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Deflecting Psychotronic Harassment

Updated on March 27, 2011

Deflecting Psychotronic Harassment

      Much of electronic harassment is directed at us in the form of "thought harassment".  These goons are capable of giving us the most ugly thought WE could ever imagine.  To stop this sort of thing from happening, we must stop these thoughts at the very outer-margins of our perception and then FORGET them to prevent from having our imagination turned against us. 

     It's kind of like having an incomplete sentence sent to us in the form of a HORRIBLE CONCEPT.  We musn't go on to "fill in the blanks" like we are prone to do.  These ideas are pure poison, to know them is to hate yourself - because they are DESIGNED to make you LOSE FAITH IN YOURSELF.  The concept feels like an incomplete sentence.  When you succesfully stop one of these "viral thought patterns" from getting inside you, you'll get this temporary feeling of loss.  It feels like you lost a lotto ticket that could have had a million dollars under those grey squares. 

     The thing is that this is psychotronic equipment designed to poison the mind, so it has NOTHING GOOD to offer you.  Learn to FREEZE those bad ideas in the conceptual form and then just forget them.  The human mind is a curious thing.  It wants to reach out to those barely tangible things and make them a SOLID PICTURE.  Well, take it from someone dumb enough to fall for this "mind-scam" thousands of times:  It's a picture of you doing the most awful thing you could think of, so just FORGET IT. 

     To those of you like me, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.  The key to knowing if a thought "isn't worth having" is your ringing ears.  If your ears are ringing, forget whatever comes into your head as soon as you notice that "incomplete thought".  Say (in your own mind) - this is merely the CONCEPT of thus-and-such and leave it there to die where it belongs.  Find something else to think about, focus on your ringing ears and NOT your VISUAL IMAGINATION and you cannot be FORCED to THINK anything! 

     The "pre-thought" enters a very breif "zone of eradication" as it passes into your mind.  This is where you can grab it, NOT focus on it and dump it like the steaming pile of mental cr2p that it is.  If you want to make it easy, just take a clonipin (1mg tablet) plus 2 Abilify (5 mg tablets).  Funny how something designed to prevent insanity also prevents ELECTRONICALLY-INDUCED INSANITY.  This is not what the average person does when confronted by such thoughts.  Either they BLAME THEMSELVES (don't EVER blame yourself), refuse to take medication because they know they are sane and continue suffering until they psychologically break down so they can be brainwashed like most people are. 

     Last and not least:  in a world where COUNTERFEIT THOUGHTS abound, simply refuse to believe ANY BAD THOUGHTS ABOUT YOU.  It's funny money, it's mental poison.  Heck, I still let some slip by me and I simply do not care. It is better to STOP them though, because you'll get psychically-heckled for ALLOWING such filth/sickness to PASS THROUGH your mind.  I've got the poor mans solution to that, too:  SIMPLY DON'T CARE (but work on learning to stop these thoughts from getting in in the first place).  You seem to get smarter the more mentally elusive you become.  Learn to CHANGE HOW YOU THINK.  This way, you duck every time the s22t hits the fan!    In any case, apply THIS AXIOM:  IF IT'S A BAD THOUGHT, I DIDN'T THINK IT SOMEONE ELSE DID.  This will get your self-esteem on the mend so we can stamp out these jerks once there are enough of us!


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      I have been a test subject of this psychotronic system since 1996. Back then thay called it "Poler Tapping".I was told that the system was a project of the DOD at that time.The techniques are primarely controled by the DHS now, or sub-contracted out to private orginizations.The official name for the teams, people have come to know as gang-stalkers are actually called "C.I.G.A.R.-Teams".This stands for,Civil Intellagents Gathering And Reconnesence.(sorry about the spelling.)I have 15.5 years of experience with these teams.The technique is to get the subject to(verbaly, and in written form)confess to some crime or other.Once the documentation is established, you will be aprouched by team members (with the illusion of open arms)to participate with the project/cigar-teams.What the subject doesn't realize untell to late is that the origigzation will use the documented confession against you as a form of "black-mail".That is why you never have any whistle blowers come fourth from any of the covert teams.Deception and Extortion are the foundation of the entire system.I personally have been approached on several occations by teams in the past,I figured the system out along time ago and have been a huge mistake one team after another.Pay attention to the methods used against you.Wright everything down, Keep a journal.I will give you 2 key's right now, (1)Research the methods of psycholocical torcher cultivated and prefected by the japanese in WW11, The koreans in sead war,and the veitnames during that war.It is a flat text book system of how to apply sleep deprovation ect, ect, and then good cop, bad cop.The secont key is to study "Hypnoses" and the menipulation of the sub-conscious.You do these things I've layed out and the scales will fall from your eyes.By the way, a great deal of the psychotronic menipulation is done while you are asleep.Keeping you in theta sleep (5-6 Htz/cycles per second)No delta sleep, which is why you wake up feeling exausted even after 8 hours of sleep.Theta wave lenth keeps you sub concious close to the surface. Remember as long as the teams don't have a verbal and or written confession of anything,you can go tell/think these teams to go Fuck them selves.

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      I have been suffering now with v2k, electromagnetic harassment, psychotronics, mind control for the past 10 years. Sometimes they hurt my insides because of something I do that they don't like. If anyone knows how to stop these people esspecially if you know all 26 of them? My name is Dave email

    • profile image

      Contra 7 years ago

      Thanks for this these freemasons must be wiped clean, one day the world will know and we will win.