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Defeating Socially-Engineered Mental Breakdowns

Updated on November 9, 2010

Beating Psychological Warfare

      There are new ways to mess with the human mind than ever before.  My theory is that these modern techniques are being used to break the human mind so that it can be "re-educated".  All of these electronic illusions are LIES, designed to demoralize you and make you give in to this new way of processing reality.

     You can regard the story I'm about to tell as an internal struggle(which it most certainly is) or a battle with outside forces which implanted these horrifying thoughts.  First, you are made to feel really weird around others, especially the people you Love.  Ultimately, I got the impression that "Aliens" had psychically-invaded the minds of everyone around me, even those I Love most. 

      It became like being the sole survivor of "Invasion of the Body-Snatchers".  With everyone I knew being not themselves anymore - it was hard to keep on wanting to live.  The key is that although many have been "re-educated", they aren't aliens - that's just to scare the sanity out of you.  I actually tried to leave my own body to escape the horrible reality in which I had been imprisoned (allowed myself to be imprisoned in).  My parents actually took me to the E.R. because it looked like I WAS going to die.

     This is all an ILLUSION - A DEADLY ONE.  If you believe you can leave the body and all that, it might be possible...........personally, I think it's a PERFECT HOAX to cause ONE THING - a Psychotic break with reality followed by "re-training", all so we can all be "better citizens".  Seems like we are supposed to be grouped into "Dog people" or "God People".  Me, I'm going with the 1.  I'm not leaving 2.  I respect God, but no one is going to put me through a mental-break to know Him better 3.  Everyone is actually who they were before all this INSANITY and I will Love them no matter what I feel. 

     Recovering from a near-break with reality sucks.  You have to do everything so gently or it feels like that ear-ringing will tear your mind apart.  You DO get stronger, though and in time..............everything seems just like it was before I was "stalked".  I use medications to LESSEN THE STRENGTH OF THESE ILLUSIONS.  I use headphones to "hang up the phone on insanity".  Somtimes, I use nothing and defeat these illusions while DOING OTHER THINGS.  Keep your mind active and it's much harder for whatever-this-is to get a word in edgewise.  An active mind is like a muscle being worked in the gym - it makes for a strong that you can't PROGRAM! 


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