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Democrat Doug Geiss Doesn't Speak For Me.

Updated on December 15, 2012

Recent remarks by Doug Geiss give the Democratic party a bad name.

I live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, and I work in Detroit's automobile industry. I have been a dues-paying member of the Teamsters Union for 4 years, and I am a supporter of the union movement. I was very disappointed when Michigan' governor, Rick Snyder, signed the so-called 'right-to-work' bill into law on December 11, 2012. There was a state senator named Doug Geiss, who was quoted as saying, "There will be blood, there will be repercussions", regrading the bill. He was quoted on another website as saying "There will be blood on the streets". I was very disappointed that he used the word 'blood'. I don't like Governor Snyder, and I would certainly like to see him removed from office, but I don't want to Doug Geiss to spill Snyder's blood. I think Doug Geiss has gone too far. His remarks should not be tolerated. The remarks made by Doug Geiss give Democrats a bad name. The remarks made by Doug Geiss make Democrats look bad. Doug Geiss does not speak for me!

If you want to talk about offensive speech in Michigan's state government, let me remind you of an incident that was publicized only a few months ago. On June 13, 2012, Lisa Brown (Democrat) was speaking on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives, and she used the word 'vagina', while she was talking about the issue of abortion. Republicans were offended by the use of the word 'vagina', and so they prevented her from speaking the next day. On June 14,2012, Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum (both Democrats) were issued a one-day revocation of their right to speak on the house floor. That means their freedom to speak on the floor of Michigan's House of Representatives was taken away for 24 hours, because they used the word 'vagina'.

The reaction from women around the state was unusual, to say the least. They turned the issue into an event. They invited a woman named Eve Ensler to come an attend a rally to support Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum. Eve Ensler was the author of a play, written in 1996, the play was titled 'The Vagina Monologues'. In 2005, Eve Ensler published a book titled 'Vagina Warriors'.

Above: Photo of the book 'Vagina Warriors' by Eve Ensler.

On June 18, 2012 Eve Ensler flew in to Michigan and attended a rally on the steps of Michigan's state capital. Thousands of women attended, and they read from Ensler's 'Vagina Monologues'. So, what offended you more? Were you more offended by Lisa Brown using the word 'vagina' or by Doug Geiss using the word 'blood'? I was offended by Geiss using the word 'blood' because it implies that Geiss is trying to start a riot, and literally...spill someone's blood. The remarks made by Doug Geiss were offensive. I want to remove Snyder from office, too, but I don't want to spill any blood to do it. The right way to remove Snyder from office is to circulate recall petitions, and vote against Snyder in a recall election. Doug Geiss sounds like a bloodthirsty fanatic, and he does not speak for me!

Anthony Ratkov, December 15, 2012.


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