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Deflecting Electronic Panic Attacks

Updated on April 27, 2010

Putting a Stop to Electronic Panic Attacks

      One of the worst aspects of electronic harassment is the tangible feeling that something is about to go wrong.  The stress often drives people to keep changing what it is they are planning on doing in the hope of averting this "disaster" and in so doing - get absolutely nothing useful accomplished. 

     The attempts to get you worried are repeated over and over again, so you will find yourself "self-re-assuring" quite often.  How do you Self-Re-Assure?  Here's how I do it:  When I feel the "upcoming disaster" feeling, I say this to myself:  IF ISN'T, NEVER WAS AND WILL NEVER BE AND EVERYTHING IS JUST FINE!  Oddly enough, just telling yourself this simple thing can bring back that secure feeling we all felt before the U.S. became a "Kingdom of Fear" through the use of these non-lethal weapons that play with your mind.

     One way to freak someone out is to make it feel like you wish to harm someone you Love.  Tonight, the pressure to allow bad thoughts to pass through my mind was more intense than it has ever been.  I turned this energy inward, against my own physical body to avert these disturbing thoughts and guess what?  It totally WORKED.  As long as I imagined my own body (especially areas being made to feel like doing bad things) being destroyed and reduced to nothing but ashes - these synthetic "bad thoughts" could be completely obliterated.  It took work, but it kept my Love for my brother PURE, untainted by filth. 

     I think that that if you convince yourself you'd rather not exist than think these things, then these things lose their power and you are free to Love the people who matter and keep "the way between you" clear, not muddled by these "false feelings".  Thus you can exchange meaningful ideas and emotions - your relationship is PRESERVED.  Do you know how good that feels after being a victim of these "demoralization sensations"?  Quite AWESOME!!!! 

     By destroying your perception of yourself as a body, your mind/heart take over.  A deeper sense of purpose can be felt in this state of mind/body separation.  Your body is where you are manipulated by these electrical forces, your mind can think/Love ON IT'S OWN and boy is free-will awesome!  So if bodily sensations are driving you nuts, cut off the body part that is feeling them. Convince the mind that "this isn't real, never was real and won't be real and EVERYTHING IS FINE and you can win more independance for yourself, more Love for your Loved-Ones and GREATER CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE!!!


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    • loveofnight profile image


      8 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      meditating on the positive before you venture out is always a good move.


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