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Deem and Pass Democracy Away

Updated on March 18, 2010

Pass at the price of democracy

To whom do I speak? To whom do I write? Who can put the brakes on this so-called healthcare reform? Why are the Democrats and the President so bent on reforming healthcare without actually reforming healthcare? Who and how is this being funded?

Have these questions been answered by those who would push so hard for it to be reality? Did they address tort reform? Did they reform billing processes of the medical field? Did they make the businesses pay for this…which means we are paying for it?

I cannot write my senators because one is older than dirt and probably has to be reminded daily who he is, and the other is a democrat…oh, that’s right; they are both Democrats, so “talk to the wall”.

Who has the ability to stop this runaway train? These foolish people are busy putting a cast on a laceration, bandaging the head of a person with a fever, and giving the ill cough syrup when they need a transfusion. So many people are being duped by the supposed reform. The sad news is, folks, is we, the public, are now being treated the same way England treated the colonists before the birth of the great country.

This “deem and pass” means is backdoor politics. They cannot or dare not pass the bill the normal way, so they have to resort to some little used loophole procedure. And the President, in his Fox news interview basically said that he is not concerned about the means as long as we end up with his healthcare reform. So, the President is telling us that any means to an end is acceptable. Since when is that they way democracy is supposed to work?

Something this big should be set on a national referendum. Unfortunately, this has more to do with Obama’s ego than the true needs of this nation. Where Clinton failed, Obama was successful. I dare him and the democrats to put their ideas and ideals up against a straight out vote by the citizens of this country.

This is the absolute saddest moment of this country. Nice job!


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