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December 2012 Passes and Nothing Changes?

Updated on December 23, 2012


Financial Experts?
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Yes, perhaps there were some changes to our future but nothing like some had expected.

One change, for the good was that on December 21st the United Nations voted that female genital mutilation was an offence. That at least was well over due.

As important as this may be, I do not think that anybody would call this event “world changing”.

Although the Mayan calendar had been around for hundreds of years, as had the predictions of Nostradamus, it was only in the last two years that the media stirred up a frenzy of public emotion with speculations of a world changing event. The alignment of the Galaxy, an advancing giant meteorite or even an alien invasion were speculated on by the press but little on the true changes that would affect our world.


There was however one event that could have world changing capabilities and that took place at the designated time.

It would appear that the United States House of Representatives, on December 21st, passed a military spending budget for the upcoming year.

The total bill is to be $633 billion.

Even in these times when the US is supposedly facing a financial cliff, this budget is still $1.7 billion more than what the President requested.

The breakdown of these expenses is: $528 billion for nation defense and energy, $17 billion for nuclear weapons projects and $88 billion for military interventions abroad.

Once again, I will repeat, the US is facing a financial cliff, something that they were not in 1952 during the Korean War when the agreed budget was $604 billion, 1968 neither during the Vietnam War when the agreed budget was $513 billion nor during the Cold War era of Reagan when in 1985 the agreed budget was $556 billion.

It would appear that the World changing event did take place, the US House of Representatives stood on the gas pedal instead of the brakes. Now that certainly can have effects that change the World.


Of course, one of the major consequences of this action may be the total destruction of the US Dollar. As the dollar is the International currency, then its drastic devaluation would have affects not only in the US but globally.

It is not only the physical damage to the dollar that is at stake though, it is also the damage this can do to the American image abroad.

China has already spoken out. Two things in the debate were of concern to them:

Firstly, the House recognized the Japanese sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, which are currently undergoing sovereignty disputes between China and Japan of which up to now, America had shown neutrality.

Second, an agreement to sell advanced F-16C / D jets to Taiwan and this though, whilst talks between China and Taiwan, are still in the process.

I know some will say, why not, China is increasing their military spending?

Is there a difference?

There is a difference. Firstly China only increases its military spending proportionally with the loan interest payments received from the US.

Secondly, China is not responsible for the International currency.

Thirdly of course, China is not facing a financial precipice.


Is there any justification for this action?

Some will of course argue that yes, America now more than ever has to be able to protect its foreign assets.

Perhaps but how true is that?

It could be said that two of the biggest reasons America is in this crisis today were Iraq and Afghanistan, but why?

True, America won the control of the oil assets of Iraq. That of course was the reason for having young Americans get killed. It was not to stop Saddam from using chemical weapons on the Kurds in his country: he had none. Now though it is reported that chemical weapons once owned by Libya are now in the hands of Turkey, Americas ally, and they are reportedly considering using them on the Kurds in their country. Was the money spent worth it?

Afghanistan though, unlike Iraq, was a total failure. Forget Ben Laden or the Taliban, Afghanistan was all about mineral rights and the US and the West totally failed.

If it was really about the Taliban, why is the West pulling out now when the Taliban are just starting to get back their strength?

No, Afghanistan was all about mineral rights and whilst the west was supposedly fighting their war on terror, China stepped in with diplomats only and secured all the Afghanistan mineral rights. Including the rights to mine Rare Earth, for which Afghanistan’s mining potential, is considered to be only second to those of China.

Was that American money and lives well spent?

Is this what the House considers protection of their assets?

To me it seems more like war mongering for financial gain, so why did they call this a defense budget not an acquisitions budget?

Yes December 21st 2012 could have had a World changing event happen. We just haven’t felt it yet.

What we should really be asking ourselves is this: Where is the media hype about this?


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Another great article perhaps now we know why there was so much hype about a calendar coming to an end to distract the public from the The Powers That Be true agenda.

      Now we know why America wanted a strong military presence in The South China Sea a result of Typhoon Bopha.

      What I find of even more interest (being the Polar Shift nutard) is that a majority of the public seems to have believed the Mayan Calendar end date was somehow related to Nibiru Planet X and the ongoing Polar Shift.