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The Democratic National Convention 2012: No Mention of Recession?

Updated on September 27, 2012

Change You Can Believe In?


Obama's Forward Campaign


Jay Leno Joke Hits Home

"President Obama has revealed his new re-election slogan — 'Forward.' That's a good message for Obama. He's telling voters, 'Whatever you do, don't look back at all those campaign promises I made.'" -Jay Leno

Do We Want Four More Years?

Do you - the Americans - really want four more years of this recession?

While the Democratic National Convention takes place in Charlotte, NC, there are a lot of things happening. Some things are expected, like the empty promises by the President.

The avoidance of the "R" word that has been looming over this country, and will continue for four more years if Obama is re-elected. Let me share it with you in case you happen to be a card-carrying Democrat, because many of you are in denial. The word is: RECESSION.

Jay Leno said it best: "President Obama is seeking to make his case with first-time voters. Well, you can understand why. Second-time voters have graduated and can't find a job."

Jobs for graduates and professionals are hard to find in today's America. This is something you would expect the President to be high priority. Instead, the more pressing issue for the President is what the polls say, as he has been spending incredible amounts of money on polls. The one thing the President excels at is: Spending U.S. taxpayer money.

Since the President has been in office, the National Debt has increased from $10 trillion to $16 trillion.

Does any of this mismanagement make any sense?

Four more years in office will add at least four more trillion in debt, with the current track record.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to start paying on the debt.

Apparently, You Can't Be Successful Without the Government

What Should You Believe? The Record -- Not the Empty Promises

The Democratic Convention wants you to believe that Obama is a superstar, and that he can do no wrong.

But his ideology is founded upon the fact that Government must provide. No one person should succeed, but all should be dealt out equal shares, punishing those that strive to excel.

Do you want to live in an America that is mediocre and dependent on the Government?

Hard-working Americans built their own businesses, not the Government. Don't be fooled by his rhetoric.

Obama's speech shared that his solution to all of the problems is to tax those that make over $250,000. While it sounds great in a speech, there is one thing he fails to realize. People that go to work and earn this money are most likely those that turn around and make businesses or increase their own businesses (if successful). If you think that increasing taxes on successful business people will encourage more jobs -- you are simply wrong. If you punish those that are successful in business, guess what? They are going to sit back and do whatever they can to decrease their tax liability. Increasing the tax rate on the wealthy may bring in a few bucks, but it will hurt the job growth in the country.

Kal Penn Jokes at DNC

Actor Kal Penn Speaks at DNC 2012 (No Intelligence Needed to Be a DNC Speaker)

Obama's friend Kal Penn mentions no word of the high unemployment rate, nor anything about the recession. Probably because he makes his millions off of tasteless movies - like the Harold and Kumar franchise. He has made big bucks off of hard-working Americans that go to the theater to take our minds off of the poor economy, and the fact that there are not enough jobs to go around.

It is "all jokes" for Kal Penn at the Democratic National Convention. But Kal Penn isn't looking for work, either. Don't forget to see his movie in November 2012, Harold and Kumar Get High at the White House.

America is Not Shovel-Ready = My Job Plan Did Not Work. Woops!

2016: Obama's America

Answer to Hub Title

To definitively answer the hub title, How is it going at the Democratic National Convention?

Well, if you are a card-carrying Democrat, tuned out to the cries of millions of Americans - 23 million to be exact - whom are unemployed, or under-employed, then everything is going great.

Let's re-elect a President that cares little about the economy and jobs. Let's elect a cool President that loves celebrity endorsements, but cares little about the real needs of the American people. (Note the sarcasm)

Is that what you really want for America?

To everyone else, America is not thriving under the current President. The Democrats are putting on a show at the Democratic National Convention to have you to believe that the country is doing great, and has never been better. Only someone that has been "living under a rock" would agree.

If you really want to see what's happening in America, go see the documentary movie, 2016: Obama's America. That is what's really going on, but you won't hear a word about it at the Democratic National Convention in 2012.

Otherwise, the Forward Campaign sign in your front yard will tell the neighborhood that you have no clue to the poor job the President is doing. Even Artur Davis (a former Democrat) changed parties after seeing that the promises were empty. And he voted for Obama in 2008. (Watch video below)

Artur Davis Made a Mistake With His Vote in 2008. Won't Happen Again.

President Obama Quote

"This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and the planet began to heal."

-What the President said of his own election.

Artur Davis Speech Excerpt

"...instead of moving oceans and healing planets, let's get our bills in order and pay down the debt so we control our own future."

-Artur Davis (former Democrat & Obama supporter in 2008)


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