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Delhi – When will it be a problem-free city?

Updated on July 27, 2014

Delhi the capital city

Though the capital city, there are many problems embedded. From price hike to long power cuts, from scarcity of water to rising bills, Delhiites are faced with innumerable problems. Women in Delhi are not safe, they are scared to move out of their houses at night.

Who is responsible for it? The government needs to take stock of the situation and pay attention to all the problems faced by the people. The new government has made many promises to make Delhi a safe and corruption-free city. Are any steps being taken? Have a look at some of the problems that the capital city is faced with:

Power Crisis and Corruption

The scarcity of power leads to repeated and long power cuts in the city. This has made the lives of people difficult. As per the power sector the demand for electricity will cross 6,000 MW mark this year. The inability to take decisions on time and lack of infrastructural investment are the main reasons behind the problem. The political parties instead of trying to find the solution to the problem are involved in blame game.

In order to deal with the problem the Lieutenant Governor, Najib Jung recently took certain steps to ensure proper power supply to the people. As per the decision the malls will not receive power supply after 10 pm. It would be mandatory for government offices to put off their air-conditioners for at least an hour a day. In order to conserve energy, street lamps would be switched off at night.

Corruption in India is spreading like an epidemic. It is present everywhere in one form or the other. The interconnection between bureaucrats, politicians and criminals leads to corruption. There was a time when bribes were given to do wrong things but now people give bribe even for a right ttask. Several protests and demonstrations take place in Delhi against rising corruption. Anna Hazare played a significant role in initiating anti-corruption campaigns. He asked government to enact a new law in the form of Jan Lokpal Bill to fight corruption.

One thing that government needs to ensure is unbiased use of various anti-social regulations that ensures quick legal action against the wrongdoers. The laws should be such that they cannot be influenced by politicians or money.

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Population and Crime rate

The increasing population is one of the major challenges faced by the government in the capital city as it brings with it a host of other problems. As of 2011 India census, Delhi had a population of around 16,753,235. By 2020 it is expected that the population of Delhi will rise by 40%. Better infrastructure and living standard in the city attracts people from all over the country. Due to rapid population growth, the city is faced with the problem of space. It appears as if the people in the city are increasing and the shape is shrinking. Another problem is that of inadequate resources. Due to increasing population, unemployment also increases.

The migrants into Delhi are increasing year by year. The government needs to understand the density of the problem and take effective steps in the direction. There needs to be a law that can put a limit on the number of people coming to Delhi whether in search of a job or any other reason.

Is it the inefficiency of the Delhi police or the government that the crime rate in Delhi is increasing? As per the reports, 20,000 more criminal cases were recorded in the year 2013 as compared to 2012. Delhi is at the top in all the crimes including murder, molestation, rape etc. Have you ever thought of the reasons behind the increasing crime graph. It could be the lack of resources, the nexus between the police and the criminals and the slow judgement process.

Looking at the increasing crimes against women, the government should make new laws to address violence against women. What people require is the safety of women at every walk of life. Know about dates, results and other information about Delhi Elections

Election and NOTA

Main Points

Power Crisis



Crime rate



In simple terms, inflation is the rise in prices of the daily commodities. Higher inflation leads to lower purchasing power. As the prices increases, the demand for the commodities decreases. Food inflation is on a constant rise. People in Delhi have come out on the streets to protest against the problem. Inflation emerged as the key issue in Delhi assembly elections. Every party while campaigning focussed on it. All the parties make big promises to end inflation. Do they live upto their promises?

To solve the problem of inflation, the BJP recently promised to initiate various schemes like “food for all”, pensions etc which will bring some comfort to the people of Delhi. Will these schemes be implemented?

Will the dream of Delhi becoming a better place to live be materialised? Will there be a day when a girl would be able to walk out safely even at midnight? Let us see if the new government is able to solve all the problems.


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