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Democrats, Not Just Republicans, Also To Blame For Current (and Future) Protests

Updated on July 1, 2020

Current Protests Are Not Just About Race


Several black leaders expressed concerns about continued support from white milennials, who have largely backed the current movement against systemic racism. These worries, which were covered in a feature in the June 25 edition of The New York Times, are needless.

The protests go much deeper than the issue of race, reflecting instead a backlash of a generation of all colors who have been ignored by their political leaders. They are not just angry at the current administration and the political party he represents, but also at the Democratic party as well.

The oldest of the generation were adolescents when the shooting massacre at Columbine High School took place, an event that certainly shook them more than their Baby Boomer parents. Since their political leaders did nothing to address the likelihood of similar shootings, millennials watched helplessly as their younger peers have been gunned down in mass killings all across the country.

Having received nothing but thoughts and prayers from political leaders of both parties, young folks after the shootings at Parkland High School finally took actions of their own. They marched in droves to the Capitol demanding him legislation, only to be written off as idealistic and misinformed.

Since they had received no respect from Washington DC, millenials decided to establish a candidate who would listen. In both 2016 and 2020, they overwhelmingly backed Bernie Sanders.

He was an unlikely proponent for such a young group, considering his white hair and his advancing age, but their support boosted Sanders to victories in early primaries in 2016 and 2020. Nevertheless, leaders of the Democratic refused to consider Sanders as their candidate, thus further alienating young voters.

This group again was left out in April, when the powers of both parties agreed to a stimulus relief package. It had been hailed as an economic relief plan to send $1200 to every adult in the U.S.

Before its final details were approved, however, the politicians added the stipulation to exempt any adult who had been claimed as a dependent on someone else's 2018 income tax. Obviously the target of this stipulation were of the millennial generation, since they are the most likely to have been claimed by their parents.

As if that blow to their financial difficulties were not bad enough, most Twentysomethings were then deprived of unemployment benefits. In order to qualify for unemployment, states require that the applicant must earn a minimum of $285 per week.

College students are not likely to earn $285 a week, given the minimum wage is around ten dollars. They would need to clock 28 hours a week, a highly unreasonable expectation when you consider the long hours in class and studying outside of class.

A change of party in the White House might ease some of the tension our youth currently harbors against its government, but Democrats should not take their support for granted. If their leaders do not begin to recognize the needs of the young generation, protests and riots will become the problem if the Democrats in charge.


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