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Democrat, UnAmerican, Trump Hater is there a difference

Updated on February 17, 2018

Queen of the Trump Haters, UnAmerican Democrat failed presidential candidate

Democrat, Republican, Rino, UnAmerican, Trump hater is there a difference?

As I look at the comments on the forums and the articles in the political category, I keep seeing the same thing.

There are several people that have been bashing Trump since he got into the election. And they didn't stop when he was trying to win the Republican Primary. It only got worse when he actually did win the Republican Primary.

And who would have thought that it could get worse when he and Hillary were finally running against each other for the presidency. But it did.

They both had won their primary. Donald Trump beat sixteen of the best, experienced professional politicians that the Republic Party could find. Needless to say that the Republican Voters of these losing candidates weren't happy with Trump. Nor was the Republican National Committee.

Cruz and Rubio even tried to gang up on Donald Trump to beat him for the primary, it didn't happen. They didn't help him try to beat Hillary for the presidency even though her winning would have been bad for the party.

Trump won the election despite the party and party candidates not helping him. He won mainly because the part of the country that was between the sea to shining sea elected him. These people had not been listened to by either party for a long time. They heard what he said and it resonated with them.

Even today, many of the republican voters resent Trump for beating their candidate, but most of the republicans in congress in that same heartland won their congressional seats because of Trump, not in spite of him.

Many of them don't seem to understand that, and that is why the Republicans have the votes to control congress, but they don't get the votes as a party.

That explains the Trump haters in the republican party, and they don't add up in numbers. They also don't show their hate in public, except for people like failed presidential candidate senator John McCain. They don't make death threats about president Trump, and they don't really call him crazy.

President Trump has been able to accomplish a lot in his first year in office. Despite the Obama holdovers in the executive branch. They are slowly but surely being forced to the surface and removed.

This is the same executive branch that was filled with appointees from president Obama. They appear to still be loyal to him, or maybe they are just covering themselves from criminal or unethical actions during the Obama administration. They were hoping the Hillary Clinton would be president so that they would never have those acts be found out.

In conclusion on the Republicans and the Republican Party regarding the Trump winning the presidency, we see that they are still Republicans except for a few RINOs, like senator McCain, but they aren't patently Un American.

When we look at the Democrats, let us see the difference.

Democrat, Un American, Trump Haters

Now we get to look at the democrats. We have determined that while some republican politicians, and republican voters may not like Trump, their dislike doesn't reach the same level as would be found in a bonafide Trump Hater.

Can we say that All Democrats are Trump Haters?

Let us look at the presidential race between Hillary and Donald. We know that the main stream news media with the exception maybe of Fox News was definitely biases against Trump and biased for Hillary.

One only had to look at their coverage during election day to see the bias. They showed their polls that said Trump didn't have a chance. They said it was impossible for him to win 271 Electoral College Votes.

One newscaster had this elaborate chart showing how Trump couldn't win these states, and these were the states that had to be won. Then even an hour before the election showed that Trump had won, they were still hyping for Hillary.

Even TIME magazine had already printed the magazine with the title Madam President. Then the election results were in, and the bias against Trump included tears, and premonitions of the end of the US. They were as distraught as if they themselves had lost the presidency.

After the election, we can based on the actions which are vile, rude, disrespectful of the office of the president, personally attacking Trump as both a person, and the president. They also went after each and every family member, and children were fair game.

Technically we can't call a main stream news media a democrat no matter how biased they are, but we can call them full fledged Trump Haters. And we can also say that Trump Haters act like the UN American.


Are the Democrats voters different that the Democrats in congress?

The Democrats in Congress have and continue to act in unison against Trump. But some Democrats in Congress have also become the Trump Hater. These include but are not limited to Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and others. They make their hate public in their news conferences and statements. These are the true Trump Haters, and they are also the UN Americans because they will do anything to take Trump out of the presidency, even if it also takes down the country.

The democrats don't have a party that represents the will or the goal of the people and the country. They have chosen the illegal immigrants, and the refugees to be their goal. They even shutdown the government over DACA without regard to how it affected the country or the people.

The democrats that follow the lead of these Trump Hater, UnAmerican democrats in congress are by definition the same.

But, not all democrats are Trump Haters, but they will still follow the party line. And it is possible that many democrats crossed the party line when they voted for Trump.

There are many ways to be UnAmerican, but Trump Haters are the main group we see today enmasse.


Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the presidency fair and square in the Electoral College 304 to 231.

The Trump Haters think that Hillary won, because of the popular vote.

The Trump Haters use every piece of information about Trump and turn it sideways just to make him look bad, and even criminal.

The Trump Haters call him the most vile, disrespectful names and wish him assassinated, dead, or at least removed from office by hook or crook.

The Trump Haters have made death threats, they make mock beheading of him, and other really rude acts.

The Trump Haters are UnAmerican in that they don't even want him to take office, then they didn't want him to stay in office, and they have continued for more than a year to try to get him out of office.

The American Way would be to wait until the next election and put someone against him that can win. But they don't have anyone they can put against him. Hillary Clinton lost to Trump because I ain't Trump isn't a political platform, it is just an opinion. Clinton didn't have a good track record, she failed as Senator, she failed as Secretary of State. She failed as a presidential candidate in 2008, against a virtual unknown senator. But the DNC thought a Black Male would be harder to beat than a White privileged but well known woman candidate. She was more experienced and more accomplished than that black male but she didn't beat him in the primary.

In 2016, she had trouble winning the primary again, but successfully conspired with the DNC to get rid of her opponent Sanders. Well, it didn't appear that many of Sander's supporters voted for her, they voted instead for Jill Stein or other independent party candidates.

Hillary didn't campaigned well in 2016 compared to Trump. And even though she spent $1.2 billion to Trump who spent only half of that, she lost.

Yet, the Trump Haters seem to think she got cheated out of the presidency by Donald Trump, but that didn't happen. Trump won because he put in the work and he campaigned on a platform that resonated with the voters.

What was Hillary's Campaign? Don't vote for Trump?


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