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Decay of the British Empire

Updated on August 24, 2016
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Comic, but tragic, E. T. Cote is frustrating. He writes what he calls "acid literature".

Britain doesn't need you unless you have money to pay, and not money to take

Of course we were all born in the same planet, but do we all have the right to live in a different country?

Do you think the country you live in should open doors to immigrants?

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Decay of the British Empire

For any immigrant who wishes to travel to the UK in order to find a proper job and earn some money, Britain seems to be a great place to go to. Well, it certainly is beautiful and organized, and the British are very polite people to talk to; but Great Britain is no longer that great. Britain is sinking fast. I’m not the first one to claim that. This has been said since Margaret Thatcher. And I am profoundly sorry to say that Theresa May won’t be any good either.

The pit in which my Brazilian friend Elton is living (London) causes us all exceeding misery. He’s travelled to England about three months ago, got a proper job and a nice clean place to live. So far so good. We were all so proud and satisfied. However, he just got to know that he’s being kicked out of the country he so deeply admired months ago. And now he’s leaving for good. I too have lost the interest and respect I used to have. The merciless inhumane vile villain might as well be the Prime Sinister, David Cameron, but I dare say he is the only one. We are used to seeing the villains in fairy tales dressed similarly, scowling at the people and grumbling all the time. But I ask you to step back to reality and take a look at the Westminster Abbey. You won’t find those villains there. Is that because there are no villains in Westminster Abbey? Forgive me my indelicacy but quit being so naïve. Of course there are villains in Westminster Abbey, but they are oh so well disguised. Yes, David Cameron (he who my grandmother calls a “wet blanket”) couldn’t stand the pressure and so he left Downing Street. But Britain disintegrating (I choose the word carefully) from the EU won’t be so helpful. It’s not that Britain wishes to support the economy; it’s just too proud to open its eyes and lend a helping hand to visitors.


Anti-Immigration policies around the world

Many might claim that the immigrants are downright ignorant, uneducated and poor. Well, some might be uneducated and poor, but certainly not all of them are ignorant, filthy and incapable of finding a reason to live for. Are we willing to get ourselves a clone of Donald Trump (or should I say Donald “Tramp”?) or what? What’s the use of sheltering all the British even though we know most of them aren’t as hard workers as some immigrants? Wouldn't you agree that a reasonable - and should I say, great - country is open to new opportunities and employees? Wouldn't you agree that only xenophobic dictatorships give their backs to immigration? Probably that's because they're afraid of something. Afraid that someone else might be more capable, knowledgeable and open-minded than themselves. And that's what capitalism is all about, am I right? Competitive businesses and employees. That's why we so dearly admire our 'democratic capitalism', and that's because we have 'freedom of choice', and we can pick what suits us best; that being products, companies, employers, employees or even political candidates. And aren’t the British supposed to prove how polite hosts they are and step aside and welcome their guests?

In Brazil there has been much debate about the recent campaign that allows foreigners with graduation in Medicine to come to Brazil and work as doctors or nurses in hospitals that need doctors. In Brazil, everyone complains about the precarious medical system that constantly needs investment and staff. Then when this clever idea comes, everyone complains that it'll take the native doctor's jobs. Well, that might be correct, but we all should never forget that when anyone graduates in Medical School, they prefer to work in the big cities than in far-away villages where most people are uneducated and poor. I'm sorry if I offend anyone but I am in favour of bringing in more doctors - it doesn't matter where they're from, all it matters is if they're good enough to do their job - in order to save lives that are left aside by the posh doctors who want only to take care of magnates. And now Brazilian politicians are complaining that most of these foreign doctors are coming from Cuba, and they're going to make Brazil become a communist country. I beg to differ. Are political facades more important than actually working for the health of the people that voted you in? That's the 'democratic capitalism' you praise so much. That's bringing opportunities for other people, getting the competitive capitalist engine going. Each and every day I am becoming more and more aware that most politicians really couldn't care less about their people's well-being.

Britain used to be powerful, important and attractive; but has become an intolerable place to live in. I have no plans of visiting England (except seeing my relatives), and all my passion and amazement has vanished. Britain’s magic has been revealed. I can’t help but quarrel and swear and pity and outcry for the people who are suffering with all this. And I include those who were born in Britain but don’t get the respect they deserve. They want to be heard as well; they aren’t in favour of what the wealthy decide. Let the arrogant narcissistic monarchs and self-important egoistic member of Parliament believe they have the support of the people. I can only speak for myself. And I am painfully ashamed.


And after all this, I leave it to the provocateur poet, who portrays this issue with delicacy and truth. This is Bob Dylan's I pity the poor immigrant.

© 2016 Edmund Timmins Cote

The author has expressed his point of view, but what is your opinion on this subject?

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