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Declaration to the "Other Side"

Updated on April 26, 2010

What do You Want From Us?

      This is for all of the people who have given in to the trend of "Controlled Electronic Consciousness".   When we are happy, you spit on us.  When we are strong of heart and mind, you call us "cold".  When we are able to speak out and reveal the truth, you call us "Rats" and shower us with insinuations that we are going to die soon - then increase your electronic harassment 4 - fold.  When we survive this torment, you either give us credit or call us "Roaches".  When we try to earn a decent living for our families, you imply that we are "Squirrels".  When we are lucky enough to have sex, you call us "trash". 

     My impression of all this is that these people "like" us when we are utterly miserable, aging faster than we are supposed to be, stressed-out and ultimately clinging to the very outer margins of our sanity.  We are often referred to as "food" by you guys.  You creep us out with illusions that you are "Aliens", "Devils" and "Demons" trying to possess our souls.  I do not believe that you are anything more than poor, brainwashed souls who get their emotions from an: external, un-natural, repressive source.  I pity you.  I hope that there is some shred of who you used to be inside those "too-perfect-missing-something" bodies.  I cannot (nor do I wish to) know how WEIRD you all must feel compared to us "naturals".  The impression I get is that you feel no control over your lives.  The way you are connected to each other belies a mental state VERY far from normal, natural, independant human existence. 

      You accuse us of "stealing" when we feel anything close to: bliss, ecstacy, release, power........when in fact, these things are inalienable human rights outlined in the constitution (you know, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness).  In fact, when we find ways to feel good, we aren't stealing at all.........we are reclaiming our lives from a bunch of life-stealers.  You just happen to be the majority, so you can say whatever will extract the most: outrage, fear, guilt and self-loathing from us.  Your "language" renders the mind sluggish, stupid and unable to think for itself.......yet you speak highly of it as though it were something desirable.  In my book, mental freedom is wonderful and anything that restricts this ability is: malevolent, repressive and contrary to the beliefs upon which our country was founded. 

     We are learning how to foil your mind-tricks which once horrified us.  You have my permission to call me whatever you feel(?) like, because ANY insult from you is in fact a compliment to any NORMAL human being.  These are OUR values: strength, independant thought, boundaries, rights, freedom, the ability to stand firm against (or at the very least, avoid) being controlled by anyone/anything else.   You might have created an environment which is difficult for us to live in, but we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to hostile environments BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  You call this "cheating"........I call it RECLAIMING OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS. 

     In summary: my impression is that you want us to die on the inside so that we can be controlled from the outside.  Through the right counter-measures (Abilify/Clonopin/Trazodone/listening to OUR OWN music (from within or from without), you look like ordinary people again.  Then we can Love you and pray that something awakens within you when you perceive us.  You feed on hate, so the Bible's advice "Love thy neighbor as yourself" is very useful.  God is a very important factor: merely thinking his name (Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim) can send you fleeing from us or at the very least SAVE us when things are getting out-of-hand.  I won't call you any specific name because if we judge you, we are ourselves judged.  To the REAL PEOPLE out there: be nice, keep going, use counter-measures, see the world as it SHOULD BE no matter how alienating it may seem.  They call us "Dinosaurs", I call us REMNANT or SURVIVORS.  Hang in there, help is on the way!   


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