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Definition of "Advanced Placement Tests (AP)"

Updated on July 3, 2017

These are tests operated by the College Board which makes it possible for high school students to undertake college based courses and go on to earn college credits, hence qualifying the students to advance their courses if the AP test is passed. Currently, the College Board administers a total of 38 examinations which spans across 22 subject areas. Schools where AP courses are offered vary. In 2013, 33.2 percent of students undertook Advanced Practice examinations where 20 percent of these students scored more than 3 credits on at least one AP test. Students with 504 or IEPs plans can qualify to take AP exams. Such a student may seek an approval from the College Board Services to be categorized among Students with Disabilities. In most cases, AP tests prove to be quite demanding and students must use a significant level of effort for them succeed (The Pennsylvania Association of State Education, 2016).


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