prisoners

Debtors Prison

Debtors Prisons -Disregard for the law

What is going on in the south? Have these states decided that constitutional law, civil rights, and the laws of the United States are merely a suggestion or guideline and not enforceable? Intimidation, good old boy networks, and minorities “staying in their place” while being heavily fined-underpaid-and jailed appear to be the norm in many southern states.

The following youtube videos exposes debtor’s prison -although this is illegal and unconstitutional. Wow, guess who are the targets of such practices? Unbelievable the way some states operate. These videos were extremely disturbing when exposing how money is generated to fund government operations in mostly southern states.

Is Being Poor A Crime?

5 Ways Being Poor Is A Crime In America


How do some states consistently decide to do whatever they want to do regardless of the Laws of the land?

How do states consistently violate the rights of its' citizens with no repercussions?

How can entire entities be built and sustained using illegal practices in various areas of the government as a standard practice?

While bribery, favors, and illegal financial contributions have always existed there seems to be a blatant practice of disproportionate scale that occurs in some pockets of the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union is currently fighting the illegal practice of debtors prisons. Thanks to such groups and organizations that stand up for what is right.


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