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Deep Truth

Updated on February 12, 2017

One thing which I look around makes me smile and feel positive here in India.

We always see them as poor, sad and hungry, which are no doubt are the bitter facts, but in spite of being aware that poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment are the biggest enemies in today’s time after a corruption or better to say caused by corruption, there is another point of view to look into another side of it.

’The charming side’

One of the main reasons for them to stay happy and carefree is that they are kids. Kids are pure and honest, they are fun, they are limitless, they are free, but here I am talking about the poor street kids. These kids have no high facilities, expectations or dissatisfaction, they have too little and they learned to be satisfied with that much still they are happier than the riches, what makes them the richest and we call them beggar, how funny.

I realized this fact, one day while going for an audition in Mumbai when I saw these kids on the side of the main road, swinging in this self-made swing, made of torn Tyre, which itself was in a bad condition, but the kids swinging on it, looked the happiest on the earth and this is what I thought to myself "This is the truest happiness we keep searching for". One can forget all its sorrows if just once get to see a scenario like this.

When I saw these kids playing, it felt so different. The laughter they had was splendid and had a healing power.

The key word is FREEDOM here. These kids are the free souls

They own the whole sky and the whole earth, they can play a whole day. They are not dependent or bound. They don’t need bungalows and expensive things to be happy, they can simply find happiness in little anything. They don’t worry about what they have or what will they get, they are carefree and live in the moment.

They don’t need to wait for their parents to buy them one proper swing or take them to the parks, where they might not be allowed, instead, they can make their own swings.

They don’t need any games they are open and free to play with anything they find and create any games by themselves and they might have more fun than many of us. They have life and they are so lively.

They don’t need fancy dresses, they are happy without clothes or may be in something torn.

They don’t need fancy cars they are good with just running around.

They don’t need a big birthday celebration even though they must have dreamed of, but actually, they might not even know their birthdays to dream about the celebrations and to feel sad about.

They can eat anything in contrast to us. Their agenda is to calm hunger and not the greed for different tastes.

They are happiest in any situation as they don’t have many expectations.

I personally have spoken to many such kids, they never sound sad, in fact, they are very notorious, mischievous, carefree and joyful. The energy they carry is spectacular. They sound more positive and enthusiastic than many of us.

I don’t encourage giving money to kids, I rather like them to eat something or maybe have some clothes and the way they sprightly welcome these offers can give you teary glowing eyes.

They are our teachers. They teach us the real meaning of happiness, they show us the true smile and not the artificial ones which almost everyone wears nowadays.

They have nothing in comparison to a rich kid. Toys, facilities, schooling, birthday parties, fancy dresses, nothing of it, but still they look happier and at ease, still they have something bigger.

What we have, they might not have, but they can manage without it, but what they have, we don’t and that is sad because that is why it’s hard for us to manage.

We are bound with attachments, desires, expectations, greed, ambitions and materialistic approach which never let us have the complete happiness as these things always left us unsatisfied.

If the inside is full of sadness and darkness, no matter how much you pretend to wear a smile or be funny it won’t give you any satisfaction. You can make people think that you are so cool, so happy and funny, but you can never lie to your own self. So, set yourself free and play a little like kids to feel the touch of true happiness.

© 2016 Divya Merh


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    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      2 years ago

      You are most welcome Divya :)

      Creative writers get always get such motivational and inspiring comments on the spot. :)

      I agree with you because Appreciations in our country is very less especially for "Writers" like us :)

      Keep on writing :)

      Bless you :)

    • Divya Merh profile imageAUTHOR

      Divya Merh 

      2 years ago

      Thanks a lot, Ashish, it feels great to have such motivating comments. Appreciations like these inspire to write more :))

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      2 years ago

      @ Divya Merh,

      Very nicely written on a sensitive topic.

      I liked your style of writing, with help of fewer words you have nailed it.

      Your words gave me goosebumps.

      Welcome on HubPages. :)




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