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Democracy in the 4th Quarter

Updated on October 10, 2012
pic of American flag
pic of American flag | Source
pic of outline of football player
pic of outline of football player | Source
pic of shadow of football player running
pic of shadow of football player running | Source
pic of stick figure football player
pic of stick figure football player | Source
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pic of cartoon politician | Source

The last election had all kinds of people in a dreamy state thinking that we were going to have a new leader who was going to be the solution to all of our problems. Not only has he not solved problems that he said he was going to, but he’s actually made our situation as a country worse.

The only way that I can think to illustrate this situation is to use the metaphor of sports. So, let’s say that there was a quarterback who was deemed to be the next big one. This quarterback was going to outperform all the others. He was good on camera and seemed to have some good skills. He was polished and spoke highly of himself and his abilities. He painted a picture of a game that seemed like a dream come true to many, appealing to a diverse crowd.

Not only did he come across as an educated player, but he had quite a following. The fans would flock to get the chance to see him in person. He’s the number one draft and gets the top position coveted by all quarterbacks. Everyone assumes that he’s played football before.

Despite his following, there are some that say he’s all talk and ask for proof of his skills. They try to get his followers to see what they see- a guy who is passionate and well-spoken, who has lots of little tidbits of information but has no real depth to him. Despite their efforts, the followers deny that there is any validity to their claims.

Once the season starts, the coach, other players, and fans are scratching their heads. This star quarterback struggles to throw the ball and has little knowledge of common plays. Even after time spent going over the plays, he still can’t seem to keep them straight. Even running on the field, he gets confused as to which way he should run. It becomes apparent to everyone that this football player has probably never played football in any real capacity. Maybe some flag football with neighborhood kids. But, even a little leaguer could do a better job than this guy.

Unfortunately, they’re stuck with him for the season and spent so much money on him that they can’t afford to trade him. They’re just going to have to finish out the season and make the best of a bad situation. What everyone is wondering is how this quarterback managed to fool everyone. How could he have fooled everyone into thinking that he was the next big one when it seems like he may have never even played any sports before?

What’s even more puzzling is his opinion of himself hasn’t changed. He still talks like he’s the best player on the field. In fact, when the season is coming to a close, he wants to be quarterback for another season. The coach is completely baffled. He thought that this player would just bow-out after the season was over. Instead, he’s campaigning strongly. In fact he spends more time campaigning than he does actually on the football field.

The coach is hoping that another team will be interested in him so that he can trade him and not be a complete loss. He definitely does not want to be stuck with him another season. One thing is for sure, he is going to do his homework next time to ensure that he sees these players in action before he chooses them to come and play for his team.

Of course, this story is not really about sports or football at all. I am not a sports writer (as I’m sure is evident) and I usually stay away from talking politics. After the debate the other night, I was really bothered by what I saw. It wasn’t until I was watching footbal afterwards that I thought about the fact that a quarterback would never be drafted if he didn’t have experience and thought how ridiculous it is that the leader of our country doesn’t have more requirements.

During the debate, I saw a man who looked down more than he looked up. The only conclusion I could come to is that he’s ashamed. Ashamed of his failure and can’t even look up to face the people on the other side of that camera lens. Maybe it wasn’t shame, but he was just being rude. Whatever the reason, it was quite rude and should paint a clear picture to every voter out there.

It is beyond me how so many people are fooled by the trickery of one man and his staff. I can understand how some were fooled into voting for him the first time. To vote for him a second time, would be pure naivety or stupidity (depending on the situation). To vote for him a second time would mean even more debt for our country and four more years of regular families struggling.

No politician is perfect since no man is perfect. However, looking at the results from the last four years: from the huge increase in our nations’ debt, to the jump in unemployment, to the increase in taxes to pay for “free programs,” our country, and more specifically, our families cannot withstand another four years of someone’s erroneous experiment of socialism in America.

What will be the conclusion of the 4th quarter? With only a month until the election, only time will tell.


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    • fitmom profile image

      fitmom 5 years ago

      Yes, there are lots of problems with the political arena. I agree! Thanks for reading and commenting, The Watcher! Best ~ fitmom

    • profile image

      The Watcher 5 years ago from Whitstable, Kent, UK

      Like all Presidents Obama has been sucked in and blown out by the industrial/military complex and the Washington political establishment, who have all got their own agendas.

    • fitmom profile image

      fitmom 5 years ago

      Thanks for reading and commenting, although your comments are a little confusing. I was just applying the political situation to a game that many enjoy and watch. Sometimes when you put something in a different light, it suddenly becomes much clearer. Best ~ fitmom

    • junko profile image

      junko 5 years ago

      It sounds like you don't understand political football that well and was not really into this game until the 2 minute warning. The majority of voters are just like you. Now, no butcher says his meat stinks, but if you visit my hubs you would be, a more politically aware stay at home mom. The debate is not the political game. The games were played over the last four years, it was more like chess than football. Cheers I hope, no harm no foul.