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Decline of America

Updated on April 24, 2009

I voted for Obama, cause i believed in most of the same things he was preaching to us (americans). I feel that Obama has a bright future ahead of him hes only been in office for a few months and yet alot of people are arrogant and frustrated because somthing has most often then not affected their way of life and in their frustration people think what a bad decision and  thought that change was gonna come fairly quick. People are still losing their jobs and the housing market is still dropping. But these people who are complaining have the right to. But Obama has not had enough time to create programs to completely turn our economic recession around it is going to take time, like the saying rome was built in a day which of course is false. The roman empire did not build rome in a day, it took several years to create the city and the empire surrounding it. As well as America this recession wont just go away in a day it will take time and a lot of effort to thwart the money struggles we face in todays society.

In President Obamas first week he Froze top white house staff member salaries and from there he has also set a deadline for the closing of Guantanimo. He has created programs that will fast track the process that will apply new fuel standards and stricter emission laws by 2011. He has also banned a few other things and unbanned others. He is continuesly working on many other programs and looking over laws and propositions. Hes not wasting any time he is working to change america back to the family america it is remebered for it is just going to take time.

Who do you think would make the better president?

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    • profile image

      bernie1936 8 years ago

      Obama sheeple!

      Wake up and stop believing what he says. He is an excellent speaker thanks to his teleprompter.

    • Pete Maida profile image

      Pete Maida 8 years ago

      You are absoultely correct. Obama is moving this country in another direction and that takes time.