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Defending Your Body From Electronic Harassment

Updated on November 16, 2011

Defending against "The Breath Constrictor"

      A targeted individual can be electronically-attacked by being given the sensation that they are having trouble breathing.  This problem can easily be solved by putting on a thick, leather jacket.  You might not even realize why you feel so uncomfortable.  It pretty-much makes it impossible to sleep.  I found that out just last night - didn't get a wink of sleep. 

     Tonight, the same thing was going on:  I just couldn't get comfortable whenever I layed down to go to sleep.  Well, tonight I listened to my body and figured out that my chest was being constricted and I was having trouble breathing.  I'd read somewhere on the web that heavy, leather clothing really helped with being harassed, so I put my good ole leather jacket on and what do you know?  The problem went away. 

     They really don't want me to write this right now.  I'm cacthing Hell in all possible forms, but I have a duty to tell you these things so that you are not potentially-murdered inside.  They taunt me with psychic death threats........but when you THINK about it:  better to have died doing the right thing for once so maybe God can forgive the way that I have lived.  Say they actually got the job done and killed me tonight.  This is what would very quickly follow:  I'd wake up standing before the Lord and  he'd ask (just like the Bible says) :  "And what did you do to shelter my little ones?"  and man, I do not want to come up short.  A humanitarian act is a humanitarian act.  It becomes who you are deep down inside.  It restores the dingy soul.  By reducing suffering in this world, I am doing exactly what I would want to do for my daughter:  protect them.  Protecting someone is a UNIVERSAL concept.  If you can save your child from being hurt because of me:  that's fatherly Love.  The fact that I face great danger makes me a Hero........and I need to be one again.  


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    • profile image

      Rae 5 years ago

      If you put a some foil or maybe a cookie sheet where you lay your head, you can actually hear the force hitting the sheet. Its amazing to watch and hear but it does serious damage to your body and mind.