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Demanding change in Washington

Updated on September 8, 2014

The need for change in Washington is undeniable. The current culture now in place within our federal government needs to change. The question is what kind of change do we need and will it ever be achieved. In looking how our Constitution has added amendments along with how long it takes to get the majority to agree on changes it does not occur overnight.

Changes in the culture of Congress should not take as long as changing the Constitution. We the people have the power to change the political philosophy now in place in Congress. Our efforts to change the current gridlock and political infighting will come through our votes. This election year we have critical decisions to make to change the path our country is now taking. Many politicians have not grasped the fact our government operated on the principled by consent of the governed. There are many issues to be resolved and many decisions have been made some of which have been good and some have been bad.

The power of the people is something politicians must understand but many of them feel they will be in their position until they retire and some have been re-elected several times. We as voters must send a clear message to Congress that we are tired of the current culture. Several individuals have stepped up to the plate in an effort to change this culture and have received criticisms from their own political party. Bucking the establishment has never been a popular action but there needs to be more of this type of activity.

Verbally demanding change in Washington must be backed up with our votes. The current gridlock between the political parties is hurting our economic prosperity. It is time we send a clear message we want change. Each year there seems to be an issue with the budget and the deficit none of which has tackled the need to reduce the deficit by a reduction of the spending philosophy. It seems the more money Congress takes in the more it spends. The spending culture needs to be drastically changed.

The culture of spending needs to change but so does the restrictive philosophy upon business. The actions of Congress and the executive department/agencies need to become more business friendly. While there needs to be certain controls in place the overbearing regulations are hampering the operational and profitability of businesses today and it will in the future if things do not change. Our tax structure is so complicated penalizing both to individuals and business it is a detriment to any initiatives to make more money. The more we make the higher the taxes we pay. In reference to businesses taxes we have one of the highest if not the highest tax rates for businesses under our present tax system. This is why some companies are moving their corporate headquarters to other countries with lower tax rates for businesses. We may not like it but Congress is the only one who impacts these decisions by changing our tax structure.


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