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Deception, Distraction and Sleight of Hand

Updated on August 4, 2017

The Social Engineering of Public Opinion-2017

You have to read between the lines when watching mainstream TV nowdays. There is social engineering going on there. How about the Russia scandal? How about Jared & Ivanka not to mention a thousand inane tweets from the President of the United States. It drones through the corporate media like a mantra. It hypnotizes with repetition. I can’t believe how the old cud has been regurgitated again and again through the tedium of those poor sycophant anchors. Yet we listen. We tune in. We leave it on. This is what we are meant to see and do. It’s political theater of the highest caliber. In actuality, there are two factions of the same seemingly dysfunctional Trump Show. At the other end of the bread & circuses provided by the White House, there is the real machine. It’s the Paul Ryan / Mitch McConnell Machine. It’s the Oligarchic, Corpocratic Machine. It’s the Fascist, Subjugation Machine and it has no regard for the lowly citizen. It exists on a non-human level akin to that of a canning machine or a robotic spray painter. It’s only symbiotic relationship is with the Military Industrial Complex, the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance companies. The machine has no conscience or humanity, only an insatiable appetite for one thing and that thing is MORE; more sweat, more anxiety, more goods, more consumption, more ecological destruction, more war, more corporate profits and yet more war. The hubris of American Exceptionalism and blind Nationalism has turned us into the anthesis of that which we profess to be. Ain’t no huddled masses welcome here. The United States of America has become a global powerhouse of military intimidation both abroad and increasingly at home. We are the international bully. America is now akin to the European kingdoms from which the founding fathers once fled. Eisenhower’s warning about the “Military Industrial Complex” was a little too little, a little too late. The MIC has taken over the government and become our global identity. “There will always be a war because war is profitable.” so says historian and documentary film maker Francis Richard Conolly. America’s commodity is war.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D.-Calif.) stands ALONE in opposition to Paul Ryan’s attempts to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Act put in place after 9/11. AUMF prohibits Trump (Already violated by him with his unauthorized bombing of the Syrian airport) or any President from designating military action without Congressional consent. If Ryan is successful, and I think he will be, it’s open season on humans. Like the new CBS social engineering propaganda show SEAL Team says in the trailer, “You can run but you can’t hide.” This is happening now! At this point in history, if Ryan is successful, it will be like handing a loaded semi-automatic pistol to a five-year old. The constitution is being circumvented and disregarded right before our very eyes. It’s happening now people! Does anyone care? Very little in the media except for the Russian distraction which dominates it. Where is the Congressional outrage? The answer is that both Democratic and Republican so called “representatives” are sucking from the same corporate teat as we stand by watching and wondering, “Why isn’t anything being done?”.

As American citizens struggle for survival, is a $54-billion increase in defense spending really necessary? Of course not. We achieved global military dominance years ago but apparently, somewhere along the corpocratic line, baby needs a new pair of Gulfstream jets. I’d like to get my fifteen-year old Honda fixed. The pharmaceutical companies are raping us for money to buy more and more TV ads to convince us that one more pill is all we need to feel better. Are you sick of pharmaceutical commercials yet? How much does a pill cost to manufacture? Need an anti-depressant or a drug you may become addicted to? Just ask your doctor. Oligarchy got you down? Take a couple of these and suffer the side effects and high cost rather than grow an organic plant in your backyard for free that would have the same effects, only better. Oh sorry, that’s against the law in 42 out of 50 of the semi-United States. This is predation and unfortunately, we are the prey. How can a group of so called “representatives” vote to deny health care to ANY AMERICAN when they themselves have access to the best healthcare in the country free of charge? How can a group of people take food out of the mouths of hungry AMERICAN CHILDREN? How about the $15-billion for the ridiculous wall? How many school breakfasts and lunches would that buy for the children of parents working two minimum wage jobs just to survive in 2017? Corporate machine don’t care. Corporate machine ain’t got no soul. It’s a machine. ~


© 2017 Walter Holokai


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 5 months ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      You are absolutely spot on, Walter. Our military defense complex has been out of control for a long time. President Eisenhower warned us of this in his farewell address. It is high time we addressed this but this industry has everyone in their pocket. Excellent Hub.