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Democracy Advocates On Trial in Egypt

Updated on April 26, 2012
Dr. Nancy Okail in her trial cage
Dr. Nancy Okail in her trial cage

The Witch Hunt of Nancy Okail

There is a six way struggle political power in Egypt now. This is the remnants of the Arab Spring that ousted Mr. Mubarak. The cast of characters are the military, the Islamists, the young Egyptian generation, the liberals, the old regime loyalists and the existing business entities. Recently, Egypt voted in its new Islamist dominated Parliament and they were quick to demand that their Grand Mufti, Ali Gomaa, to resign because he had gone to East Jerusalem to pray at the Al Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. The newly elected government stated that this action gave the impression that Egypt still wants normal relations with the Zionists, their enemy, because Israel controls them.

Then, in February, many of the members in Freedom House, an entity there that supports democracy growth, were arrested because it receives funds from the USA. There was nothing nefarious about this group that promoted a democratic government. I mean, it is okay for the Muslim Brotherhood and more radical Islamists to have their support groups, both less democratic. These arrests were political, to give the pro-Islamists there a trial and to warn liberals. Of the workers arrested, seven were US citizens, but were allowed to leave after the US posted a $5 million dollar bail. Oh, I guess, money does talk even to those who praise Allah. After this payment, the US then paid another $1.3 billion (not million, this time) to the Egyptian Army, no doubt, to keep them in a power position, which already is. But, to the US shock, Egyptian authorities issues arrest warrants via Interpol for 15 non-governmental Americans for allegedly operating illegal democracy programs and stirring unrest.

Unrest for what, voting? Trying to persuade that democracy for Egypt is the right way and benefits all and the world? To help monitor elections for fraud?

So this is the result of the Egyptian Arab Spring for democracy- no democracy in the true sense, not like in the US or Israel, where people do have freedom without fears from fringe groups. What started out as a real quest for a democratic Egypt has turned into a bitter fight based on contending belief systems and who will dictate to the mass population. Since some power has already gone to the Isalmists, those fighting for pro-democratic ideals are finding themselves in a witch hunt and being smothered. The Muslim Brotherhood and others say one thing, yet do quite the opposite.

The trial is in June. Stay tuned for many are calling for Nancy Okail and others to be executed.


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