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Democracy is not Freedom

Updated on November 24, 2010

Time for Litmus Test

Democracy is not Freedom

“It is the only Road to Socialism”

Charles J. Hunsinger

“There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same end: communism proposes to enslave men by force; socialism—by vote. It is the difference between murder and suicide.”

Ayn Rand L.A. Times 9/9/1962

I think that the best thing that anyone can say about democracy is that 51% of the people can legally destroy the rights and the lives of the other 49%. Thomas Jefferson said as much when he compared democracy to a mob.

It is a growing difficulty these days to watch any type of news report, in this country, without the word, ‘democracy’ being used to the point of making one dizzy and even nauseous.

Democracy, I think is a very nice thing if, in fact, the people you are to vote for possess the values of the Republic that this nation was founded upon. That has been pretty much a given: They are after all Americans, but are they? If one claims to be an American; it is inherent that one holds to the ideals of individual freedom and capitalism, as noted in the Bill of Rights. If one advances the ideals of socialism, of whatever political persuasion, one cannot be an American. America is an ideal more than a place. It is a state of mind, a mind set that is predicated upon the strength of the individual, not the weaknesses of the collective defined by an elitist minority. An American, especially an elected official who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution and then sets out to destroy it through a contrived democratic process is not only guilty of treason, as socialism is most certainly an enemy of a free people and our Republic and most certainly is not an American. They are socialists and a socialist can never be an American, It is simply a contradiction in terms, in thinking and in values.

Perhaps it is time for a litmus test. Who is and who is not an American? Who upholds the Constitution and who does not? It is a contradiction in terms, a contradiction in ethics, in philosophical thought, in honesty, in character and in integrity for one to clothe themselves in the American flag, exploiting the attributes of a free and open society to advance that hate, fear and dependency necessary for the creation of a Marxist Socialist State.

Perhaps, if the socialists of this country feel so strongly about their cause and are ready to call themselves socialists and not hide behind the freedoms they hate and are want to destroy, perhaps we could ask the American people what they want. Perhaps, we could put it to a vote. Let us examine this socialism. Let us ask; what is it, what great truths, great benefits, what great contributions to humanity have been brought by the socialist and the socialist ideology. Who were and are the great socialist leaders and thinkers. Perhaps, the doings of that great socialist Adolph Hitler and his best seller Mein Kampf will serve to give credibility to the socialist cause. Benito Mussolini another great socialist, but let us not forget Joe Stalin who probably murdered (15 million plus) more people in the name of the great socialist cause then any other. There are so many great socialists. We have yet to speak of the Chinese, the English, the French and the many failed attempts to bring equal poverty and subservience to the masses. If we are to become socialists and ruled by an elite, let us do it knowingly.

Notably the Bill of Rights is not a perfect document; Man is not a perfect being. The idealism of individual freedom needs work, but yet it accommodates the best of humanity in that it embraces the imagination, the integrity and the vision of Man. It does not stifle. It does mandate, stagnate human endeavor, as does, as evidence and history would show is the overriding philosophy of socialism.



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    • David P Shirk profile image

      David P Shirk 

      8 years ago

      Great post!


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