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Democratic Party Leadership Still Clickety-Clacking Down Wrong Track

Updated on March 11, 2017
Hillary Clinton's New Hairdo
Hillary Clinton's New Hairdo | Source

Splayed Democratic Party Leadership Lacks Message

A seemingly Hell-bound Democratic Party - its clinging leadership splayed by arteries of Beltway liberalism and hemorrhaging hate through destructive and violent rent-a-mob protests - is on life support. Outside of coordinating “Russia” talking points with their ilk in mainstream media, the once powerful Democratic Party is obsessed and dependent on colluding with embedded Obama holdovers in hopes of knocking out Pres. Donald Trump, the Mohamed Ali of politics. To her credit, Hillary has given a couple of innocuous speeches somewhere, attended the anti-Trump Hamilton play and found a neighbor in the New York woods near her home to lean on. She also changed her hairdo for those who prioritize style.

Incoming DNC Leaders Lack Policy Plan to Achieve Goals

Democrats Lack Message and Effective Messenger

Tom Perez, the untested, pretty much unknown former Secretary of Labor for the Obama administration who was recently elected to head the Democratic National Committee, is trying to convince rank-and-file Democrats that “voter suppression” is the number one priority. Meanwhile, former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, often rumored to be Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Col. Harland David Sanders’ eldest son, is trying to decide if it would be politically savvy for him to join the Bluexit movement. Bluexit, for those who are not members of a condescending blue-state think tank, is a very shaky political movement that would see deep blue states like California secede from the union. As of press time, Bluexit Democrats (you know, the ones who care about poor people in places like Mississippi) had not come up with a flag to replace Old Glory.

Still, many Democrats are encouraged since 72-year-old Sanders has left the door open regarding another presidential run in 2020. All the while, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, who heads the Senate’s Sarcasm Caucus, is busy going through Russian communications documents with Obama holdovers in the basement of CIA Headquarters while Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats’ former health care czar, is busy steering government contracts to her husband’s company when she’s not jeering Republicans from the Senate floor.

As 2018 approaches, Russia Obsession Wasting Valuable Time

While the various factions of Democratic Party leadership continue to obsess over a Trump/Russian scandal that doesn’t quite exist, more trouble is brewing for the tired old Donkey of politics. With more seats in the House and Senate to defend in 2018 than Republicans, Democrats must develop and sell clear policy proposals for complex issues. Hoping to bring down the Trump administration over some obscure communication with Russia is not a policy platform. The American people have spoken loudly, and the Democratic Party is in extreme disarray and its leaders oblivious and tone deaf to rely on Trump’s improbable impeachment as a viable political foundation.

How Bad Are Things For Democrats?

So, how bad is it? A little more than 90 days ago the Republican Party took control of all three branches of the federal government. Pres. Trump is about to nominate a conservative Supreme Court judge to tip the balance of the Supreme Court. He may have the opportunity to nominate two more in coming years. Democrats created the “nuclear option” in the Senate under Democrat and former senate leader Harry Reid which means Republicans can use a simple majority vote to gain approval of stalled nominations. While this does not bode well for Democrats, their 2016 losses extended to state and local governments. There are now 32 Republican-controlled legislatures and 6 split legislatures; only 12 states have Democratic-controlled legislatures. Democrats hold 804 out of 1,972 state senate seats and 2,339 of 5,411 lower house seats at the state level. Meanwhile, voters have granted Republicans 33 governorships. Democratic Party losses also extend into county governments across the nation.

Inexplicably, Democrats left Pelosi as minority speaker and promoted Schumer - the very definition of a Washington insider - to senate minority leader. The Democrats choice to lead the DNC is no better. Perez is friend to the big bankers who are detested by grassroots organizations like Occupy Democrats. Moreover, the Democrat’s Bluexit secession movement is seen by rank-and-file Democrats as the DNC deserting poor and working class Americans, without which the party is surely doomed. While Democrat-organized and media-hyped anti-Trump protests were disruptive to Republicans during the presidential campaign, mayhem, destruction and violence has become the ever-angry face of the Democratic Party.

Democrats Opt To Keep Politically Toxic Nancy Pelosi

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) | Source

Democrats Stay Course, Hope to Arrive at Different Desination

Before November 8, almost every national poll showed that the American people considered the country to be on the wrong track. They made changes. To the despair of many Democrats, its leadership is still clickety-clacking down the same wrong track in hopes of arriving at a different destination. Loosely choreographed protests and their alliance with mainstream media cannot dump Trump, and even if it could Republicans would have Pres. Mike Pence while Democrats would only gain another Hillary Clinton hairdo.


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    • profile image

      Rose Marie 14 months ago

      I could not agree more. Excellent!

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 14 months ago

      You'd think they'd try a new approach. That's all I have to say, except, well written!

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 14 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Before I comment on your hub, I just want to say that you are an excellent fact, superb. I so enjoy reading an article so flawlessly written.....and stop the presses, you're even literate! Needless to say, I have my favorites here. I'm a loyal fan and follower. I read your bio, so it's clear to me you've done your time.

      What struck me most, as I read this, is that you have written every single thing I believe so wholeheartedly. I smiled and shook my head in 100% agreement. I thank you sincerely for saying this for me. I'd have not done this article such justice.

      This all needs to be said. The truth is unavoidable. It is now just a matter of time before it's all over for the terminally damaged Democratic Party.....and to think it's all at their own doing, every last pitiful ounce of it. All over but the shouting, ranting, squealing, whining, pouting, pointing......Oh wait, that's what they've been doing and have always done. Silly me.

      I'll be back to read more. Please keep writing. Peace, Paula

    • DougClifton profile image

      Larry Douglas Clifton 14 months ago from Tampa Bay area

      Thanks for your comments. I think the Democratic Party is in a deep funk and cliches about the organization being "fine" as you say, are obviously at odds with reality. The Democratic Party will be what its leaders are now and that is an ominous sign of the times for all Democrats, wistful denials notwithstanding.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 14 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      as a democrat, i love pelosi. and i supported hillary clinton for prez.and perhaps you dont know this, but more actual people vote democrat. its things like redistricting and voter suppression that keep republicans in charge.

      if you think a majority of americans want to criminalize abortion and tax cuts for the are mistaken. the dem party is fine.

      those who dont like it should splinter off, imo.

      and frankly, these so-called feminists who did not even include clinton in the womens marches have got a lot of nerve.

      as do the "poor working class white" wing.

      if not for the "establishment" dems, they would have lost their unemployment when tea party threatened to let it go.

      i foresee a party made up of old skool dems and repubs....those who actually worked for and created the parties that now are hamstrung by the radical fringes.

      i like perez and ellison...a good mix of old and new, without the blatant hatred of all things dem!!!

      thanks for the hub


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