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Demand of Hazara Province

Updated on March 20, 2016

Many people from different part of Pakistan frequently asked question to me:
Why you (Hazarewals) demanding separate province over renaming of N.W.F.P?
Is the Hazara Province Movement for Hinhko Speakers? And if formation of Hazara Province is done then what is the status of pakhtoons in Hazara Province?

I told them that the grievances of Hazarewals, are only not over the name Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The renaming of NWFP merely triggered expression of their frustration against the treatment meted out to them. The name issue is just a symptom, the root lies elsewhere.
As you all people know that, Hazarewals are famous for their hospitality and peacefulness.70% of population speaks Hindhko and Hazara is a land of 8 million people.
Most of tribes living in Hazara are “pakhtoons” either hindko speaker or Pashto speakers.
And all tribes whether they are pakhtoons or non-pakhtoons have been living there for last 800 years. And you all people of Pakistan know that there is no problem between them. They all are living their in peace. You people never ever heart about any tribal clash between them. All tribes living in Great land of Hazara call themselves proudly “Hazarewal” regardless they are Karlals, Jadoons, Swati, Kohistani, Tareens, Gujjars etc. There is no discrimination on linguistic basics. But Hazarewals are labeled as "Panjabiyan" when they cross the Attock Bridge into the Pashto-speaking areas of the province, while they are labeled as "Pathans" when they go to Punjab. They are in a situation of neither here nor there.

The labeling of Hazarewals as "Panjabiyan" is an expression of contempt, since a Pakhtun does not hold much respect for Punjabis--let us be honest to us. A Pakhtun's calling someone a "Punjabi" suggests the victim's alleged cowardice or lack of honour. There is a real issue, the unavoidable contempt in this for Hazarewals, which needs to be addressed.

In Punjab, the "Pathan" label similarly denotes contempt, though there is a tinge of humour to it. For a Punjabi the term "Pathan" can be a reference to someone's alleged lack of common sense. I remember Punjabi friends teasing me by saying that "Pathan koi zaat naheen hai. Yeh aik kaifiyat ka naam hai, jo kisi waqt kisi par bhi taari ho sakti hai." ("Pathan is not an ethnicity; it is a condition which can affect anyone, any time.") In other words, regardless of your ethnicity, you are a Pathan whenever you act foolish. These "Panjabiyan" or "Pathan" slurs are similar to Pakistanis' being called "Pakis" with contempt in the West. President Bush had to apologize when he referred to Pakistanis as "Pakis" in one of his speeches.

We (Hazarewals) are demanding new province because they have been depriving from their rights for 60 years. N.W.F.P is governing on Hazara’s revenue. More then 70% of forestry of province is in Hazara.90% of Industry of whole province is in Hazara. People of Hazara had given their land for Tarbela Dam. Despite the all thing we people are not given our rights. Recently, Federal Gov. has given 20 bill. Royalty of Tarbela. But ANP Gov. use all of this money in other part of province. Even a single penny is not surfed in Hazara. Same case is with jobs. Even for lower job in Hazara they are hiring people from Attock Par. They give preference having education inter of Attock Par over Hazarewal having Masters Degree. They treated us as they have conquered us; consider us as white people in south Africa considered black people.

We want Hazara province not on linguistic basis but on Administrative. There is a misconception that this movement is for only hindko speakes. I want to clarify to all people this movement is for Pakistan and for Hazarewals.Our province will consist of five district of Hazara and Shangla District of Malakand and Hazro,Hassan Abdal form Attock and Taxila and Murree from Rawalpindi District. And there will be no discrimination on linguistic basis or on tribal basis. It will be the most peace full province of Pakistan as already Hazara division is.

Hope that I have given answer of all questions and hope that you people got the point.

Hazara should be a province?

Hazara should be a province?

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    • profile image

      nasir karlal 4 years ago

      insha Allah we will have our hazara province

    • profile image

      A for u 6 years ago

      Hazara mushkil guzara ap log ghalat payhmi may mubtala hay.ap logo nay nahi sona (da afghan pa nang me wataral tora .nangyea le da zama nay kasha khattak yeam.

    • profile image

      Rashid Awan 7 years ago

      dear Mian Suleman Hussain ,

      it is propeganda against our Hero BaBa Hadir zaman Khan Haider if you r a Hazare wal then u should demand for seprate provience of Hazara as it is our right. the AKHROT PPL theft our resources and i thing no needed for prove , Mr. Nisar's clarification is cent percent right.

      InshALLAH we will get our right InsALLAH.

      if you have any prove then provide.


    • profile image

      Mian Suleman Hussain 7 years ago

      Good work

      you know who is providing funds to Baba Haider Zaman And his Tehreek Members.

      U S A And Britishers Proveds the I hava proves also.

      They Want to break Pakistan.

      I am Also Hazarawal.But Dont Want to Break Pakistan.

    • profile image

      Khwaja Aftab Shah, USA 7 years ago

      FIVE REGIONAL CITIES should be upgraded with in the provinces in Pakistan. Regional cities of Dera Ismail Khan in NWFP, Gawadar/ Qalat in Balouchistan, Sukkar/ Larkana in Upper Sind, Jehlam/ Rawalpindi and Multan in Punjab province. These regional cities have been ignored by the federal and provincial governments although these cities have their own history, culture and languages.Dera Ismail Khan in south of Pakhtun khwa/MWFP is under seige, Multan/DG Khan in south of Punjab is next target of religious extremists,Sukkar/ Larkana is being rule by criminals, Gawadar/ Qalat is trouble some. The people of these regions have to travel to provincial capitals for every small issue and requirement of the daily life which should be provided in nearby cities. A good number of population travel to big cities for their survival to earn livelihood as the local feudal own majority land and keep the common man as their slaves. Creation of regional government and upgrading of the regional cities will save a lot of money and time of the poor people of these regions. Circuit benches of the High Courts are already working in these areas and only requirement is the additional staff of different departments involved in additional work at the provincial capitals. The concern authorities should immediately consider to upgrade the regional cities. And immediate attention should be given upgrade/build the airports,TV station, civic center, libraries,hospitals, educational institutes and investment opportunities for Pakistanis living abroad and foreign firms to create jobs in the area as majority population in rural Pakistan do not have enough resources to survive. It remind me the condition of pre Islamic revolution of Iran in Shah time when the rural Iran was ignored and the capital Tehran was developed in a way to call it Paris of Middle East with modern life style. Couple of other big cities like Isfahan and Caspian sea was taken care of because of foreign tourists but rural area was ruled by cruel police and intelligence. Then what happen rural population supported the Islamic revolution and moved to Tehran and other big cities later on. The new government after revolution developed, built and upgraded the rural areas of Iran accordingly. A fund to upgrade/build these regional cities in Pakistan should be intoduced by public and private sector and Pakistani government, our foreign friends and Pakistanis living abroad may be asked to participate in this development mission in the country..KHWAJA AFTAB ALI,( former secretary, Iranian embassy, Saudi Arabia,1975-88) Advocate High Court & I.P. Attorney-first & the only Pakistani lawyer who earned Intellectual Property laws scholarship in USA,presently residing in Florida, USA.

    • profile image

      zubair tanoli 7 years ago

      jeay suba hazara

    • profile image

      Atif Abbasi 7 years ago

      My profound regard for all Hazarawall with the bottom of heart, i Highly admired and agree with the courtesy Mind of Nasir karal now a day s we are facing lot of hazards conspiracies but these are steps for attaining the Goal we assure you we are ready to flow even our blood for over rights. as we know if we had one gurdian with ten persons it will have less effect compare to one 3 gurdian with ten persons. similary more province will opened a boulevard even in rural areas and this will lead to justice like less area is easy to handle compare to more areas , as in the time of separation Hindu pak India was with 7 province but know they are with 29 but Pakistan is same in regard of province. It is not bad for over beloved Pakistan but it will create a better effect for it.

      Inshallah we will be thrive to accomplish our Soba Hazara and no one can deprive us from our right.

      So it is requested to all hazarawall pleas be sincere and don’t care of your life money, any sort of scarifications for our coming generation and set an example.

      Insahallah our effort will no goes waste, will brought a fruit in form of soba Hazara.

      Than will not problem of industries water light jobs all the things will be settled Inshallah.

    • profile image

      Dilawar Khan Tanoli 7 years ago

      Hazara is being ignored since the biginning, just on the basis of linguistic discrimination. People of Pakistan were not aware about this before phukhtoonkhwa now every body knows that what was the reason of backwardness of Hazara people.

      Now there is not other option except Sooba Hazara it is now compulsory for us and this is the only way of our progress and ultimately Pakistan's progress.


      Dilawar Khan Tanoli


    • profile image

      Asim Awan 7 years ago

      exellent Nasir You have done a great job v being Hazarewal proud of our culture and language v are calm like lake and bold like lion words of enemies could not shakle our aim...........v will make SUBAI HAZARA INSHAALLAH.....

    • profile image

      Hussain Mughal 7 years ago

      Great Jobs Guys i really impressed by ur vision iam here in Sweden But my heart is beating with evry hazaraywall and now INSHALLAH we all Pushtoon, Hindki, Kohastani, gujar, tanaoli, awan and mughal of hazaraywal will not compromise with attakpar on sooba hazara, they have done many fun on hazara's fund now sooba hazara Inshall Sooba Hazara will be a most modernise , rich and tourisim center in Asia.Inshallah.Islam Hamara deen, Hazara hamara sooba,Attakpar kay muftkhoron say chtukara hamara maqsad, BACHA BACHA KAT MARAY ABASEEN DIVISION NAHI BNAY GAY.


    • profile image

      tayyab Ejaz Khan Lughamni 7 years ago

      Ake He Nara Sooba hazara

      ham le kar rhe ge Suba hazara

    • profile image

      ghazi 7 years ago

      aik he nara soba hazara

      hazara zinda bad

      pakhtoon khawa eik sazish hea pakistan ko tukray karani ki laki hazara k log yea sazish nakam bana daen gay INSHAALLAH

    • profile image

      GUL 7 years ago

      great job Nasir, the way to go i absolutely agree with you, you guys have been putting up great show and leading and expressing the views of hazara people in great political way my all the support is with you and for sure formation of hazara province is a must now.

      excellent job keep it up

    • profile image

      nasir karlal 7 years ago



    • profile image

      FAHEEM KHAN SWATI 7 years ago

      Well g8 job Nasir. This misconception of hazara is movement of hindko speakers is crap. This is movement of All hazarewall tribes. I m swati and pashtu speaker. I did my BS from peshawar and even they so called gherat mand pakhtuns called me punjabi as well. now from here u can see there mentality for hazarewals, that , m talking to them in pashtu and they are calling me a punjabi. they not only call us punjabi but also say that hazarewals are begherat, bewafa and more names sort of this.

      Now i ask them wat sort of gherat mando wala kam they have done.

      So far the jobs are concerened just take the example of hazara university where 89-90% of employees whether faculty , administrative or lower staff belongs to attock par.

      Also take the example of 2005 earthquake where most of the contracts were given to people from attock par, and also they hired people in perra from there.

      So based on a small set of discriminations from attok par.

      ab tou bas aik hi nara SOOBA HAZARA

    • profile image

      Abdul Ghaffar Khan Tanoli 7 years ago

      Your Statement is Absolutely right...........i like it....thx

    • profile image

      SAQI 7 years ago

      inshAllah n thats the way v want our leaders to show to the pakistan....i like nasir 's vision.

    • profile image

      Khiyam Turk 7 years ago

      Le K Rahin Gay Sooba Hazara

    • profile image

      A. HAMEED 7 years ago

      GOOD ONE

    • profile image

      nasir karlal 7 years ago

      Thanks brothers

    • profile image

      Sardar Faisal 7 years ago

      I am truly impressed with nasir's approach and his vision...May God help us to meet all odd's and to get our province hazara..

    • profile image

      Waqar Zeb 7 years ago

      Impressive. You are very right. We face discrimination for 65 years. And Paksitani consider us as rolling stone neither Paktons nor Punjabis.

    • profile image

      hammad lodhi 7 years ago

      Inshaallah ban k raha ga soba hazara..............

    • profile image

      Irfan joyo 7 years ago

      Hazara Zindabaad

    • profile image

      faysal iqbal 7 years ago

      Inshallah. we ill get our right very soon. Hazara Zindabaad

    • profile image

      Geo Hazara 7 years ago

      Aik Hi Nara...........

    • profile image

      WASEEM 7 years ago