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Decay of America

Updated on July 13, 2016

Anywhere USA


The Decline

The America we have today is a far cry from the America I remember as a child. It was a time where you could leave your house unlocked and go to town, all the neighbors knew each other and everyone looked out for each other. Now if you leave your house unlocked you might not have anything of value when you return. I live on a street where I don’t know a single neighbor. In fairness I haven’t lived here very long, but no one has made the slightest effort to welcome us to the neighborhood. When I was a child, neighborhood men would have come over to help unload while their wives were busy fixing a meal to help out. People are too self-absorbed and struggling in their own lives today to take time out for courtesies such as these.

If you were outside playing as a child and you did something wrong, you could be assured your parents would know shortly and the punishment was not only assured but would be swift. Children played outside until bedtime, not indoors all day playing video games and watching television. Families gathered on their porches in the evening on summer nights and watched the children ride their bikes and play ball. Sometimes parents joined in. I remember we had a volleyball net in the field by our house and the adults often played together in the evenings while we kids swam in the pool in my backyard.

Day to Day Struggles

We live in a society that has lost all sight of the joys of these things, as we struggle daily to make ends meet in an ever tougher economic environment. Most households need both mom and dad working if they are fortunate enough to have both parents still in the home. Divorce happen back then, but was not common. Today so many people get married with the idea we’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work out we can always get a divorce. I grew up in the time where if it was broken you fixed it. Today you throw it out and start over.

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems facing many American families today. Economic crises over the past decade have led to lost jobs coupled with under-employment leaving many Americans barely able to keep a place to live. Some are already homeless! We have more people on our welfare system than ever before. Many Americans have simply rotated off unemployment and no longer qualify, but still can’t find a job. Rising costs on everything from food to utilities leaves little hope of much relief anytime soon. Add to that the added burden of higher insurance premiums for a large majority of Americans and much larger deductibles to add further insult to the injuries they are already suffering.

Our Future

Children have long been the future of our nation. However, children are apparently no longer America’s biggest asset and have become disposable in today’s society. Women have abortions by the thousands each year with little thought for the life they threw away all in the name of “a woman’s right to choose”. In the United States alone since 1973 about fifty million babies have been killed by abortion. Less than three percent of these abortions are performed to save the mother’s life. We have close to a thousand abortion clinics currently in the United States. Three out of ten women in the United States will have an abortion before they are no longer child bearing age. (Guttmacher Institute, web)

Abortions can now be accomplished without a surgical procedure by taking a “morning after pill”. These pills can abort a child in a matter of twelve to twenty-four hours and can work for at least ten days to prevent pregnancy. The morning after pill works in three ways. It can alter the menstrual cycle and delay ovulation, or cause ovulation to be inhibited so it will not release an egg to be fertilized. The third way it works is to cause the fertilized egg not to be able to implant in the uterus wall. The baby in the egg gets all its nutrition through the mother’s uterus wall. The baby dies in the egg if the egg is unable to implant into the uterus wall and gain the necessary food it needs to develop and grow.

They have clinics that will rip a baby limb to limb from his mother’s womb just as a rabid dog might maul a small victim and rip it to pieces. Is it any wonder we see children killing children? Many clinics will abort these babies up to twenty-eight weeks even though babies can feel pain and are very developed by this time.

Child abuse cases in the United States seems to be growing yearly or at least we are hearing about many more cases where children have been killed or suffered greatly at the hands of the people they should have been able to trust the most, their parents. Child abuse has always existed. We have stricter laws about what parents are allowed to do when punishing their children than when I was a child. Children could have a bruise or two and no one said anything back then. Most parents still did the right things even if they occasionally spanked their child. There were some like my mother-in-law though even then that should have gone to jail. Today though we hear horrific stories of abuse that bring tears to your eyes and make you wonder if they were spawn right out of the devil himself or what. It is nearly impossible to go to a news page without reading about some horrific crime on children.

Life has been devalued to the point where murders are commonplace. We have youth killing each other at an alarming rate. We average around 30,000 gangs in the United States. Together they contribute over 15,500 homicides each year in the United States.(National Gang Center, 2011) Chicago by itself has some of the most alarming numbers of shootings and homicides in this nation. Almost any weekend of the year you can hear of a number of violent crimes reported in Chicago including drive-by shootings and murders even though they have some of the strictest gun control laws in this nation. Places of comparable size like Houston where gun control laws are much more relaxed have lower crime rates. Yet gun control advocates are still lobbying for more gun control laws.

Respect for law enforcement is at an all time low over racial issues. Perhaps some policemen and women are racially profiling as some groups believe, but the majority of policemen are just trying to protect and uphold the law. As in any sector of society there will be small percentages who do not do the right things. The recent killings of African Americans has brought many protests against the law enforcement, some have brought terrible violence upon the police themselves. It is never right to inflict judgment on an entire group of people because of the actions of a few. The recent Dallas protest that ended in tragedy as twelve officers were shot, five of who died from their injuries, should cause concern to every citizen in this country regardless of their race or social class. As the war on law enforcement continues across the United States we can expect further decline of our nation.

Gang Related Facts

  • There is at least 30,000 gangs throughout the United States.
  • About 15,500 homicides each year are gang related in the United States
  • 782,500 gang members approximately in 2011
  • 12% of homicides annually can be attributed to gangs in the United States

A Watered Down America

As scary as all these facts seem none is scarier than the change in the way many Americans regard their freedom. This country was founded on Godly principles and the idea that if a man works hard he can overcome any obstacle he needs to succeed. We have a large population now that believes they should be taken care of, and that someone owes them that because they exist. Americans used to have pride in themselves and their country. Many still do. There is a growing faction of Americans that lean toward being taken care of and who no longer are proud of our country and what it has stood for since its inception.

We have a growing number of citizens that have no clue what is going on and furthermore do not care as long as they aren’t bothered by it. It is the old “if it doesn’t affect me what do I care” mentality. We have listened to so much of the social communist agenda without even realizing it over the years. It has just swept in quietly and overtaken us.

We have been taught to be politically correct! The problem is everything we do or say offends someone and you cannot please everyone. We worry about offending this group or that group. We worry about offending everyone, but God. We have been gradually pushing Him out for years starting with kicking Him out of our public schools. Now we have school shootings all too often. We call on God to fix it yet He isn’t even allowed in the door.

Our churches water down the gospel because yet again we certainly don’t want to offend any potential tithers. Ministers are supposed to tell it like it is. Sometimes what they say hurts and stomps on our toes a bit. Personally, I would rather my entire foot hurt than burn in hell or someone I care about burn in hell because I didn’t want my toe stomped.

Our schools are halfway doing their job. We are a society of test takers and not thinkers. We can see that easily enough ever election cycle. So many voters go in the polls and vote how they were told to vote instead of checking the candidates out and judging their past performance. Still others are after the freebies and vote for who has promised them the most.

Americans have become passive. We sit back and allow the government to control way more than the constitution ever granted them. Part of this is that they never learned what the constitution says and how the branches are supposed to check and balance each other. Too many are so gullible. They believe whatever lies the politicians will tell them.

We are gradually becoming a Godless country. We have been running God out of everything. We don’t pray in public to keep from offending anyone. We have taken down most of our Godly statues and plaques to appease the atheist and other religions. We have allowed same sex marriage in many states. We even have many states that allow sex with animals. Then when we have a problem we cry out to God and want him to step in and fix it all for us one more time.

Do you think people are really safer in gun free zones?

See results

In Conclusion

Our government has overreached in so many areas of our lives including our local police in many cases. They have placed people in high places to side against us in times of trouble. They have made themselves above the law and are armed to the teeth. Politicians like Hillary Clinton can commit any crime and get away with it. You and I would be in crime for life for half what Clinton has done. We would be up for treason on our country if we had left classified information laying about in an unsecure server for the enemies to hack into and steal.

If we are to survive the coming years we better fall on our faces and cry out to our creator and ask Him to come back into our lives and take control back from this government and restore our youth and our homes! God is our only real hope in the coming years. We can fight, but unless God is with us it will be in vain. The Jews saw it both ways. God won many battles for the Jews, but he allowed them to lose some too when their hearts weren’t right. We are more blessed than the Jews in that we have His word and can see the blueprint to fix the issues. They had to live the writing of it. We can only pray that people will wake up before it is too late to the harsh realities our nation is facing! May God Bless America and our military and restore her to her former glory one nation under God! And please go and vote this November! I know many of you are disappointed in our choices in candidates, but we still need to vote. If you don't vote for one you are really voting for the other side to win. Trump is not my first choice and I don't totally trust him, but a vote for Clinton will drive this country far further in the pits of hell.

Works Cited

National Gang Center. National Youth Gang Survey Analysis. Retrieved [date] from


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    • Rebecca Reagan profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Reagan 

      4 years ago from Texas

      Americans have given the lowest bidder their money at great expense. As you said we have lost jobs and many businesses no longer exist because we have traded American job for lower cost cheaper goods and services over in places like China. I tis harder for college graduates to find work in their chosen career field compared to thirty years ago. Very true about having a generation of people who think their very existence gives them the right to entitlements.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      A lot of things have not changed a bit but there are still some huge differences. A corporate World has created low wages, no job security and a lack of value in personal humanity. We live in fear of losing our jobs on the smallest whim every day and work harder then ever to maintain our value. The latest generations were raised to be consumers and believers in entitlements. They were told for instance that a higher education would pay them a higher wage. We bought and consumed the idea and discovered it was a lie and a bad investment. I could tell you many examples and when you were taught this and learn that it is a lie, what can you tell your children. Oddly they still do not believe it until they waste their time and money. There are exceptions but the reward is not there any more, because your jobs are not here any more. American Interest is invested in low bidders not in this country.

    • Rebecca Reagan profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Reagan 

      4 years ago from Texas

      I grew up in smaller communities and cities in Texas and New Mexico. I know what I described is actually how it was when I was young. The adults got together for dinner while us kids played and ate together outside.. We swam while they played volleyball. Adults also played dominoes and card games. The whole neighborhood helped each other out in times of hardship. If a neighbor had a baby someone took care of their other kids and fixed meals.

    • KDLadage profile image

      K David Ladage 

      4 years ago from Cedar Rapids, IA

      By the time I graduated High School, I lived and went to school in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, California, Oregon, and Washington State.

      I have seen a lot of America. I was in the Navy for 10 years; I have seen a lot of the world. If you go back and look at the data, the world is (as I said), much as it has always been.

    • Rebecca Reagan profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Reagan 

      4 years ago from Texas

      Maybe you grew up in a much different part of the country than I did.

    • KDLadage profile image

      K David Ladage 

      4 years ago from Cedar Rapids, IA

      I think your memory, like most people's memory, creates and invents a past where everything was how it should be. It is a pretty fiction. The world is much as it has always been. The only major shift is the availability of information with which to shatter that illusion.

    • cathylynn99 profile image


      4 years ago from northeastern US

      "nostalgia isn't what it used to be." - peter devries


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