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Democratic Club of Sun City Arizona November 2015 Newsletter

Updated on November 2, 2015

Current Slate of Officers

Here is the current slate of officers:

President Vance Coleman

Vice President Mikki Smith

Secretary Dee Faules

Treasurer Sybil Dunlap

At Large Harold Lilley

Janet Robinson

Ashley Hibbard

We will be voting this Thursday.

November Meeting

Sun City Democratic Club meets Thursday November 5 at Fairway Recreation Center. Coffee and Cookies are at 6:00PM with the program starting at 6:30PM. There is a multi media show beginning at 6:00PM. After election of officers for 2016 and voting on our By Laws revised to conform to guidelines of the Recreation Centers, we will take post card to Ducey action.

In a state where the minimum wage in AZ brings in $l6,220 a year, you might expect that families living on the edge, might seek short time state funding if a major illness or other emergency hits the family. The Federal laws allows five years for TANFF funding (Temporary Assistance to the Needy). Last year our legislature whittled it down to AZ: one year. When Mary Jo Pitzel spoke to us last month, she indicated that this next legislative session, NO temporary assistance will be available. Post Card patrol--to your posts!

Invite your neighbors and friends to attend the Sun City Democratic meetings and events. The more the merrier. See you there.

Holiday Party

The Sun City Democratic Club board has voted once again to supplement your ticket for the Holiday dinner on December 10, 2015. The gala will be held at Palmbrook Country Club, 9350 W Greenway Rd, as it has for the past few years. Menu choices this year are prime rib, chicken piccata or a vegetarian pasta plate. There will be door prizes and music. The cash bar cocktail hour is 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with dinner served at 6:00 p.m. The cost for the dinner is $20 per member; $25 for non-members. Membership for 2016 is $5 per person. Dues paid in November extend through the 2016 year. This has always been a festive evening so please plan on attending this year and invite some guests to come with you. The reservation form, which can also be used to renew your membership in the club, is attached to this newsletter. Reservations should be made prior to December 1. Shirley McAllister


Arizona Advocacy 2016 Voting Summit Grass Roots Opportunity

2016 Voting Summit

Join the Arizona Advocacy Group on MLK Day 2016.

Talk with those at your table this Thursday to make plans to attend this event. Every voice needs to be heard. 2016 is a pivotal year in our nation.

The New American Majority comes together to prepare for election success in 2016. Free and open to the public. This will take place at the Arizona State Capitol BUT more information to be released at a later date. SAVE THE DAY!

Follow Arizona Advocacy on Facebook to learn about this event and other opportunities.

Interesting Video Below

This is an interesting video regarding the aging of the GOP. It also addresses how the GOP is not appealing to the younger generations.

You can follow ring of fire on Facebook for these types of discussions.

How true to you think this is?


GOP Base Dying off


Democratic Club Coffee Time WELCOME!

You are WANTED!

Over the summer a stalwart group of us have been meeting every Monday around 9:00AM at the Starbucks on Bell and 99th Avenue. We never quite know who will be there or not but we carry on anyway!

Sometimes we cover politics and sometimes we talk about anything but politics. Mostly, we are all creating friendship bonds.

You are invited for coffee or ice tea and some great conversations. Become a regular with your fellow Democrats.


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    • NMLady profile image

      NMLady 23 months ago from New Mexico & Arizona

      Thanks Dee. I fixed it! and sorry....

    • profile image

      Dee Faules 23 months ago

      My last name is Faules not Foules. Dee Faules