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Democrat, Republican, or Other?

Updated on October 27, 2013

I look at the world around me. When I watch the news, I don't believe 90% of what is shown. Instead, I ask, "What are they trying to make people believe?" Why do I filter newscasts in this way? Let me tell you.

I speak and read several languages. What I have learned from reading French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian is that the news from different parts of the world slants events very differently.

In fact, since at least 1998, the major news channels on television have had the ability to show two entirely different news casts to different regions of America. That is how you can watch prime time television and see a commercial from your local BBQ diner. That diner is not paying for a national campaign. No, the owner bought air time for the local market only. In the next town over, they watched a commercial for snow tires while you ordered a delivery of barbecued ribs.

I think "liberals" live in specific areas, like big cities and college towns. They receive completely different news than suburbanite farmers get. They tend to be more conservative.

There is a further split along lines of what people perceive as worthy of compensation. Liberals tend to believe the more education one has, the more they should be paid. Conservatives tend to believe hard work deserves compensation (not just sweat and elbow grease- smartly managed hard work.)

However, what I see is that BOTH groups, those who dedicate themselves wholly to Democrats or to Republicans have been trapped by the vast thought-control machine that is the main stream media.

The person who asked this question also reveals personal bias: that choice of political platform is based on the options listed: personal world views, race, culture, family, or friends.

Truth is, MOST, meaning more than 98%, of Americans base their opinions on what they have been subliminally and psychologically conditioned to believe.

For example, a large percent of Americans tell you they support abortion. They say, "keep your laws off my body." But, if you ask them more carefully what they believe, they will tell you:

1. A baby is alive in the womb.

2. They don't support killing living persons, or animals, or other innocents.

3. An abortion is killing an innocent, living person.

After asking these questions, most people, who believe they support abortion because it is a rights issue, realize they actually don't believe that. Instead, they have been conditioned to state, when asked, that they are "for" abortion.

Most of them are further shocked to learn that Planned Parenthood was the brain child of Margaret Sanger, a racist and Satanist. She actually attempted to get senators to sponsor a bill to limit blacks and minorities to just 1 child per family. When that failed, she came up with abortions. More than 80% of abortion clinics are in black and minority neighborhoods.


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