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Decorum, Decorum...where art thou?

Updated on March 8, 2017


Political Editorial

The Trump Health Care plan has made its debut with a lot less bickering and hand wringing than I expected. But what can you expect from a plan that is a lot like the old plan but without the mandate. I’ve been saying that all along, but no one listens to me. Just ask my wife.

There is a penalty for those who allow their health plans to expire, and I will get to that in another article.

When I sat down this morning I was going to list all the differences in the old and the new ACA. I even thought about just not writing at all, because there have been so many articles about this already that I’m sure, if you’re like me, you don’t want to hear about comparisons. You want to hear facts and figures as to how much this will cost me and my family. You want a bagel and crème cheese. Not stale cereal in sour milk.

But since I don’t have those figures this morning to toss around and my self-imposed deadline looms, I decided to write about decorum instead.

Decorum or Can't We Get Along...NO!

The Media once again is making a big deal out of President Trumps wiretapping allegations against Former President Obama.

Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian, makes the claim that it is a tradition… “that you treat your predecessor with a degree of grace and decorum.”

Really, what about Obama and the rest of the Liberal left who bashed, stomped, kicked, pocked, prodded, and laughed at Former President Bush? For that matter, Bush on Clinton, or Clinton on Bush...there’s a joke in that somewhere.

The Media protects Obama like a mother lion protecting her cubs in the wild. But after eight years in the Whitehouse is he really a cub anymore?

Hasn’t he grown his own gonads?

Brinkley went on to say, “There are these kinds of things that have happened in the past, but nothing to the degree where a sitting president would charge his predecessor with a felony. It creates a feeling of instability in the United States.”


Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for Obama called Donald Trump's wiretapping allegations "simply false…neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen."

"A cardinal rule of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice,"

"As part of that practice neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen."

"Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”

Well blow me down. I guess we should take that as gospel and shout AMEN!

The part that got me was, “…ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen.”

Really? I wonder if the name, Snowden crossed Lewis’s mind after making that statement.

Honey pass the bagels this is getting good.


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