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Demerits of Democracy

Updated on November 25, 2013

What is a Democracy?

Democracy is a form of Government where the citizens or the people of a specific country choose their leaders. In this a Democratic Government every citizen has a right to vote and each vote has equal value whether given by a VIP or an ordinary person. This type of a Government also gives the citizens a chance to contest Elections under certain conditions.


Simple Definition of Democracy

In other and easy words, Democracy is a form of Government that is of the people, for the people and by the people.

Apt Definition of Democracy

A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

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What are Statistics of Democracy?

As Democracy is the most preferred kind of a Government, therefore many countries have taken major action to become one of the Democratic Countries and provide the most extensive Rights to its Citizens that are not given in any other kind of Government.

According to the latest data, 167 out of 196 countries have adopted Democracy. Many countries are still trying to have a Democratic Government and some countries are there who have been Democratic but were overthrown by a Monarchy or Dictatorship.

Why Democracy is preferred by the Population of a Country?

Democracy is seen as the foremost form of Government these days. Several Countries have adopted this type of system. The following are described as the Merits of Democracy :

  • Shelters the Interests of the People

The prime merit of a Democracy is that it protects the Interests of the People. The people have the proper right to elect the representatives whom they see as the person who deserves the real power. Due to this the Real Power lies in the hand of those who are preferred and elected by the citizens. Under this system, the political and the economic interests of the people are served in a better way.

  • Its foundation is based on Equality

An important and chief principle of Democracy is "Equality". In any Democratic country, all the citizens are equal before the Law. Everyone in that particular country enjoys social, political and economic rights. The Government may not discriminate among citizens on the basis of caste, religion, sex, or property. Everyone has equal rights by birth and that cannot be taken away. Also all the Citizens have the Right to Vote and each vote has equal value.

  • Administration is Stable and Responsible

Democracy is popularly known for its stability and efficiency. There is a specific time for which representatives are elected. They together form a stable government which is formed as per the public support. The representatives work and take decisions with responsibility as they are accountable to the people. So if the representatives work in the manner that people want them to, then ultimately the people will not rebel against the Government and it will not fall.

  • Develops Good Citizens and is based on Public Opinions

Democracy can only be successful when the citizens residing in the Nation are mentally and physically good. Democracy creates an environment which helps in the development of personality and good habits.

D.Tacquville said that "Democracy is the first school of good citizenship. Citizens learn their rights and duties from birth till death in it."

Merits of Democracy
Merits of Democracy | Source

What does the Dark Side of Democracy includes?

A Democratic Government has a lot of advantages which always attempts to hide the disadvantages or the demerits of Democracy. But when it comes to the question, there are many disadvantages of Democracy. The following are some, but more are there :

  • Ruled by Incompetent Leaders

Democracy is the type of the Government which is very prone to be ran by incompetent persons. In Democratic Elections every citizen has the Right to Contest and if a person with no/little experience might have difficulties while governing his area which will ultimately lead to the inefficient administration.

  • There is no Actual Equality

The term Equality is very much highlighted in the Constitution of a Democratic Government. In reality, inequality is everywhere. No one lower or higher in a Democracy, as said but nature has not blessed every individual with same and equal characteristics. Some are intelligent and some are not, some are healthy while the other suffer from bad health, etc. and due to this there is some kind of inequality which exists in the mind of every person and sometimes it comes out as discrimination or disrespect.

  • Moral Standard is left behind

In a Democracy, when elections are conducted, the only aim of the candidates is to win the elections. Many but not all the candidates try under-hand practices and foul methods to get elected. The ones who are free and fair in the elections are the main targets of the Corrupt People. Muscle and Money Power goes hand in hand during elections. Therefore the Candidates become characterless during this process and moral standard falls.

  • Huge Waste of Public Funds and Time

In a Democratic Government, due to many levels of decision-takers and long formalities, there is a huge waste of time as well as resources. Formulation of Laws takes very much time. During the elections, a lot of money is spent by the Government and the Political Parties on the Election Campaigns. A lot of money is consumed illegally in the form of bribe by the corrupt officials of the Government in the passing of several decisions. For a single Bill (Initial name of a Law before its approval) to pass, it has to pass several stages and tiers of discussions and debates where every representative from different parts of the country with different kind of Ideas get together and if the majority gives approval only then the Law is made.

  • Majority Party is the Dictator in Democracy

Democracy has a system of elections. The Political Party that win the election becomes the Majority Party for a specific time period which is mostly seen to be 5 years. In this term of 5 years the majority party spreads its roots and fixes itself on the King Throne of the Government and makes certain conditions that ensures their winning again in the next elections too. The Majority Party criticizes the opposition parties and make them so that they either back out or have their reputation dropped to the ground. We can take the example of Mexico which had been a Democracy for several years but the Elections were always won by a Political party known as PRI. PRI was also known to be using dirty tricks to win the elections. So by this we can say that Majority Party becomes dictator in the Democracy.

Democracy Index by Regime Type

(click column header to sort results)
Type of Regime  
No. of Countries  
% of Countries  
% of World Population  
Full democracies
8.0 to 10
Flawed democracies
6.0 to 7.9
Hybrid regimes
4.0 to 5.9
Authoritarian regimes
0 to 3.9
The above table is based on 2012 data. | World Population refers to total population of 167 countries that are covered. This survey excludes a few countries only so this data nearly equal for the estimated population of the entire world in 2010.

Word from the Author

Should now also Democracy be considered the best kind of Government? Or there can be another better kind of Government that can be made? It's a topic to think upon as these things are just taken as granted and not given the amount of thought that they must be given. Today most of the countries are Democratic and have the merits and demerits as explained above either at high or at a less high level. But it's there. What can we do to prevent it?

I would love to hear your opinions about this article, so please post them in the comment box below.


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