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Democrats Double Down on Disconnect with Nancy Pelosi

Updated on December 7, 2016
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A constitutional conservative, taking on the Left with common sense, armed with truth, critical thought, and the principles of the Founders.


With a party in taters following its near universal defeat at the polls, very few liberals and Democrats seem to recognize that their ideology was rejected. As opposed to regrouping and hitting the breaks on the party's ever increasing leftist message, most are merely looking for someone to pin the blame on (look no further than Obama's numerous excuses to why Hillary lost). But to be fair, there are a handful of Democrats that have publicly voiced their concerns and recognized the rightward shift in American political desires. Enter Ohio Representative Tim Ryan, who appeared to be one such Democrat.

Ohio Representative Tim Ryan, who recognizes the major faults with the Democrats' current course.
Ohio Representative Tim Ryan, who recognizes the major faults with the Democrats' current course. | Source

"I'm pulling the fire alarm, because the house is burning down, and we better get our act together or we're going to cease being a national party... We're going to be a regional party that fails to get into the majority, and fails to do things on behalf of those working people that were the backbone of the Democratic Party for so long. we better get our stuff together," said the Democrat to Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business.

Ryan clearly comprehends the reasons for President-elect Trump's astounding upset over Hillary Clinton, as union stronghold states (the Rust Belt) that typically go blue went for the Donald's populist brand of conservatism. Furthermore, the Ohio Democrat was calling for a hard stop and change in leadership (can you blame him?), including Nancy Pelosi's largely unsuccessful tenure as a figurehead for the party. To Representative Ryan's credit, this is the same woman who not only spearheaded ramming Obama Care through, but also made the now infamous outlandish assertion that, "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it..."

So after the American public's rejection of the Obama Administration's leftist approaches to all things domestic and foreign, with historic wins for Republicans during the midterm elections and now in the Presidential race, one could assume that at least a minor re-branding of the Democrat's message was in order. However, the disconnect of establishment politicians and the mainstream media continues to be epitomized.


Progressives Regressing with Nancy

While some in the Democratic Party have inevitably caught on, the established old guard is digging in and preparing to defend its corruption and influence. Despite a change in leadership being an expected response when its constituents and members have been led to an electoral slaughter, senior Democrats are not standing down. In fact, Joe Biden teased an announced just yesterday that he would run for president yet again in 2020 (and here I thought Republicans were the party of old and white... he would be nearly 78 years old). For a party that consistently ridiculed the other of experiencing an identity crisis and stuck in an archaic mindset no longer reflecting the populous, they sure seem reluctant to adopt a fresh approach or any new blood to implement it.

Regardless of rational or reasoning, Ryan's plea to right the ship has fallen by the wayside, and Pelosi will predictably treat her reappointment to Minority Leader as she has during the previous term (was not modified even after their historic loss during the midterms). But the California Representative's selection isn't the only example of Democrats doubling down on failure. While the American public may have voted to take a break from the liberal agenda, leftism remains strong in the Democratic Party, and has its eyes fixed on its platform's chairmanship.


Radical Keith Ellison for DNC Chairman

This brings us to the next Democrat attempting a shakeup in party leadership. However, where Representative Tim Ryan was trying to reclaim the working class that abandoned Democrats in droves this election, Keith Ellison is a stark contrast. The Representative from Minnesota's 5th congressional district has expressed interests in assuming the shattered party's chairmanship. Such an appointment would surely satisfy those hard leftists comprising the liberal base, but has most moderates concerned. Although widely dismissed by much of the establishment media, there is unquestionable controversy attached to Ellison, especially for those willing to do a little digging (thank you Sean Hannity).

Just to name a few:

  • During his time as a law student, he wrote several concerning articles for his school's paper. Using the pen name, "Keith E Hakim," Ellison went on to defend radical Louis Farrakhan (give him a quick search...) as not anti-Semitic, and called for white Americans to compensate blacks for slavery through paid reparations.
  • He has accepted campaign contributions from CAIR, a group that many have associated with radical Islam and ties to terrorism.
  • Speaking of campaign contributions, Ellison was fined and actually sued twice for late filings, along with "incomplete disclosures."
  • Perhaps most troubling of all was his efforts to rewrite events surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United State, forever cementing his name with radicalism. Although numerous clarifications were subsequently issued, Ellison got in some hot water in 2007 for implying that the Bush administration planned 9/11, using an analogy of blaming the communist for the Reichstag fire and comparing then President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler, with an ability to, "basically have authority to do whatever he wanted."

Again, these are just some of the more extreme stances and transpirings that come to mind (should be enough for any sane human being). Given Ellison's evident ties to the far left, you would think that Democrats possess the sense to steer clear of this guy and select someone more in line with the views of the core center they lost. After all, this a party currently adrift with the exclusive views of elite globalists, social justice warriors, and leftist fringe movements. Personally, I doubt Representative Ellison will emerge as head of the DNC, but doubling down on the insanity with Pelosi leaves me intrigued and hopeful that the leadership will continue to make such irrational blunders. For now, conservatives can rest assured that the Democratic Party's identity crisis is far from over, and putting failed leadership back at the helm is unlikely to provide a desperately needed updating.

Anyways, I'll leave you with this little flashback from the O'Reilly Factor, where Ellison seems a little confused about who actually bombed Pearl Harbor, and how appropriate as it's the 75th anniversary of the devastating surprise attack. Being a firm believer that history is doomed to repeat itself for those that do not understand or know it, the very notion that this man is in any position of power, let alone may run up the DNC, is purely horrifying.

Possible DNC Chairman... Doesn't even know history


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