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Defence or Offense?

Updated on August 4, 2012

Defense or Offence

Defense Services are a complete waste of money and resources. War is the most foolish thing ever done by man. All animals fight but only man wages war. In fact, defense services is the wrong name given to armed forces. They should be aptly called forces, because they are means to force your will upon others!

It is all result of commercialization and profit based marketing that it is considered an honor to join forces and even considered to be an act of serving your fellow men. I do not coincide with that thought. IMHO, if one has to serve, he should raise the consciousness of people to do the right thing. War and military is just wrong. Yes, there are terrorism, violent activism and other bad stuff going on but Police, CRPF, ATS etc should be good enough to fight back. Army is just plain foolishness of man spending money on it is also a waste.

We should get our basics right. Why fight? Do your neighbor as you do yourself. You and your neighbor would both be benefited. I know that is not the case. But why? Science tells us to ask why. So should we. Well, there is a simple answer to that. Its like this because there is inequality amongst men. People fight of only that reason. Inequality of resources, both natural and intellectual, causes differences, and hence jealousy and hatred in society.

Nations should come closer to create a global governance. In that case there would be no need for borders and forces. In such a scenario, only regular law enforcement would be good enough and after a while and I hope even that wouldn't be needed if we follow good commandments.

Democracy is a foolish system of maintaining order in society. It is based on the false assumption that people are fair, care for others and can be inherently believed to write and follow good laws and commandments for just behavior.

Humans never followed humanity so here are a few tips to improve existing widespread governance system called democracy.

1.Equal opportunity for all. Now equal means truly equal. Not only educationally and by rights but also intellectually and upbringing-wise.

2. Minimum wage and a job for everyone as no-one wants to sit idle.

3. Wealth regulation and penalty on excessive wealth accumulation.

That's it. Simple but it will take time for the existing society and order to change in accordance.


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    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines

      Offense is the best defense.