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Democracy leads to partriotism

Updated on July 16, 2012

Democracy leads to partriotism

Patriotism can be nurtured by the fundamental ideals that have led to the being of a country. This can be achieved by the consistent practice of these ideals for a long period of time. These are principles which the country has held in esteem since the country’s conception. United States of America has a vibrant democracy. This advanced democracy has motivated Americans to be patriotic to their country. Patriotism of American citizens has enabled various arms of government to execute duties without favoritism. For instance, in America’s revolution, soldiers felt weak and weary. However citizens were given a chance to democratically elect their representatives in various states. The administration of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States of America, witnessed one of the worst civil wars of time. This was when the administration placed an emphasis on the ideals of the founding fathers of the country on liberty and dedication to the principle that all men are equal. Abraham Lincoln argued that for democracy to prevail there must be respect for human rights. Respect for human rights instills a sense of patriotism. This was met by the forces opposed to it resulting in a fierce civil war between the forces. The fighting forces held different opinion on the acclamation that all men are equal. It undermined the core values of the founding fathers that it was a country with people across all walks of life(Tilly, 2007)

Patriotism in America is also evidenced in the speech by Martin Luther King Jr, during the demonstration against the injustices the African-American society faced. He highlighted that denial of social amenities like public schools and access to local restaurants because of their race was undermining patriotism. He also insisted that people should be given a chance to choose leaders democratically. This would encourage a sense of patriotism. Through patriotism, he envisioned a free and just country that would be home to a society with different backgrounds. The unity displayed in the protest rallies against the injustices of the government institutions like police brutality showed that people were not satisfied by the performance of the government. All this forms of injustices are signs of oppression and undermine patriotism.

One can get the impression of patriotism of the Americans from the inaugural speech by the 44th president of America. He puts a lot of emphasis on the ideals that has defined the history of a great country. He calls on citizens to remain faithful to patriotic principles that defined the foundation of the nation. Currently, the administration is faced with economic ruin that is a result of insensitivity and irresponsibility of the previous administration. The other cause of financial problems is the lack of attention from the government to earl warning voices. This showed that democracy did not prevail hence lack of patriotism that plunged the country in to ruins. It is argued that without patriotism and democracy, leaders become insensitive.

In the history of Athens, patriotism was evident from the speech in the commemoration of the fallen heroes and their immense sacrifice. The administration recognized the contribution of these fallen heroes. Heroes are congratulated for their democratic achievements and democratic tendencies. They stress on the origin of believes, strengths and ideals that have dictated the direction and development of the country. Through such initiatives, the administration is able to recognize the selfless service of these men and women. It shows how concerned the administration is and efficient in the implementation of policies. The fallen heroes made a painful choice of defending their land from enemy forces. They had an option of running away from the enemy and live a disrespectful life but opted to die for their country and defend their ancestral land. They did this to safeguard and preserve it for the generations to come. They were patriotic to their country. Furthermore, they listened to dissenting voices and allowed the majority to take the rule. The administration pays a state tribute to those who tirelessly defend the country. This is evident of how a country enjoying good democratic practices can draw strength and support from her citizens and rely on them to overcome challenges facing them. The citizens understand how their choice of leaders affects the welfare of their own nation. They know that the institutions that are in place are to ensure the safety of their ideals. If democracy of a country is abused by elected leaders, the citizens are in a position to protest against the practices. This is the moment that patriotism of a nation is felt (Tilly, 2007).

It is notable that a good democratic framework creates structures that encourage patriotism. On the other hand, patriots create good democratic structures and increase confidence in the government. Lack of confidence in the government makes citizens feel ashamed to be associated with their country. It lowers the morale and faith of citizens. Patriotism of a country is affected by the governing structures put in place. Weak structures will be an insult to the citizens of a country. Though democracy in the developed world is mature, there are moments when the leadership can make a decision against their wishes. This can be when the administration formulates a policy that has effects on the relations locally or internationally. Citizens of developing countries have low confidence in their governments since there is a limited democratic space, For instance, elections are held in questionable ways.In conclusion, it is obvious that democracy is a recipe of patriotism. It is also obvious that patriotism leads to good democratic governance. It is therefore impossible to separate the two (Richardson, 1884)


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    • Prossylink profile image

      Prossylink 5 years ago from Nairobi

      Hi Josie,

      Thanks for the complement, it goes a long way !

    • josiejossy profile image

      josiejossy 5 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      Great hub gal..... thanx for sharing.

    • Prossylink profile image

      Prossylink 5 years ago from Nairobi

      Yes HSchneider, thanks for seconding my views.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Well said, Prossylink. Too many people ignore or do not take seriously their right to vote. This is the main way we have a voice in our government. Great Hub.